Carnival Cruise Card Colors | Ultimate Guide!

If you’re sailing on a Carnival cruise a Sail & Sign card will be offered to you. Surprisingly, these cards have different colors that’s why most cruisers ask about them. 

Usually on the embarkation day you will be given this Sail & Sign card, the card has various purposes, like you can use it as a room key, make payment onboard, identity card, and much more.  

But why the carnival cruise cards have different colors, and how you can get the desire color card. 

Carnival card colors

What Is Carnival Sail & Sign Card?

Whether you’re a first time cursing on Carnival or a veteran cruisers, a special Sail & Sign card will be be provided to you. 

Mostly on Carnival cruises this card is used as a payment method, as cash is not acceptable on Carnival fleet. For the convenience of the cruisers the Sail & Sign card is used as a primary payment gateway, a room key, and identification card. 

The Carnival Cruise card has different colors each one indicated the rank of a cruisers in VIFP. First time cruisers receive a different color card, and acquaintance cruises will get a different one. 

Besides this, Sail & Sign card not only serve as payment method or a room key, it offers host of benefits, the more rank you have the higher rewards you will get. 

Understand Carnival VIFP Program 

The VIFP stands for very important fun person. Though, every guest on carnival is consider as very important fun person, but it has different level or stages.  

This is free program, and you will automatically be signup for VIFP program after booking the cruise. Notably, you can consider VIFP program as a guest recognition program. 

Those who have been loyal to the cruise line will be recognized by their VIFP level, and based on their level, a different color Sail & Sign card will be assigned to them.

Different Sail & Sign Card Colors Based On VIFP Level

 Sail & Sign Card Colors

The colors of Sail & Sign depends on the number of points you have earned after sailing on Carnival. The more points you have the higher will be your rank. 

The Carnival Cruise Card colors includes; 

  • Blue Card- First Sailing
  • Read – Second Sailing – 24 points
  • Gold – 24 – 75 pints
  • Platinum – 75 – 199 points
  • Diamond – 200+ points

If you have a Gold or Platinum card it’s not just to earn respect or to show off your loyalty towards Carnival cruise, these higher tier cards will you number of benefits. 

Note: The number of points depends on the number of nights you have stayed onboard. If you took a 5-day Caribbean cruise, you earned 5 points. 

What Does Blue Card Mean On Carnival Cruise & Its Benefits?

If you’re first time cursing on Carnival cruise you will be given a blue card. It means you’re on a beginning level of VIFP and you don’t have any points yet. 

Even though blue card don’t have bundles of benefits, but it will surely push your VIFP ranks. With this card you can avail members only offers and e-newsletter. 

You don’t need to do anything to get the blue Sail & Sign card, it’s free of cost, once you have booked the first Carnival cruise you will automatically become the VIFP member. 


  • Members Only Offers
  • Member e-newsletter

What Does Red Card Mean On Cranial Cruise & Its Benefits 

One level ahead red Carnival card is waiting for you. Once you have completed the first voyage with Carnival fleet, you will be eligible for the red Sail & Sign card. 

At this stage you can avail some basic benefits. The red card stage will last until you have spent 24 nights on the Carnival cruise. But it’s still a beginning stage of VIFP, after this stage the real fun begins.   

The tenure of the red card will end once you hit the 25 points; staying each night on cruise will push you 1 point.

It means that you have to sail several times to push the rank in VIFP. Or if have booked 24 trans-pacific voyage it can pull you out of the red card tenure. 

Benefits Of Red Card:

  • Members-only offers
  • E-Newsletter
  • Complimentary 1.5 liter bottle of water

What Does Gold Card Mean On Carnival Cruise & Its Benefits?

Reaching on Gold tier will open the door for some exclusive benefits. Once you hit the 25 points your VIFP rank will reach the third level. 

Gold card holder earn enough respect from Carnival crew. However, jumping to next tier from Gold is much challenging, you need to stay 74 nights onboard to hit the next level.

But if you are a true devotee of Carnival cruises and love to take a 24-day cruise, you can overcome the gold card tenure.

Benefits Of Gold Card:

  • Appreciation drink on 5+ day cruise
  • Gold VIFP pin on every sailing.

What Does Platinum Card Mean On Carnival Cruise & Its Benefits?

Fewer people reach the Platinum tier in VIFP. But at this level you will earn lot of amenities onboard, and respect too. 

To get the Platinum Carnival Card you need to spend 75 nights onboard, and it covers 75 to 199 points at the sea. Achieving Platinum status is a Drawn-out process. 

If you’ve been cruising with Carnival since you were a kid, you might qualify for the Platinum Card. But who has logged over 75 nights on a single cruise line?

I really appreciate the loyalty of individuals who hit this stage. But now, it’s reward time. Here are some the exclusive benefits to avail at Platinum Level. 

