How To Print Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags? Easy Ways!

Have you booked your Royal Caribbean cruise and packed your bags? Are you now pondering over how to print luggage tags? These labels contain passenger, ship, and stateroom number details.

You can access the printable e-document of luggage tags from an email or your Royal Caribbean account. You can print it out by yourself or with the help of any printing service. But there are some implications and an alternative as well.

We’ll guide you on how to print your Royal Caribbean luggage tags and keep them safe. So, let’s take a deep dive into it!

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Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags | How to Get Them?

Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags

There are three main ways to access the printable luggage tags for your Royal Caribbean cruise voyage. 

#1 Email

You’ll receive an e-document of these luggage tags in your email with other information. This email will be from the Royal Caribbean Cruise Service. Download it and print it out by yourself or through any printing service. 

The second page of this document is the luggage label. You can attach these to your travel bags.

#2 Royal Caribbean Account

In addition to the email, you can even access these luggage tags from your Royal Caribbean account. 

Sign in to your account on the Royal Caribbean website or the app and follow these steps;

  • Go to the “Upcoming Cruises” section.  
  • Download the specific e-document that you’ll see in the “Upcoming Cruises” section. 
  • Print it out and attach it to your baggage.

#3 Royal Caribbean Terminal Service: Get Luggage Tags for Free

Don’t want the hassle of printing and attaching the luggage tags on your own? You can use the Royal Caribbean service at the terminal to print and attach the baggage labels. 

Yes! You heard that right! They will print these out and attach them to your travel bags free of cost. 

On your embarkation day, go to the drop-off area at the terminal. This space is specific for those guests who don’t have baggage beacons attached.

Tell the porter your stateroom number at the drop-off area to begin the process. The attendant will number the luggage tag and fasten it to your baggage. 

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Royal Caribbean Cruise | How to Get the Luggage Tags

How to Get the Luggage Tags

To begin with getting the Royal Caribbean luggage tags, it’s quite evident that you can get them from these sources;

  • Email from Royal Caribbean Cruises service
  • Your account from the Royal Caribbean website or app 
  • Royal Caribbean luggage drop-off terminal service

You’ll get the printable Royal Caribbean luggage tags from the first two resources. You can download, print, and tie these labels to your travel bags.

In contrast to the first two methods, the third is quite effort-free. After dropping off your luggage at the terminal service, you won’t have to move an inch. The porter will do the rest after asking for your stateroom number.

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How To Keep The Luggage Tags Safe?

how to keep the luggage tags safe

To start with the composition of luggage tags; they are made of paper. So, they are vulnerable to damage and rain if you face a rainy day. These baggage labels can even fall off depending on how you attach them. 

So, the answer to the question “How to keep the luggage tags safe” is quite simple.

Attach these luggage labels to your baggage in the best possible way. Doing so will ensure a safe and delightful Royal Caribbean experience.

The most common ways and a safest method to attach Royal Caribbean luggage labels to your travel bags are

#1 The Use of Staples

You can staple your printed luggage tags to your baggage. Stapling can lead to the labels falling off or leaving them protection-free in the rain. 

#2 The Use of Transparent Tape 

As the name suggests, you tape your printed luggage tags on your travel bags. Use tape that’s transparent so that the label details are easily viewable. 

But on a rainy day, even the sticky tape can fall off.

Using tag holders is the safest method to keep the luggage tags securely attached. 

#3 The Use of Tag Holders

Luggage tag holders will ensure a stress-free Royal Caribbean journey. These are transparent plastic bags with a hook to attach to your baggage. 

Fold your luggage tags, slide them inside these bags, and fasten them with your suitcases. 

Check out the latest price of these cruise luggage tag holders and get them. 

What to Do if You Lost Your Untagged Luggage?

Using the recommended method above, you can ensure such a situation doesn’t arise. Choosing the safest option will guarantee that you will never lose your luggage. 

But even if your suitcases are without any luggage tags, you can reclaim your belongings in case you lose them. The Royal Caribbean service crew will transfer the unidentifiable luggage to a specific room

You can explain the situation to the service team if you lose your travel bags. They will take you to the room where you must look for your baggage. 

Finding your luggage would be quite easy on the Royal Caribbean Cruise. However, avoid such a scenario, as losing your bags is never a great experience.  

Role of Royal Caribbean Luggage Tags at Disembarkation

Printed Luggage tags also assist you on the day you disembark from your Royal Caribbean journey as well. 

There are two different disembarkation ways that you can adopt on the departure day. These attached printed luggage tags vary depending on how you disembark.

#1 Regular Disembarkation or Departure 

The Royal Caribbean luggage tags include departure details like the date and time. Your stateroom attendant can place baggage labels and disembarkation details in your cabin. 

On the departure day, you can put your suitcases with the travel tags in the hallway. The Royal Caribbean service crew will take it on your behalf to the baggage claim area.

Yes, you won’t have to go through the hassle of carrying them all the way through. You can take your belongings from the baggage claim area, and off you go.

#2 Self-Assisted Disembarkation or Departure

In contrast to regular departure, self-assisted disembarkation doesn’t require luggage tags. It implies taking your luggage out whenever you want while departing from the Royal Caribbean Cruise.

So, you will have to carry your bags throughout your departure without any aid from the porters.

Wrap Up  

To summarize, you can print the Royal Caribbean luggage tags that you can access from an email or your account. However, you can even get these baggage labels from the drop-off area at the terminal on the embarkation day.

We hope this article helps you to get your suitcases tagged safely!

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