13 Cruise Cabin Bathroom Hacks You Need To Know

If you’re cruising on a budget, you might opt for budget cabins like balconies, ocean views, or inside cabins. But on the same side, you must compromise on the small bathroom space and amenities.

I know it’s tricky to keep your essentials accessible and neatly arranged in the bathroom tiny cabins.

As these cabins are compact, you must be clever to efficiently organize things in your bathroom, especially if you travel as a couple.

Don’t know how to do this? No worries, I’ve got your back. I’m Zoe, and after sailing the seas since childhood, I’ve come up with the most useful and easy hacks and tips that will greatly enhance your experience in a small cabin bathroom.

Excited? So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

13 Cruise Cabin Bathroom Hacks

1- Shower Caddy

The shower caddy was a lifesaver during my 2023 Royal Caribbean cruise in a Balcony Cabin.

Without it, things would have gotten messy. But this handy caddy neatly stored my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other essentials in one spot.

It saved space and made my morning routine much smoother. I could easily grab it and head to the communal showers without forgetting anything.

It’s the best thing for maximizing convenience in a small cruise cabin bathroom. So make sure you pack it as a priority for your cruise vacations.

2- Travel-Sized Toiletries

As you might know, cruise cabins are much smaller than a normal hotel room. Due to this reason, you’ve to pack efficiently to avoid any hassle.

Remember, when packing bathroom essentials, always go with travel-sized toiletries. Genuinely speaking, these can save a lot of space in your luggage and end up with happiness on your face.

Pro Tip:
Pack multi-purpose products like shampoo/body wash combo to save space and reduce the essentials cluttering the shower.

3- Bring Over-The-Door Organiser

Over-the-door organizer is a lifesaver, especially if you’re looking for budget-friendly cabins.

This organizer provides extra space for your amenities and essentials. Also, it provides easy access to frequently used items.

And what’s most amazing? It won’t take up any valuable floor space in your cabin.

So, is this not the smartest thing to pack for a small cruise cabin? You will be proud of your decision when you use it.

So bring it along on your cruise, as it will keep your bathroom essentials neatly stored and easily accessible.

4- Collapsible Bins

Collapsible bins are also the most helpful hack in small cruise cabin bathrooms. 

What sets them apart is the ability to get folded. You can use them for extra storage only when needed and fold them when not in use to save valuable space.

I use them to keep my towels and extra toiletries neatly organized. Plus, they are highly useful in accessing the amenities without cluttering the limited space of the cabin bathroom.

So make sure to pack them.

5- Wall Magnetic Hooks

As you might know, cruise cabin walls are often made of steel, depending on the ship. So it’s best to utilize them for extra space.

For this reason, I recommend using magnetic hooks. These hooks are highly convenient in small cruise cabin bathrooms.

You can use them to hang lightweight items like hats, bags, or towels.

These magnetic hooks are also my top priority as they maximize the available bathroom space and keep it tidy.

6- Hanging Toiletry Bag

The toiletry bag is really helpful for keeping your toiletries organized and easily accessible, especially when you have a forgetting problem like me.

It prevents your items from getting lost in your luggage and provides a secure space for liquid and glass items.

I use this bag for toiletries, and it was just amazing to access my toiletries without cluttering the limited space and keeping everything organized.

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7- Stackable Containers

Using stackable containers allows you to maximize vertical space by stacking items on top of each other.

In these containers, you can place various toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bars of soap, shaving cream or gel, hair styling products, and much more.

In short, it keeps everything organized, accessible, and tidy.

8- Shower Shoes

Shower shoes are not very important as the steward cleans the bathroom daily. But if you are too much into hygiene and don’t trust their cleaning process, bring a pair of shower shoes.

Aside from the bathroom, these shoes are also useful if you plan to walk on the pool deck and head to a hot climate. 

So, to avoid a burning feel on the pool deck, shower shoes can be helpful.

9- Suction Cup Shelves

Suction cup shelves are also a great way to increase storage space in the cruise cabin bathroom.

What’s most amazing about them is that they don’t require much effort, like drilling or permanent fixtures, and can easily be attached to the bathroom walls.

Using these cups also prevents you from paying hefty fines for damaging the cabin walls.

10- Air Freshener Or Bathroom Spray

As cruise cabin bathrooms are small, they are more prone to disturbing odors that can be quite bad.

So, to avoid this, bring an air freshener or bathroom spray to eliminate such odors and keep your cabin bathroom smelling fresh and pleasant.

It adds a lot to overall comfort during the trip.

11- Foldable Laundry Bag

While some cruise lines offer laundry service, you must need a foldable laundry bag to store and transport dirty clothes.

So, I recommend a mesh laundry bag to make it easy to keep dirty clothes organized and separate from clean ones without scattering in the cabin.

12- Travel Sized Laundry Detergent

Although it might not be necessary, I recommend bringing a travel-sized laundry detergent.

It’s a great solution for washing clothes on the go.

I always carry a small laundry detergent, which allows me to wash my clothes, even in the cabin sink, keeping them fresh and clean throughout the cruise.

13- Velcro Strips

Lastly, you can use Velcro strips to secure lightweight items and easily smooth surfaces.

These strips are also highly flexible in maximizing space and keeping all essentials within reach.

Personal Tips For Maximizing Space and Efficiency In Your Cruise Cabin Bathroom

1- Establish A Routine: Make sure to keep the bathroom organized and tidy with a daily routine. Take some time for your bathroom to keep all things in order.

2- Coordinate Shower Times: As the cruise cabin bathroom features only one shower, you might coordinate shower times with your mates.

3- Utilize Empty Spaces: Remember, a little space in the Cruise Cabin bathroom can work a lot. So ensure empty spaces, such as the back of the door or under the sink, to store items like shower shoes or bags.

4- Rotate Towels: As on cruise, humidity is relatively high. So, it’s important to keep towels fresh and dry by rotating regularly.

5- Minimize Waste: Avoid bringing unnecessary items with packaging in the bathroom. These things will create clutter in the bathroom, making it a little harder for the steward to clean it.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will know how to efficiently utilize the small cabin bathroom space.

Follow the above tips and bring the hack items mentioned above to make things easier.

Have a safe and enjoyable cruise experience.

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