Can You Fish On A Cruise in 2024? Fishing Opportunities!

When an angler takes a cruise voyage, a question hits his mind is: “Can I fish on a cruise?”. 🐟

I have been cruising for a decade, and still, I have never seen a single cruise that will let guests fish on the ship. There are potential safety concerns due to which cruises have strict policies regarding fishing while sailing.

Even though you can’t fish from the cruise ship, what about fishing on cruise ports? Also, do cruises allow passengers to bring fishing equipment on board 🎣? 

In this guide, I will answer all the queries regarding fishing onboard. 

Can You Fish Off A Cruise Ship?

Can You Fish Off A Cruise Ship

No, onboard, you can’t fish due to some safety and environmental concerns. However, many cruise lines provide opportunities for fishing enthusiasts through designated fishing trips and excursions offered at specific ports during your cruise vacation.

There are many reasons why you can’t fish onboard. 

1- You Can’t Fish On Moving Ships

Fishing on a moving cruise ship is daunting; ships move too fast. The movement of ships makes it harder to balance fish equipment, risking accidents. 

Secondly, the fishing hook and line can get caught in the ship propellers, which is risky for you and other passengers. 

2- You Are Not Allowed To Throw Overboard 

While sailing, you’re not allowed to throw anything overboard. Hanging a fishing line and hook is a policy violation. If the cruise crew witnesses these activities, they can take action against you. 

Passenger caught fish, Crew caught passenger 😂

3- Your Fish Equipment Won’t Work On Cruise 

You require a long fishing line if you’re fishing from a cruise deck. There could be a 5- 10 meter distance from the cruise deck or your stateroom balcony, and fishing from such height is challenging.

Also, most fish in oceans live on the seabed, making it difficult for you to angle. 

Due to these reasons, passengers are not allowed to fish on a cruise ship. If you’re a devout fan of fishing, you can search for different port excursions and find the best place for angling. 

Can I fish on the Cruise port?

Can I fish on the Cruise port

Yes, on port excursions during your cruise, you’re free to enjoy fishing. Simply locate the ideal spot and cast your line. But don’t forget to bring your fishing license along for the excursion to ensure a smooth and enjoyable fishing experience.

The cruise ports have different rules and regulations regarding fishing; even though most of the famous cruise ports will let you fish, few won’t. Therefore, you should search for the fishing rules for that specific port. 

Most ports have charter boat options for travel, so you can take a fishing boat and quench your fishing thirst. 

Here is a list of some famous cruise ports best for fishing. 

  • Key West, Florida
  • Florida GULF COAST
  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Juneau, Alaska
  • Lahaina, Maui
  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia
  • Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Sitka, Alaska

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Famous Cruises That Offer Fishing Excursions?

Different cruises offer fishing excursions at different cruise ports. If you have fishing equipment, you can start snagging a fish. 

The fishing excursions may vary from cruise to cruise and port to port. You can also book a charter boot at some ports to make your fishing journey even more exciting. 

However, before booking a cruise, check the ports of call; search for the best time to fish and the best spots around the ports. The pre-planning makes your fishing excursion more easy. 

Here are some of the Cruise line that offers fishing excursions; 

  • Royal Caribbean
  • Carnival Cruise Line
  • Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Princess Cruises
  • Celebrity Cruises

Can You Bring a Fishing Rod And Equipment On A Cruise?

 Bring a Fishing Rod on cruise

A question that most anglers ask is if they can bring fishing rods on a cruise. Luckily, many cruise lines allow passengers to bring fishing gear on board. 

But one thing that creates a barrier is knives because most of the cruise lines won’t let you bring sharp items onboard. You will need a knife to clean the fish. 

Secondly, you can’t use fishing equipment onboard because it is against the cruise’s policies. You can only fish when the cruise is on a port of call. 

Can You Bring Fish Back On The Cruise?

Unfortunately, you cannot bring the fish you catch back on the ship. 

Per cruise guidelines, guests cannot bring perishable items on a cruise. But if you have made a transient friendship with a ship crew member, you can ask them to freeze the catch for you, and later, you can ship it to your home. 

The NCL cruise line will allow you to bring filet catch onboard. And if you have a small cooler, you can store the fish in it. But storing a dead fish onboard is not the best bet; it will stink up your cabin and make you uncomfortable. 

If you’re on a fishing excursion, you can cook and eat the caught fish on the spot and don’t need to ship it to your home. Shipping fish to your doorstep is not worthwhile, as it will be costly. 

But I think real fun is catching fish, not cleaning or cooking them. 

Also, remember that on most sea excursions, you can’t bring back the caught fish; this is the property of the crew members, and they will never let you have it. 


Can you fish on a Carnival Cruise Ship?

No, fishing on the Carnival Cruise line is prohibited. Passengers are not allowed to throw anything off board. 

Can you fish on a Disney Cruise?

No, Disney cruises don’t allow their passengers to fish onboard. Like the other crimes, they won’t let you throw anything off board. 

Can you fish on a Royal Caribbean?

Royal Caribbean cruises don’t allow the guests to fish onboard. But you can book their fish excursions to enjoy the fishing. 

Can you bring a fishing pole on a cruise ship?

Yes, most cruise lines permit passengers to bring fishing rods onboard, but you can’t use them on ships. 

Can you fish from the balcony of a Cruise ship?

No, you can’t fish on the balcony of a cruise ship; it’s against the rules and regulations. You can’t throw anything overboard. 

Final Words

Fishing on a cruise is strictly prohibited due to safety concerns. The Cruise crew can take legal action against the perpetrator. 

If you are keen on fishing, you can book an operated fish excursion. 

Cruise ships never allow passengers to toss anything overboard, and dangling fish lines fit under this act. 

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