30 Cruise Cabins Hacks That Every Cruiser Should Know

Do you know what’s the biggest nightmare for cruisers? Unpacking and organizing their cruise essentials in their cabins.

As you might know, cruise cabins are half the size of normal hotel rooms, so organizing luggage can be the worst if you don’t plan and do it properly.

But don’t worry my fellow cruisers. There is something that can save the cruise vacations from being spoiled, and we call it Cabin Hacks.

These hacks use items to save your cabin space so all essentials fit properly inside the stateroom. I suggest every cruiser learn these hacks. Otherwise, the cruise vacations will be uncomfortable, and your experience will be bad.

So, in this article, I will share some amazing and new cruise cabin hacks that’ll efficiently save your cabin space.

Let’s make your Cruise more comfortable.

Cruise Cabin Hacks That You Must Know

1- Choose Stacking Suitcases (Bring Only What You Need)

stacking suitcases

Stacking suitcases is a game-changer. Their major benefit is that they get stacked inside each other, allowing you more space in your cabin.

Imagine travelling with your family where each member carries the same size suitcase. As the staterooms don’t provide enough storage to store all those bags, placing all the bags can be an issue.

During my early cruises, this was one of the major problems. But then I started travelling with medium and large bags that fit inside each other.

I suggest you travel with these bags also. Below, you can get the best price.

2- Put Your Luggage Under The Bed

After cabin check-in, the first thing to do is unpack as soon as possible.

This is because the faster you unpack and organize your items according to your preferences, the more time you save.

After unpacking, stack your suitcases in each other and place them under the bed. It will save a lot of cabin space that you can utilize for other essentials.

Sometimes, your cabin steward can even do this for you. So don’t worry if you’re not a muscle man.

Pro Tip:
Search for the hidden storage spaces behind mirrors or wood panelling. Sometimes, you might find additional shelves or cubbies. If you don’t, ask your stateroom attendant.

3- Rearrange The Cabins

Depending on your family size and sleeping habits, cruise cabins might need changing furniture settings.

And that’s a good idea to rearrange the cabins based on your personalization. Just rearrange it to give you enough space to place your essentials.

On my last Cruise, the chair and small table were annoying, so I had them taken away by my steward instead of tripping over them every day.

Pro Tip: Push the bed into a corner to make more space.

Those are some important tips that you must follow for efficient space management. Now, let’s move towards the real cabin hacks.

4- Pack A European Power Adapter

european adapter

Pack a European power adapter, especially if you’re travelling on older Caribbean ships not equipped with many charging ports.

European adapters typically have multiple types of plugs, making them versatile for different outlets found on cruise ships.

Although there are one European and two American outlets in the cabins of some ships like Freedom and Navigator of the Seas.

But it’s better to bring your own as the European adapter ensures compatibility with the ship’s power outlets.

Below is the adapter I use, and I also suggest you do it.

5- Use Packing Cubes

packing cubes

Packing cubes are a valuable asset, especially for cruisers, as they help stay organized and keep everything tight.

These cubes provide designated compartments for different clothing or toiletries, making it easier to locate specific items without any hassle.

These cubes are always a top priority for me, allowing me to neatly pack my essentials and help save my cabin space.

I suggest you buy these cubes to simplify your packing and unpacking process and stay organized.

6- Purchase An Over The Door Organizer

over the door organizer

Using an over-the-door organizer is one of the most useful cruise cabin hacks to store bathroom accessories, suntan lotion, a cap, flip flops, deodorant, or other small items without cluttering other surfaces.

Usually, cruise cabins have limited wall space, and the back of the door is often overlooked. But if you just see it for five seconds, it can help you make the most of the vertical space for storage.

I like over-door organizers because their stored items are easily accessible and save time searching for things.

Note: Always bring the flame-retardant over the door organizers.

7- Request Extra Hangers

This cabin hack is especially for my dear girls, who bring many outfits on cruise vacations.

If you find that the closet hangers are insufficient for you and need to place some extra things in the closet, feel free to ask your cabin steward.

Pro Tip: Don’t bring hangers with you. You can easily ask the Cabin Steward for extra hangers.

8- Bring Power Strip

power strip

As I already mentioned, cruise cabins do not have enough power outlets or USB ports. So, to avoid fights between your kids over the outlets, bring a power strip.

Although the new cruise ships will likely have 2-3 electrical outlets and 1-2 USB ports to keep your devices charged, don’t always rely on them. Bring your own.

