Norwegian Cruise Line Laundry Service: Everything You Need To Know! 

Before packing for Norwegian Cruise Line, every traveler asks about laundry service. Based on the laundry service, you can pack accordingly. 

Luckily, NCL has laundry service but not self-laundry; they charge you based on the number of clothes to wash and iron. Platinum members are even more fortunate; they get a free laundry bag. 

I have been traveling several times on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) and used their laundry service every time.

In this guide, I will share everything about the NCL cruise line laundry service and their charges, so let’s get into it. 

What Types Of Laundry Service Does Norwegian Cruise Line Offers?

NCL laundry service

Just like any other cruise line, the NCL offers laundry services, but what type of service do they have? 

NCL offers a paid laundry service you can purchase before or after onboard. There is no self-laundry service available like Carnival Cruise. You have to pay for each pair of clothes. 

There is also no bundle laundry service. Before the pandemic, they used to offer this service– one full bag for $29, which was very reasonable. But now you have to separate your clothes. 

In terms of laundry service, the NCL seems expensive; most of the cruise lines, including MSC, offer free laundry service. So, before packing for a Norwegian cruise, you might have to pack a few extra pairs of clothes. 

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NCL Laundry Service Prices 

Laundry service prices might vary across the NCL fleet. But below, I have shared a rough idea regarding laundry service prices. 

In your stateroom, you will be provided with a laundry form, and you have to tick the item that you want to wash or iron and total up the amount.

Those mentioned above are subject to change in the future. Using this price table, you can get a rough idea about NCL laundry service prices. 

Norwegian Cruise Line Laundry Service Special Offer

NCL special laundry service offer

Even though laundry on NCL seems expensive, but once in a week NCL offers a bundle laundry service. You can take advantage of this special offer that only costs $29 for one pillow-size bag. 

Everyone on the cruise can avail of this offer. There will be a pillow-size bag in your cabin; all you need is to fill that big with the clothes and send it for laundry. 

Just fill the bag and leave it on your bed. The steward will pick up your bag and deliver it to the laundry room. However, their service is very quick; if you deliver a laundry bag before noon, it will be delivered on the same day in the evening or next day. 

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Avail Free Bag Laundry Service

ncl free laundry service

Just like other cruise lines, the Norwegian Cruise Line also support their loyal guest. So if you have a platinum status, you can avail a free bag laundry service. 

The free bag laundry service is similar to the “Bundle Laundry Service,” but you don’t have to pay anything this time. I love the complimentary laundry bag, and you can avail of this offer throughout the voyage. 

Like platinum members, Sapphire, Diamond, and Ambassador members also use bag laundry service. At the same time, the gold member will get 50% off one bag. 

To reach the platinum, you have to earn 75 points, which means you have to spend 75 nights on a cruise to get the platinum status. 

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How To Get Free Laundry On NCL

DIY people always look for some shortcuts to save money. Well! Nothing is better than washing your clothes free of cost onboard. 

If you have spare time, you can wash your clothes in the sink of your cabin. Don’t forget to pack a few cloth washing soaps or detergents. This is the best way to save your money on laundry service. 

First, fill the cabin’s sink with water, put a few drops of detergent in it, put your clothes inside. To hang the cloth, you can use the line in the shower area. 

My Tip

I usually use a portable wash bag, making washing easier and quick. The scrubba bag is convenient, and you can easily carry it in your luggage. 

Here are the steps to use a scrubba bag to wash your clothes in your cabin’s bathroom. 

  • Put your clothes in the bag first. Usually, you can wash 1-2 pairs of clothes at a time in this bag. 
  • Fill the bag with clean water and add some drops of detergent. 
  • Twist the valve to remove air from the bag. And now, gently scrub the bag to clean your clothes. 
  • Now unzip the bag and remove the water from it. Put clean water in the bag to rinse your clothes. You can also rinse the clothes in the sink. 
  • Once done! Hang the clothes on a line in the shower area.
NCL doesn’t permit the guest to hang clothes in balconies. So don’t make this mistake; this can also get you fined. 

How To Iron Clothes On NCL?

Now, once you have washed the clothes, the next big challenge is ironing them. Of course, NCL doesn’t allow guests to bring irons onboard, so how you can overcome this barrier?

Even, the portable handheld irons and streamer, are banned, too. Such items are considered a fire hazard. Don’t make a mistake to bring your iron onboard. During security checkups, the cruise line can hold your iron. 

However, guests can borrow an iron from Norwegian Cruise Line. Once the clothes dry, you can ask your steward to borrow the iron for a few hours. 

Alternatively, you can deliver your clothes to the laundry room for just ironing, and this will also save you money on washing. 

NCL Laundry Policies And Procedures 

Almost all the Norwegian cruise fleets offer laundry services, and they have some policies and procedures; using that, you can deliver your clothes for laundry.

  • First, guests have to fill out the laundry form in the stateroom. 
  • Guests have to put all the laundry in a bag. 
  • The steward will pick up your laundry from your stateroom and deliver it to the laundry room. 
  • Your laundry will be returned the next day; use express service to get the delivery on the same day. 
  • Keep in mind that you have to pay extra charges for silk clothes because all silk items will be washed separately. 
  • The NCL will not be responsible for the discoloration of your clothes. 
  • I suggest you don’t deliver your expensive clothes for this laundry service.

Final Thoughts 

The pricing for laundry on Norwegian Cruise Line is on the higher side.

I suggest you wash your undergarments or socks in the cruise cabin. If you have more clothes to launder, use the bundle laundry bag offer to save money. 

If you’re in a hurry or need your dress for shore excursions the next day, just go for laundry service. 


Does NCL Offer self-laundry service?

No, Norwegian Cruise Line doesn’t offer any self-laundry service. But NCL offers a laundry service, and you must pay for your garments to get laundered. To save the bucks, you can wash your clothes in the stateroom’s sink and hang them on the line in the shower area. 

How much does it cost to do laundry on Norwegian Cruise Line?

The cost of laundry on a Norwegian cruise will depend on the garment type. They will charge $4.95 for shorts, $7.95 for jeans, and $8.95 for skirts. Similarly, you have to pay extra bucks for ironing. 

When will NCL deliver laundered clothes to my stateroom?

The Norwegian cruise line has a very quick laundry service. If you deliver the clothes before noon, they will return it before evening. The express service is also available for rapid service. 

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