When is a Formal Night On the Carnival Cruise? [Explained]

So, it’s your first cruising experience, and you heard a lot about the fascination of formal nights on a carnival cruise.


You must be excited to attend, but what nights are elegant nights on a carnival cruise? And how formal it will be so that you can easily decide what to pack and what’s not; it will ensure you get the most out of this memorable moment.

Don’t worry. In today’s guide, we will discuss all these to help you enjoy a sophisticated evening at sea.

Carnival Cruise Elegant Night

Carnival Cruise Elegant Night

Carnival cruise formal night is a special occasion. 

Furthermore, it is considered an ancient occasion, where passengers dress in their best attire to enjoy a glamorous atmosphere.

The Carnival Cruise Elegant Night is an evening of glamor where looking best is a becomest; it is becoming a symbol or way to show your wealth status to others.

On the contrary, the ultimate touch of an exquisite carnival cruise elegant menu will give you a beautiful feel. 

Fun Fact:
On a Carnival cruise, it is called an “elegant night,” as Carnival is no longer interested in calling it formal nights. So, if you see anywhere saying elegant night, remember they refer to traditional nights.

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What is the number of formal nights on the carnival cruise?

The number of formal nights on a carnival cruise entirely depends on your cruising day’s plan. 

For example;

Cruising planElegant evenings
1 dayZero 
2-5 days
6 plus days2
Melbourne 1

So, if you had a 1-day cruise plan, there would be no formal night.

However, you can expect one elegant night if you have more than two days cruise plan – for example, 3,4,5 days.

And the number of formal nights can exceed two if you have the popular 6,7 days cruising plan – Source: Carnival.

What to wear on an elegant night carnival cruise?

what to wear

The formal night of Carnival Cruise is the ultimate opportunity to wear your best dress and take pictures from cruise photographers.

However, knowing what to wear and the dress code will save you from getting too formal or casual. 

So, here are the following guidelines by Carnival for what to wear. 

  • A men can wear a dress slack or a dress shirt. A tie, tuxedo, and a sport coat are also suggested.
  • Women can wear cocktail dresses, blouses, or skirts. However, if you wish to wear an evening – you are also good to go.

Carnival Cruise also has specific guidelines for what not to wear.

For example, the dining room strictly prohibits bathing suits, flip flops, t-shirts, sportswear, sleeveless shirts, shorts, and baseball caps.

Which day on the carnival cruise is considered a formal night?

Well, the day you can expect as a formal night on a carnival cruise depends on your itinerary.

However, the general rule of thumb is that.

  • The elegant night can’t be the first day of your cruise. 
  • Similarly, the last day of the cruise also can’t be a grand night. 
  • Additionally, you must remember that you can not have two formal nights in a row

So, you can expect the first elegant evening cruise in the second and third cruises, and the second evening can be scheduled for the 2nd last or the third day before the cruise primarily ends. 

Remember, if you are cruising for more than six days, the strong chances are that your second elegant night will be on cruise port day. 

carnival cruise elegant night menu?

Food without crushing is pointless.

That’s why Carnival Cruise offers specially curated menu at an elegant night.

Moreover, the cruise line menu varies daily, and some unique dishes will be served elegantly.

On the contrary, you must know the menu could also vary depending on your cruising days. But all the dishes are usually prepared by expert chefs, making them super tasty.

You will certainly enjoy it.

Is it Compulsory to dress up on an elegant carnival night?

No, dressing up formally for an elegant night is not compulsory.

If you feel comfortable with T-shirts – you can still choose. 

However, you must ensure you are dining outside the main dining room. It’s because, generally, people will get up dressed up formally on these nights. And these are where you will see most guests dressed up appropriately.

We encourage you to dress up nicely on these nights and take memorable photos.

Final Words:

To conclude, which day is considered a formal night on a carnival cruise depends on your cruising days. However, following the general rule of thumb, you can quickly determine when. 

Furthermore, you must know the cruise director will update you by announcing.

So, all you need is to keep an ear on the announcement, and you will get to know when there will be an elegant carnival cruise.

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