However, it’s important to purchase a fully Cruise-approved power strip. I suggest buying the one below for your Cruise to avoid any inconvenience from the room’s steward.

9- Bring Magnetic Hooks

magnetic hooks

Cruise cabins undoubtedly have limited horizontal surfaces, but luckily, they have metal walls. So, utilizing those metal surfaces is the best hack.

Regarding this, I always suggest using good-quality magnetic hooks that allow you to ensure vertical space by attaching them to the walls.

With these hooks, you can get ample space to hang items you frequently need. It will save you time, though.

10- Pack A Portable Charger

power bank

A portable charger or power bank is a must-have for people like me who love to capture every moment and share it on social media.

So, I recommend packing a portable charger to save your phone and other gadgets from running out of battery during your cruise vacation.

I use this power bank that runs long and recommend it to you.

11- Pack Shelves And Hampers


Cruise closets can be disappointing. Sometimes, there’s only hanging space, so I put underwear and other stuff in the desk drawers.

Other times, there are just a few big shelves, and the bathing suits, shorts, and T-shirts get all mixed up. And most importantly, where would you put your dirty laundry?

So, to overcome these issues, I recommend packing shelves and hampers to organize your essentials in limited cruise cabin space and provide a designated spot for dirty laundry.

12- Bring A Laundry Bag

laundry bag

Bringing a laundry bag is important when putting dirty clothes away.

Just fill it up (from your hamper) and throw the laundry bag into your suitcase.

13- Turn Your Desk Into A Vanity

Girls, here’s another hack for you.

Turn the desk into a vanity, and use the side drawers for your makeup, nail polish, and other makeup items.

Trust me; it’s a clever way to transform a functional workspace into a beauty salon. Just place your makeup products and mirror on the desk and use its drawers for storage.

This hack will allow you to get ready with ease, as cruise cabins don’t have designated dressing areas.

14- Empty Your Mini Fridge

This hack will save not only your space but also your cost. So, ask your stateroom cabin attendant to empty the mini fridge, which might contain some drinks that cost additional.

So place your water bottles or other drinks in the mini-fridge instead of the table or desk. This will save you space for placing other items on them.

Also, it will be a plus point for you when you have a premium beverage package that includes canned soda or other premium drinks; you can grab 1 or 2 at a bar on your way to the cabin.

15- Bring a Colorful Washable Marker

washable markers

This hack is also a life-saver if you forget things. Without a cruise app or WiFi, tracking your onboard activities on a cruise ship is difficult.

Rather than bring sticky notes or a whiteboard, I recommend leaving a message with a washable marker. But where to write the notes?

Well, all cruise ship cabins have a mirror above the desk. It’s a great place to write notes.

16- Get a Motion Sensor Night light

motion sensor light

Bringing a motion sensor light with you is important as cabins can be very dark at night.

Imagine you get up for the bathroom, and there’s no light. Sounds weird, right? And guess what? Nothing is worse than someone turning on a bright light that disturbs every member’s sleep.

So I suggest bringing the motion sensor nightlight that turns on when someone moves around. The light pivots on its base in almost any direction so you can position it.

One more amazing thing I like is that it is magnetic and can be attached to any wall or door in your cabin.

However, you can also use the portable mini-light lamp and a wall plugin night light.

17- Pack a Coffee Tumbler

coffee tumbler

Depending on the cruise line you’re sailing and the drink package you may or may not have a Coffee Tumbler is an additional cruise cabin hack.

If you’re a coffee lover, fill up this tumbler with room-service coffee or coffee from the buffet, and enjoy chilling on the balcony without worrying about refills for a while. It’s a perfect option for you.

18- Organize Your Papers

paper organizer

Organizing papers in a cruise cabin is one of the most difficult tasks. So I suggest keeping important papers like excursion tickets in a specific spot.

You can use a folder or envelope from home to find and store them easily during your Cruise.

I suggest using small magnetic clips to hang tickets on the cabin wall for convenience.

19- Bring a Mesh Laundry Bag

mash laundry bags

A mesh laundry bag keeps things organized and prevents dirty clothes from stinking up your cabin.

You can simply put all your dirty stuff in these bags and keep them in the corner of the cabin.

20- Use Silicone Foldable Travel Bottles

silicone bottle

It’s no secret that we women tend to pack more than men, and it’s because of our makeup products. Instead of bringing everything from the bathroom, choose what you need.

