My 7-Day Caribbean Cruise Outfit 

Are you looking for some of the chip-style Caribbean cruise outfits that elevate your look? You’re on the right blog; I’ll share the 7-day Caribbean cruise wardrobe ideas I dressed up last year. 

Sailing to the Caribbean is a true tour, but only if you have some comfortable wear. I’m big smarty pants in sharing these cruise wear because I always grab new outfits for each of my cruise tips. 

Don’t ask me how you deal with clothing you no longer need:)

My wardrobe always remains packed, and my husband often taunts me about that. Nonetheless, for a Caribbean cruise, you must pack some light stuff like sundress, light maxi, cocktail dress, shorts, shirts, and swimwear; no need to pack heavy. 

Let’s dive into some fabulous, lightweight dresses that will make your Caribbean journey more comfortable and relaxed. 

7-Day Caribbean Cruise Outfit For Comfortable Experience

1- 2 Piece Short Sleeve Crop

Sexy Backless Short Sleeve

So first of all, I love this two-piece short-sleeved crop dress, and this is my embarkation day attire. The skin-friendly and elastic fabric perfectly fits around your body, giving you a very sexy and comfortable feel. 

Pants are super cozy, and this is a must-have outfit for you if you’re a plus size lady. You can wear these pants for your fitness activities if you’re a yoga buff or a fitness enthusiast. And to deal with the Caribbean’s heat, the backless crop top will help you.

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2- Midi Bodycon Dress 

Women's Long Sleeve Midi Bodycon Dress

If you’re not a fan of large, baggy trousers, don’t worry; you can opt for this elegant midi bodycon. This stretchy dress highlights your body curves and makes you look more sexier. But only go for it if you’re a slim-fit lady. 

I wore this dress two times in my last seven-day Caribbean cruise. Because of the attractive style and formal appeal, this dress is an ideal option for formal nights or party nights.

The dress pairs perfectly with sandals and heels, or you can even wear boots. And this dress looks so premium, so I often use it at ceremonies and parties. 

3- V-Neck Maxi Dress

v neck maxi

This catchy floral maxi dress is highly recommended for hot summer days in the Caribbean.

And this is my favorite daytime wear for those hot Caribbean days. It’s breathable and flattering; I love the adjustable spaghetti design and the pockets. This dress is available in many colors and designs, but I like the Navy blue and Green leaf variants. 

Light sandals and a hat go perfectly well with this dress; don’t forget to turn on sunnies to elevate your look further. 

4- Causal Flowy Mini Dress

Women's 2024 Summer Dress Sweet & Cute V-Neck

I love short dresses, especially because they are super friendly on hot sunny days. For the Caribbean Islands, this tropical mini dress is the best bet.

I usually wear this dress to the pool to soak up some sun on a lounger. I love the back zipper that helps me hide my belly, making me so much more confident. 

5- One Shoulder Ruffle Maxi Dress

Women's Floral Maxi

There are so many attire options for the formal night, but this one with a sophisticated look and ruffle design stands out. I usually pack two formal dresses for a 7-night Caribbean cruise, and this dress remains my second priority. 

It has a unique one-shoulder design and an elastic waist that helps me hide my tummy. This is a super flattering dress that you can’t also wear on the beach during sunset time, and it will make your evening more romantic. 

6- Backless Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

Backless Spaghetti Strap Mini Dress

For short shore excursions, I prefer this mini spaghetti strap dress. It has a nice bow tie at the back that enables you to adjust it and make it slim fit on your belly.

This one is also comfortable attire for pregnant ladies. This exquisite dress is also preferable to wear at night parties and formal evenings. 

Just imagine yourself wearing this striking dress with a stylish purse in your hand and paired with low wedge sandals; you will truly look a queen in this outfit. This dress is just so radiant; it’s like every eye in the room is glued to me.

7- Floral Puff Sleeve Tops 

 Floral Puff Sleeve Tops 

Wearing a casual floral top with shorts is always my priority on a hot, sunny beach in the Caribbean. This simple yet elegant outfit makes me so much more comfortable.

I just love such breezy attire, especially for those scorcher weeks on the Caribbean Islands. You can wear a breathable tank or any half-sleeve t-shirt under this top. 

You can also use it as a coverup for pool activities or wear it while basking in the sun at the beach.

8- Button Down Tropical Shirt

Button Down Tropical Shirt

This Hawaiian shirt is best suited for tropical climates like the Caribbean. The beautiful sea painting on the shirt reflects a tropical theme, reflecting that you’re a big fan of the Caribbean. I love the bold and vibrant colors that make it more eye-catching. 

The shirt is available in various styles, designs, colors, and sizes. You can grab the one that suits you the most. I personally like “Blue Palm Tree Island.” Also, this one has a very airy fabric, best for wearing on beaches and shore excursions. 

9- Two Piece Bathing Suits 

 Two Piece Bathing Suites 

For a Caribbean cruise, bathing suits hold prime significance. I usually pack two bathing suits for a 7-day Caribbean cruise. The first one that I prefer is this two-piece ruffled high-waisted suit. I feel so much more confident and comfortable in this suit. 

It features adjustable straps at the back so you can adjust it according to your comfort level. The high-waist bikini hides your belly and makes you look slimmer. 

10- One Piece Swimsuits

One Piece Swimsuits

This is a one-piece swimsuit that I often use for the pool. It has got a ruffle design that looks super attractive.

I love the back tie feature that helps to find a perfect fit for every item of clothing. Like the previous suit, this one also features a tummy control front that flatters your belly and makes you confident.

Also, it offers maximum coverage as compared to the two-piece swimsuits. 

3 Foot Wears That I Pack For 7 Day Caribbean Cruise

I don’t pay too much attention to footwear, but I generally pack at least three footwear for every cruise. The first one is your sandals; I went for this comfortable sandal with memory foam cushioning. 

For formal nights or parties, I wear this stylish Parigi Pump. Don’t forget to pack flip-flops and water shoes because they are the best companion for a Caribbean cruise voyage. 

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