15 Cruise Embarkation Day Tips Every Cruiser Should Know

Are you nervous about the challenges of Cruise Embarkation Day? Worry not because you’re not alone.

I’m Zoe, and on my early cruises, I used to be highly nervous about the departure day and its entire process.

The major stress inducers for me were customs and security checks, along with waiting in long lines during peak embarkation times.

Well, after gaining some experience, I started following some tips that enhanced my departure day experience, and now it’s a favorite for me.

So welcome to this guide, fellas! I’m excited to share my personal tips with you that will make your embarkation process a smoother ride. My tips will cover everything from planning ahead to organizing essential documents and much more.

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into it.

1- Check-In Online

Pre-cruise online check-in is one of the most important tips to reduce the time spent waiting in long lines during the embarkation process.

Every cruise line allows you to check in well before your cruise, most often a month beforehand. So go ahead, provide information and documents in advance, and streamline the check-in process.

This is a great opportunity to see what is required and get a boarding time. Usually, you’ll have to submit personal details, travel documentation, and preferences for a smoother departure.

So make sure to perform pre-cruise online check-in to save time.

first day of cruise

2- Complete Pre-Cruise Health Requirements

In addition to checking in, you may need to complete a health questionnaire closer to your sailing date.

The pre-cruise health requirements form is necessary for maintaining a healthy and safe environment on cruise ships, complying with international regulations, and ensuring the overall well-being of passengers and crew.

Along with this, pre-cruise health information is very helpful in case of emergencies onboard. Cruise lines can be better prepared to respond quickly and effectively to any medical situations that may arise during the cruise vacations.

So make sure to complete pre-cruise health requirements to save your time and ensure a smoother embarkation process.

3- Fly In The Day Before Your Cruise

What’s more frustrating than missing your cruise departure due to unexpected flight delays? I always suggest flying in the day before your cruise to overcome this issue.

Genuinely speaking, it’s the best strategy for relaxing and unwinding before embarking on your journey.

So, if you don’t want a stressful start to your cruise vacation, panicking about missing the ship, get ahead of the stress by arranging to arrive in your port city the evening before your cruise leaves.

Fly In The Day Before Your Cruise

4- Plan Your Transfer In Advance

Not only is early arrival important, but making transportation arrangements ahead of time is also crucial for a smooth and stress-free experience.

No matter the plan, make sure you have it in place before you go. Whether you book through a cruise line, hire a private transfer, get a hotel shuttle, or use public transit or a local cab.

So, make your reservation in advance for booking through the cruise line. And for the rest of the plans, at least know which bus line will take you to the port or the approximate taxi fare from the airport to the cruise port if you’re on a budget.

first day cruise tips

5- Know Your Ship’s Embarkation Window and Departure Time

These two things are the most important part of the whole embarkation process. Although these are two separate things, they share the same importance.

Embarkation refers to the window of time people check-in and board the vessel, while departure time refers to when the cruise officially leaves port and starts its journey.

Your ship’s departure time is usually later than the check-in cutoff time. 

As I already mentioned, when you complete your pre-cruise online check-in, you’ll be able to choose an arrival time. Having your specific timings means less crowding in the cruise terminal.

So make sure you check in online before the departure day so you can board your cruise ship as soon as possible without long lines.

6- Print All Your Documents

Printing the cruise documents is crucial to proof your booking and reservation details.

Usually, these documents include boarding passes, cruise tickets, luggage tags, transfer confirmations, shore excursion confirmations, and any other required travel documentation.

You can also have a copy of these documents on your phone, but I still suggest printing everything in case your phone’s battery dies and you fail to board. So it’s always better to prepare yourself to avoid hassle.

Pro Tip:
Before you move towards the terminal, make sure to print, fill in, and attach one luggage tag to each bag or belonging. These tags will help deliver your luggage to your cabin smoothly.