I suggest using leakproof and collapsible silicone travel bottles for the right amount. Don’t go for cheap ones, as they may leak.

Also, get travel-sized products or use a small refillable atomizer for perfume or aftershave to avoid breakage.

21- Bring a Hanging Closet Organizer

closet organizer

Travelling with kids is no less than climbing a K2, as there’s a lot of stuff to manage. Unfortunately, the cruise cabin closet does not have enough space to store everything.

So, having a hanging closet organizer with six extra shelves to store essentials is very important.

Extra shelves are useful in place of drawers. Not only are they perfect for folded clothes but shoes too.

22- Pack Tea light For Romance

tea lights

How can someone stay without a romantic night on a cruise? I won’t when I’m travelling with my hubby.

Unfortunately, candles are not allowed on a cruise, so I suggest battery-powered tea lights to add mood lighting to your stateroom.

These small ones can work big for you, are perfect for adding ambience, and don’t take up much space in the luggage.

23- Suction Cup Baskets

suction cup baskets

Suction cup baskets are also a great hack to store toiletries in your bathroom.

Due to their sticky nature, they are super helpful and make items easily accessible. Just stick them with the bathroom tiles or mirrors and place your toiletries, like toothbrushes and face wash, etc, in them.

I use them as they save my cabin’s desk valuable space.

24- Curtain Rings For Scarves And Belts

curtain rings

Using curtain rings for scarves and belts is a clever organizational hack.

Simply slide your scarves or belts through the rings and hang them on a hanger or a hook. It’s a perfect method to keep things easily accessible, prevent tangling, and maximize closet space in your cabin.

25- Dryer Sheets

dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are super helpful and can serve multiple purposes on a cruise.

Besides their intended use for laundry, dryer sheets can be placed in your luggage to keep clothes smelling fresh.

I tuck them into shoes and between folded clothes to prevent odours.

Pro Tip: Rubbing a dryer sheet on clothing can help reduce static cling, especially in the dry cruise ship environment.

26- Clip-On Reading Lights

clip on reading lights

Clip-on reading lights are a useful hack for avid readers on a cruise. Especially if you want to read at night without disturbing the other members, these lights can help you a lot.

Just attach them to the edge of the book or a bed headboard, and they will give you focused illumination for reading.

They are portable, adjustable, and perfect for creating a cosy reading nook in the limited lighting of a cruise cabin.

27- Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

sleeping bag liner

A silk sleeping bag liner will act as a protective barrier between you and the bedding in your cruise cabin, offering a comfortable and clean surface to sleep on.

Especially on a cold night, the silk material will add a layer of warmth and breathability.

So, use this hack for a cosy sleep.

28- Travel Size Humidifier


Never travel without a humidifier if you can’t live in the dryness. This compact device will add moisture to the air and can be particularly used in the dry environment of a cruise cabin.

Its advanced technology helps prevent discomfort caused by dry air, keeps your skin hydrated, and can enhance overall comfort during your Cruise.

So you must bring it; otherwise, you’ll face dryness issues in your cabin.

29- Bring a Mini Electric Fan

mini electric fan

Bringing a portable fan is not something that I do, but I know many cruisers can’t live without a fan in their room.

The fan helps circulate the air and create a fresher and more comfortable environment, especially in warm climates.

Most importantly, if you’re a light sleeper, it will provide white noise to help you sleep more soundly.

However, check with your cruise line beforehand to see if there are restrictions on bringing fans.

30- Cord Organizer

cord organizer

This hack is useful for people like me who want everything neat and clean.

A cord organizer is a handy accessory for keeping your electronic cables and cords neatly arranged during your Cruise.

It works great when travelling with kids as it maintains a tidy and organized space in the limited cabin area on a cruise ship.

Zoe’s Expert Tips On Cruise Cabins

Here are my expert tips to get a more comfortable experience in your cruise cabin:

  • Download All Your Entertainment Before The WiFi or internet package on Cruise may not be sufficient to stream movies or other stuff. So, it’s always better to download all your entertainment before.
  • Glow-In-The Dark Tape: Apply this tape on light switches, cabin keys, or pathways to get visibility during nighttime.
  • Peppermint Oil or Ginger Candies: Bring peppermint or ginger candies to avoid motion sickness on a cruise.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you should now be aware of almost all Cruise Cabin hacks. Go through them and consider them based on your preferences and needs.

Have a safe and enjoyable cruise experience.

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