43 Amazing Plus Size Cruise Outfits That Will Elevate Your Appearance

While packing for a cruise, every cruiser’s dream is to get the perfect outfits for their voyage. Plus-size women often find it challenging to get dresses that enhance comfort and confidence.

I know curvy women hate tight dresses because they restrict movement and physical comfort. 

By the way, cruises nowadays are so huge and you have to cover substantial distances on foot to get to the dining hall. That’s why it’s crucial to always look for plus-size cruise outfits for easy movement. 

Who Am I? I’m Zoe Grace, a cruise lover who has taken many voyages since childhood. Three months ago, I was shopping for my aunty, a curvy lady, and my eyes popped out after seeing a huge variety of plus-size outfits on Amazon. 

We snagged nearly six plus-size dresses from there, and my aunt was over the moon with them. But you know what? I stumbled upon many fantastic curvy fashion ideas that I think you’d love, too.

I’m excited to write this cruise outfit guide, and I bet you will also thank me at the end. 

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What To Consider Before Buying a Plus Size Cruise Outfit?

plus size cruise outfit

Everyone wants comfortable, breathable cruise clothes that offer ease and unrestricted movement. 

But there are many more things to consider while buying a plus-size cruise outfit. 

First, you must consider where you’re sailing to. Like for tropical regions, you must always opt for breathable clothes like maxi dresses, tunics, wide-leg pants, jumpsuits, wide tops, etc. 

And you should always look for fashionable wear; so many summer cruise attires are available on Amazon. If you’re traveling to the Caribbean Islands, don’t forget to pack a few swimsuits and beach essentials. 

However, if you plan to hop on the Alaskan cruise, pack a few layers and extra tops to protect your body. Good to know that you will easily find many layering options and plus-size jackets. 

One tip from my end is don’t sacrifice your fashion over comfort. I know finding the perfect plus-size outfit can be tricky, but honestly, a wide array of choices are just waiting for you.

And lastly, always look for versatile outfits that you can use for various activities. You don’t need to buy one separate bundle of dresses for dining and another for special nights. So always do packing without breaking the bank account. 

What Type of Cruise Outfit Does a Plus-Size Woman Need?

Whether you’re mapping out a voyage on a 5-day cruise or 14-day cruise, you have to consider bathing suits, tops, evening wear, formal outfits, rompers, swimsuits, and some other plus-size accessories. 

So it’s not all about shopping for 3 or 4 dresses for a special night; the journey starts from the embarkation day till your last cruise day. During that journey, there will be many more outdoor fun, port excursions, water activities, special occasions, parties, and more. So you have to consider all these occasions while shopping for plus-size wear for your cruise

My Favorite Plus Size Cruise Dresses For Embarkation Day And Causal Use

1- Loose Bohemian Floral Dress

women dress cruise

This beautiful loose bohemian floral dress is the best option for embarkation day. Plus, two pockets on the sides let you put your essentials. I love the flower print of this dress, and it’s made of 100% cotton, making it the best choice for hot summer days. 

2- Women’s Surplice Dress

This cute dress made of polyester and it’s so breathable, making it a good option for summer. This women’s surplice dress is easy to dress up for evenings or dinners. Plus, if you have necklaces, you can easily showcase them because of their large V-neck style. 

3- Knee Length Wrap Dress 

I love this knee-length dress because of its butterfly sleeve, which makes it a breeze. This is a versatile dress you can also wear on formal nights. My aunt also got this dress, and she looks so pretty in it; she mostly wears it for dining halls. It’s available in many vibrant colors and designs, so you can choose the preferable one.  

4- Short Sleeve Asymmetrical Belted Mini Sundresses

This is a super cool dress for beach parties. The off-shoulder design and adjustable belt are what make this dress my favorite. The wide and short sleeves are another plus point for curvy women; they’re available in sizes up to 5X-L. Another superior thing is the material, which is so soft against the skin. 

5- Plus Size Maxi Dress With V-neck 

This stunning maxi dress is a top pick if you love bold and vibrant dresses. Not just the fabric but the design is also so amazing. This attire comes in tropical material and is the best companion for cruising to the Caribbean Islands. This plus-size maxi dress is available in many colors, but I love the white and black ones. 