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Print Out:

  • Transfer confirmations
  • Cruise boarding pass
  • Any other required travel documentation
  • Shore excursion confirmations
cruise port

7- Drop Off Your Luggage

Once you arrive at the cruise terminal, drop your luggage off with the porters. It will be sent to the cruise ship and delivered to your cabin a few hours after you board.

Just attach one luggage tag to your belongings to avoid any hassle.

Pro Tip:
Don’t make a blunder of forgetting your documentation and passports in your checked luggage. Keep all documentation with you or put it in hand carry.

8- Look Out For Your Lines 

Since guests with certain loyal status tiers, suites, or other categories may have different embarkation lines, this is something to look for when heading into a terminal.

If you’re a special guest, you’ll be sent to priority lanes, which tend to move faster, which is always a plus.

So ensure you’re not standing in the wrong line if you’re a special guest. Take benefit of your specialty.

9- Plan Wearing a Cruise Embarkation outfit

cruise embarkation

Frequent cruisers know the importance of wearing a comfortable cruise embarkation outfit. It’s just like the long-haul flight essentials.

So be careful in choosing your embarkation day outfit

Make sure to wear something comfortable with layers (in case you’re dealing with indoor and outdoor lines) and preferably has pockets for easy access to important documents, your phone, Chapstick, etc.

Pro Tip:
Bring a change of clothes in your carry-on, like a sun hat (and sunscreen) or a jacket and scarf, depending on local weather. It’s a small move but can be highly beneficial if stuck in an embarkation line.

10- Bring an Embarkation Day Bag

And that’s what I was eager to share with you. Please bring a small, lightweight carry-on, as the embarkation process can be lengthy.

So if you are a muscle man, no worries, bring what you want. But for women, always carry a small bag with a change of clothes, swimsuit, important medications, and anything else essentials to have for the first afternoon onboard.

Having medication and essentials in your carry-on bag is important since your checked luggage will take time to arrive in the cabin. 

However, don’t make the carry-on too heavy, as it will tire your shoulders and burden you during the embarkation process.

So, keep it simple and lightweight.

Pro Tip:
I use the embarkation day bag that’s a magician and feels so light and comfortable. The same is suggested to you.

11- Bring Proper Identification

One of a hundred things: bring proper identification (Correct ID) for your cruise vacations.

This means that the name on reservations should match the name on the ID. In a few cases, a birth certificate may be sufficient, but for some cruise lines, a passport is required.

So it’s always better to check the policies of the cruise line you’re sailing with and pay full attention to them to avoid surprises while you board.

12- Have Documents On Hand

Having a printout of documents is nice, so you’re not wasting time searching in your carry-on or scrolling through your phone.

Not only can this delay your boarding process, but it can also be a headache for those behind you.

So keep printouts of important documents in your hand.

13- Make Reservations

It’s always better to make reservations online before the cruise.

Sign up for reservations for specialty restaurants, adult-only areas, spa appointments, and shows if you’ve not done so online before the cruise.

I also suggest you purchase soda and drink packages.

14- Welcome Abroad Photos

Almost every cruise line takes your photo on embarkation day. So be ready, or politely skip it.

Pro Tip:
Either throw on some makeup and a fresh shirt or politely say, “No, thank you” to the photographers and keep on walking.”

15- Meet Your Room Attendant

A cabin steward or attendant will clean your stateroom daily and assist you in every aspect you need.

Upon embarkation day, your cabin attendants will introduce themselves. Take a minute or two to chat with them as it’s a very busy time, so make them feel friendly.

And if you forget essential items, you can ask your cabin attendant to bring hangers, etc.

Things To Consider On Your Embarkation Day

An embarkation day is a thrilling experience, but it can also be a headache if you do something naughty.

Speaking of banned items, there’s a whole list of things you’re not allowed to bring on board. And if you bring them, they’ll be confiscated and will be returned to you on the last day.

Also, such actions can delay your embarkation process, so avoid them.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will all be familiar with the cruise departure day tips.

If you follow these tips, your embarkation process will be smoother and hassle-free.

So, try these tips and have a safe and enjoyable cruise vacation.

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