Benefits Of Platinum Card:

  • Priority Check-in and boarding. 
  • Complimentary drinks on Platinum & Diamond VIFP parties. 
  • Complimentary beverages at seaday brunch. 
  • Chocolate Delight on 5+ day cruises. 
  • VIFP pin on every sailing
  • Priority Spa reservation
  • Priority water shuttle boarding 
  • $25 in FunPlay
  • $5 worth of complimentary arcade credits
  • VIFP logo gift on every sailing
  • Priority Debarkation
  • Priority Reservation At Main Dining Room. 
  • Free laundry service

What Does Diamond Tier Mean On Carnival Cruise & Its Benefits?

Lastly there comes a Diamond Tier which is an elite level offering exclusive benefits. Unluckily, you have to spend 200+ night onboard to reach this level. 

Means you have to take at least 8 cruises, if you’re choosing 24 day long sailing. 

But this top tier will bring numerous benefits for you, and you will consider as a truly loyal person on the vessel. 

At diamond level you will get a white card (no color) with a silver strip, Indeed you’re now entitled to showoff your Diamond Tier card. 

Benefits Of Dimond Card:

  • Priority reservations at restaurants
  • Unlimited laundry service. 
  • Special event invitation from captain 
  • The cruise will donate to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • VIFP club luggage tag set
  • Free meal for two at a Specialty Restaurant

Is Carnival Sign And Sail Card Free?

The Carnival Sign & Sail card is best way to unlock the free amenities onboard. But is this card is free? Or do you have to pay for it?

Thankfully, the Sign & Sail card is free of cost, every cruiser get this card free of cost on day of embarkation. The card is not only serve as a room key, or payment method, but it will also provide other facilities to veteran cruisers. 

This card has different colors that depends on the your VIFP level, so basically you will reach the top tier level if you spend more night on cruise. 

It means that the more nights you spend, the higher your expenses will be, which ultimately benefits Carnival cruise lines.

A person who is spending over 75 nights on a Carnival cruise is definitely entitled to free amenities. That’s why Carnival Cruises gives free Sign & Sail cards to every cruise; it technically benefits them.

When Do You Get Your Sail And Sign Card?

On Carnival Cruise you will receive Sail & Sign card while check in, after boarding the card is will be functional. 

This card is your room key as well as payment option onboard. To check the balance in your card you can install Carnival’s HUP app on your phone. 

A day before embarkation you have to activate the Sail & Sign card on official Carnival website. To make payment with this card you have to deposit USD at Guest services. 

Carnival cruise has specified the minimum deposit amount for different cruises. 

  • 2-4 day cruise: Minimum $100 per person. 
  • 5 – 8 day cruise: Minimum $200 per person. 
  • 9 days cruise: Minimum $350 per person.

The Carnival bars and cafe hardly accept cash, only Sail & Sign cards are allow to make payment. If can add more funds to card by visiting guest service desk onboard. 

How Do I Check My Carnival VIFP?

Every guests you ever sail with Carnival cruise line can check the VIFP points. Just login Carnival official website, tap on your name, and My Cruises, here you can thee all the information regarding VIFP points. 

The number of nights you spend onboard will reflect the points. Everything is automatic you don’t need to do anything, the Carnival cruises automatically track your VIFP point and record keep updating on website.  

How To Find Carnival VIFP Club Number?

You have to provide the VIFP club number at the time of booking. So you should remember the VIFP number. In case if you forget the number you can grab it from the Carnival website. 

Login to Carnival website, tap on “Your Name” > “My Cruises”, from there you can get your VIFP number. 

To update the status of your VIFP point you have to provide this number at the time of booking. 

Do VIFP Members Get Special Fares?

No, you won’t get any discount of sailing fares. Even if you have a diamond card the cruise fare will be same to person having blue card. 

It doesn’t mean that VIFP club is useless, with every stage of this program you will unlock various families onboard. So if you remain loyal with the cruise you will jump from blue to red and then gold. 

At tier 3 you will be given a Gold card, at stage you will be able to enjoy complimentary appreciate drinks. 

Similar, higher tiers will unlock more facilities like free laundry, complimentary beverages, priority check in / out, Priority Dining room service, special even invitations, and much more. 

Final Thoughts 

The cruise line want to streamline the payment gateway onboard with these cards, with Sail & Sign card you can make quick payments, and it will be also your cabin key. 

The card colors is not random it depends on VIFP level, the more night you say onboard the higher will your VIFP level. 

Basically there are five tiers of VIFP program, and each tier has different card color. In the above article I have explained the every thing about Carnival card colors. 

I hope you’re now aware of different colors of Carnival Cruise card.  Thanks and have a safe sailing. 

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