6- MANER Women’s Plus Size Top

Tops are always the best option during the hot summer days. But this exceptional attire was pleated on the front to hide the fatty belly. The simple design makes it so much more elegant; you can wear it with jeans, shorts, and skirts. You can also wear it on special occasions, for outdoor excursions, and beach activities. 

7- Plus Size Tops Tunic Short Sleeve

This lovely tunic top is made of soft, lightweight fabric that feels cozy on the skin. The loose fit hides your belly, making this dress best for plus-size women. The cute floral design makes the shirt so much more beautiful. You can rock this outfit on the cruise while soaking up the sun by the pool.

8- RITERA Plus Size Tops for Women 

This is a full-sleeved casual top that you can wear in cold climates. I love the material; it’s smooth and breathable, and it’s made of polyester and spandex. Plus, it perfectly matches jeans, leggings, and skirts. 

9- Cold Shoulder Short Sleeve Dress

This versatile dress is best for parties, formal nights, and dinner. You can easily showcase your jewelry with this outfit; the cold shoulder and short sleeve make this dress best for summer days. Overall, the dress feels light and comfortable to wear all day. 

10- Tralilbee Women’s Plus Size Short Sleeve

Most curvy women on cruises opt for such short-sleeved pleated swing dresses. Everyone looks so gorgeous in this dress. There are pockets to keep your essentials. This short-sleeved dress is available in different colors and sizes, and I’m sure you will love its fabric. 

11- Plus Size Loose Jumpsuit

This loose jumpsuit is so vibrant and features a round neckline that makes it pretty. The fabric is stretchy, and the floral design is unique. I love wearing dresses like this on embarkation day or for days with a lot of walking.

12- Summer Boho Beach Sundress

I love this boho beach sundress’s light ambiance, and it’s breathable. It features a V-neck and a wide sleeve for easy movement. Nothing is better than this dress for a shore excursion; if you sweat a lot, this is ideal for you. 

13- Cocktail Knee Length Dress

This cocktail dress features allover lace, a V-neck, and a short sleeve. Though this dress is super pretty, you can wear it for special occasions, captain’s cocktail parties, theme nights, or other parties. The dress is super lightweight and so flattering. 

14- Floor Length Maxi Dress 

Another great option for Plus-size women is this floor-length maxi dress. This dress gracefully sways with each step. A chick hat with a stylish purse in hand and beautiful sandals match perfectly with this dress and create a sense of leisure. It’s available in many colors and prints, but my favorite is the yellow one with a polka print. 

15- Ruffle Sleeve Loose Summer Dress

This exquisite maxi dress is ideal for deck parties and exploring islands on shore excursions. The dress features a belt that allows you to adjust the trust according to your belly. However, this dress is comfortable, breathable, soft, and lightweight. 

16- Sleeveless Tank Swing Dress 

If you’re exhausted with a maxi dress, this sleeveless tank dress is your next best companion. After wearing this airy dress, you will feel so much more comfortable and easy to walk in. You can wear this dress to explore the ports and do some shopping. 

17- Plus Size Spaghetti Sleeveless Dress

This dress is made of rayon-spandex fabric, so it’s super starchy. I love such dresses as they automatically fit with your body and belly. The flowing fabric feels gentle on the skin and never irritates you throughout the whole day. The best option for beach activities. 

18- Causal Coverups Dress 

I got this dress on my last cruise; the rayon fabric is so breezy. I like throwing on this dress while working on my laptop and catching the sun on the pool loungers. It just feels so comfy and laid-back. 

19- High Waist Evening Maxi Dress

When it comes to formal dresses, plus-size dresses seem to be rare. However, look at this high-waisted evening maxi dress that features a smoked waist and returns to perfect fittings. In this dress, you will never look fat. The large v-neck design is a big plus, elevating this dress’s overall look. You can wear this fabulous maxi dress for evening parties and formal nights. 

20- Summer Boho Dress With Chiffon Print 

This ruffle sleeve summer boho dress will make you hot chic. The chiffon print elevates the look further, making the fabric breathable and lightweight. Like the previous dress, this one also has a stretchy pleated waistline to hide the belly. This is a daytime dress, so you can wear it for embarkation day or any day deck party on a cruise. 

What To Wear On Formal Nights?

formal night plus size cruise dress

On nearly every cruise, there’s this special evening they call “Elegant Night,” or some cruise lines prefer to term it a “Special Night” or a “Theme Night.” It’s the perfect opportunity to flaunt your style and show off your best outfits.

Folks love dressing up for these theme nights—it’s the one time you can let your fancy side shine. The outfit makes a difference during these moments. For plus-size women, finding the right suit for special nights is a bit challenging. 

The maxi and sundress are easily available in plus sizes, but you need to be a savvy shopper when it comes to plus-size formal dresses.

Last time, my aunt and I spent hours on various online platforms to get a few amazing formal dresses. We sifted through many chic and funky casual dresses, but here’s the kicker – most didn’t come in plus sizes. After what felt like forever, we finally found something worth wearing for those theme nights. 

I’m a fashionista, and I take special nights more seriously; that’s why I usually pack at least 2 formal dresses for the special nights. 

In the end, formal dresses are not only for elegant nights but wearing them in a dining hall is another big plus. Many formal events are hosted onboard, like Captain’s Night, pool parties, deck barbecues, live music, dance parties, and more. So it’s better to always pack 2 – 3 plus-size formal outfits for your 14-day cruise voyage. 

Plus Size Formal Dresses For Formal Night And Special Dining 

1- Semi Formal Cocktail Dress 

If you don’t want to wear couture dresses on formal occasions, don’t worry; this formal cocktail midi dress is cute. The design and style of the dress are so fancy and best to dress up for dining events and parties on a cruise. 

2- Spaghetti Strap Cowl Neck Wrap

If you want to look bold and more vibrant during formal parties on a cruise, this spaghetti strap dress is an ideal option for curvy women. Thanks to its cowl neck design, it helps you showcase your jewelry. Further, the ruched design of the dress elevates the overall look of the attire. And you will always look more gorgeous in this outfit. 

3- V Neck Sleeveless Midi Dress

This V-neck midi dress is so unique; the shiny contrast mesh makes this dress the perfect option for formal events of the cruise. Just grab a purse and slip into a pair of white or silver sandals to amp up the impact of this outfit. Later, you can also use this dress for dating, weddings, and other evening parties. 

4- Flattering v-neckline Gown 

This floor-length flattering dress features spaghetti straps that are best for wearing at special events. The zipper for closure provides extra fitting versatility. Plus, the fabric is the finest and feels luxurious; all the embroidery work has been done by hand, making it a special outfit. 

5- Short Sleeve V-Neck Maxi Dress

This pretty dress flows so nicely and looks great on. My aunt picked it up for a special dinner, and she likes it because it hangs loose from the waist, hiding the belly. Just picture yourself in this stunning dress, walking into the dining hall. It comes in different colors, but pink is my absolute favorite.

6- Boho Floral Maxi Formal Dress 

The pring of this dress is what makes it so special for me, and the flounce sleeve matches perfectly with the floral print. The top portion is stretchable and fits perfectly on the shoulders. The dress is long enough and cascades elegantly. On a special cruise night, you will look more graceful and sophisticated in this boho floral maxi dress. 

7- Evening Flare Dress With Shawl 

If you want to look socialite during posh evening parties, this flare dress seems ideal for you. The dresses’ strategic corded and sequined patterns hide the body imperfections and your belly and minimize chafing under the arms. It comes with a shawl that adds a touch of elegance and warmth. 

8- Chiffon Formal Evening Gown

This is a magnificent dress for those who want to look like Cinderella. Luckily, this formal outfit is available in various colors and sizes, and the curvy women will easily get the plus size that fits perfectly on them. The half sleeves of the dress seem so comfortable and breathable. A pair of high heels with this dress is an ultimate combination to elevate your look. 

Other Plus Size Cruise Outfits That You Must Pack 

Now, apart from formal dresses and some basic cruise plus size outfits, there are a few other essential outfits that you must pack along to elevate your style. 

1- SwimWears 

Hangin’ by the pool on a cruise, soaking up the sun—it’s everyone’s dream. But let’s be real; the key is rocking a comfy swimsuit on that pool lounger.

I just love kickin’ it by the pool, breathing in that salty sea breeze, vibing to some chill tunes. But if your outfit isn’t comfy, it’s a total buzzkill. I often prefer High-Waisted Bottoms swimwear for curvy ladies as they offer extra coverage around the tummy area. 

Here are the three best plus-size swimsuits that you can pack for your cruise voyage. 

1- Plus Size Bikini Curvy Bathing Suit 

This gorgeous swimsuit is perfect for plus-size ladies. The ruffles add charm and elegance. Because of the push-up drawstring, this swimsuit is totally customizable, and you can adjust it according to your comfort. I feel very comfortable with the elastic bottoms that have solid tummy control. 

2- Tankini Two Piece Swimdress

This flowy swimsuit works wonders for that slim look. Adjustable shoulders and a push-up bra for the perfect shape. Rock it on scorching summer days, chilling on the deck, soaking up the sun.

3-  Tankini Floral Print Swimsuit

If you love swimsuits that offer great coverage, go for this 2 piece floral print suit. It’s easy to put on and too comfortable. I like this swimwear, as I feel a little shy in two-piece suits, but this one is a real game changer that radiated my confidence. 

Plus Size Tank Tops And Short Sleeves 

Not a single woman can live without tank tops and shorts. Especially if you’re sailing towards the Caribbean Islands, you have to pack a few beach suits and tank tops to beat the heat. Here are some cute beach dresses you must pack for shore excursions and beach activities. 

1- Stripe Bikini Long Coverups

If you have the two-piece swimsuit and feel shy, don’t worry; just get this cute stripe coverup to boost your confidence. This beachwear is made of polyester that feels so soft on your skin. You can wear this coverup alongside the pool or on the beach. The adjustable strap on the waist ensures easy closures. 

2- Hollow Out Cover Up 

I’m a big fan of this flow coverup; it’s too light and feels so breezy on my body. It perfectly pairs with a nice sun hat, sandals, and shades. The breathable fabric of this beachwear makes me a fan of this coverup. 

3- Tropical Belted Short Dress 

Don’t dig coverups? No prob, grab this cute short-sleeve belted dress. The tropical vibe screams Caribbean vacation. Rocked it with my aunt in Cozumel and Cuba—breezy and comfy vibes on point!

4- Striped Print Short Sleeve Line Dress

You can wear this loose dress as a coverup on beaches; it is so easy to throw on and a good choice for those who don’t like to explore their bold cuts. Sleeves are breathable, making them a great dress for hot summer days. 

5- Tunic Tank Top 

Don’t forget to pack attest 2 or 3 tank tops for your cruise. This sleeveless henley top is so vibrant and catches the eye of every individual. I love its button-down design that allows you to hide your boobs. This tank top is the best to wear on casual sunny days on a cruise. Or you can also dress it up for shore excursions. 

6- Casual Loose Tunic T-Shirt

This is a fancy T-shirt, and it feels so lightweight on the body. It features loose cuts, which is best for hiding your belly. You can wear pants, shorts, leggings or skirts this summer too. 

The Plus Size Shorts And Trousers 

If you’re planning a voyage toward a tropical climate, don’t forget to pack a few pairs of shorts, trousers, or wide-leg pants. Thankfully, there is a diverse collection of plus-size trousers and shorts available.

Here are some of my favorite shorts ideas that you can choose from. 

1- Ripped Folded Hem Jeans Shorts 

Every plus-size woman’s dream is to get a short that offers comfort and flexibility. You can easily move and walk across the entire cruise with these ripped, folded jeans. For casual daytime activities, these shorts are the perfect option. You can wear tank tops, crop tops, or simple off-shoulder tops with these shorts. 

2- Colorful Cotton Linen Shirt and Drawstring Shorts

I love cotton shirts with shorts, and it’s even better when they rock the same color. Matching vibes make the combo pop, you know? This outfit looks super cool with plus-size women; the collared shirt makes you look sophisticated. Unlike the other shorts, this one has an adjustable waist rope so you can adjust it according to your tummy’s comfort. 

3- Wide Leg Pants

If you want to feel more comfortable and confident, just go for these wide-leg pants. These pants look so cute with any casual half-sleeve top. Two pockets on either side let you hold your essentials. It’s available in many colors, but I love the sea green. 

4- Loose Capri Pants 

I’ve been wearing capris for a long time. They feel incredibly cozy. This loose capri pants offers a chic and versatile look for women. Further, the cropped length showcases ankles, providing a flattering silhouette. This capri is a great option for warm and tropical regions.


5- Flared Capri Pants 

This flared capri pant is perfect for cruising, offering a breeze and a stylish look. The wide-leg design provides comfort and a relaxed vibe, ideal for strolls or lounging on deck. 

6- Printed Palazzo Pants

As a plus size option, these printed palazzo pants combine style and comfort seamlessly. Start your day with these versatile pants, perfect for morning yoga on the balcony, ensuring a chic and relaxed cruise experience. 

Choosing The Perfect Plus Size Cruise Outfits 

I always wonder how to rock plus-size outfits. Here’s a hack—go for matching vibes! Got a light blue maxi dress? Grab white sandals, a black shade, a hat, and a cute white clutch! 

Similarly, matching accessories can even elevate your look. Don’t forget to add statement jewelry, scarves, and a nice hat to personalize your look. 

If you’re a plus size lady, the elegant floral printed dresses seem ideal attire. Darker shades can be slimming, but don’t shy away from bold patterns that express your personality. But still, you’re the master of your own destiny, so you have the freedom to choose the best color. 

Next, comfort is the main key. Always go for breathable, loose outfits that let you stroll comfortably on the cruise. Tight clothes seem wired with curvy ladies as it would highlight your curves. 

Always choose an outfit that boosts your confidence. I always wear a dress that makes me happy, so whenever I wear it on a cruise, I feel pleasure, giving me more confidence. 

Versatility is another factor I have mentioned; always go for dresses that can be mixed and matched easily. In this way, you can change the style every time with fewer pieces. 

Choose Cruise Outfits According To Weather Conditions

Before packing for my cruise voyage, I often check the weather for the next 14 days on my phone and pack outfits accordingly. 

Packing is tedious for me; to make it simple, I always pack necessary items. You don’t need to pack heavy, so first check the weather conditions of your destination and then pack some light stuff accordingly.

Packing For Alaskan Cruise

Packing for the Alaskan cruise is a bit heavy as you have to pack extra layers and a jacket. The climate usually remains cold throughout the year, but if you’re sailing to Alaska in the months of June and August, the temperature is around 19 °C to 22°C. 

So here are some essential plus-size outfits that you must pack for the Alaskan cruise. 

  • Layers to protect your body from cold temperatures. 
  • Warm jackets for a cozy experience. 
  • Warm shoes for comfortable walking. 
  • Instead of half sleeves, go for full-sleeved shirts. 
  • Don’t forget to pack raincoats. 

Packing For Caribbean Cruise

I love Caribbean adventures because you must pack very little for a cruise. Due to the warm climate, you need to pack lightweight, breezy, and breathable clothes. 

  • Breathable maxi dress. 
  • Shorts, top-ups, and capris. 
  • Sleeveless blouse or tops. 
  • Don’t forget to pack some beachwear and swimsuits. 
  • For formal events, go for cocktail dresses. 

Packing For Mediterranean Cruise

Mediterranean cruises are a little longer than Caribbean cruises, so I always pack some extra outfits; this also helps you avoid laundry charges. Here are some necessary outfits that you can pack for the Mediterranean cruise. 

  • Flowy sundresses 
  • Linen shorts or capris with a comfortable tank top or half-sleeve shirt. 
  • Elegant blouse or button-down shirt. 
  • Wrap dresses or cocktail dresses for formal nights. 

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