6 Best Lake Norman Dinner Cruises [Don’t Miss These Cruises]

Lake Norman is the largest artificial pond in North Carolina, referred to by the locals as the inland sea. This man-made spectacle has its allure, calling upon global tourists to enjoy the sight.

What’s a better way than to roam through it on a dinner cruise? Yes, there are many evening meal boats for Lake Norman. You can dine with your special ones, friends and family on these inland sea dinner cruises.

The enticing experience of a Lake Norman dinner cruise calls for us to help our audience get on board. We have listed such evening meal yachts with their service phone numbers to aid in picking the right one for you. 

So, let’s dine through Lake Norman on a dinner cruise if you’re also drooling. 

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#1 Lady of the Lake Norman by Queens Landing

To begin with The Lady of the Lake Norman cruise, it’s a 93 feet luxurious dinner cruise. This evening meal yacht offers a 2-hour dining experience for visitors on board.

Passing through Lake Norman with this deluxe dinner cruise has its charm. In addition to fine dining, this boat has salons on the upper and lower levels for resting.

The evening meal menu on this Lake Norman dinner cruise varies throughout the year. However, some food items remain the same. Notable eatables on this yacht include salmon, salad, surf and turf and lavish desserts. 

The cost of dining varies depending on age, but it does mean that you would share the table. So, additional charges apply if you opt for private seating with a special menu on the deck. 

Check out the Lady of the Lake dinner cruise and book your place now.

Call (704) 663-2628 to check for bookings and information.

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#2 The Catawba Queen

A Mississippi riverboat, the Catawba Queen provides a longing for dinner through Lake Norman. In addition to its luxurious charm, the dining on this cruise is buffet style.

Like the Lady of the Lake, you will share dinner with other dinners. However, you can spend more to book VIP seating.

The special thing about VIP dining on the Catawba Queen is that you will get a diverse food menu.

The diner’s VIP sitting will get special service and a menu option of chocolate-covered strawberries. Be sure to check out the Catawba Queen dinner cruise prices for Lake Norman.

Call (704) 663-2628 to check for bookings.

#3 The Sail Boat Charters of Lake Norman

A United States Coast Guard licensed Captain will sail you through Lake Norman on this dinner cruise. Yes, a US-licensed Captain for a professional dining experience on a yacht. Isn’t that amazing? 

The Sailboat charter dinner yacht is slightly different as you must bring your own food and drinks. You can enjoy your food at your own pace with a pleasing view of Lake Norman underway.

This dinner cruise has a maximum capacity of 6 people per booking. 

Call on (704) 892-0991 to book your sailboat.                               

#4 The Yacht Charters

Sailing on a dinner cruise from Yacht Charters fleet through Lake Norman is an amazing experience.

This dinner cruise is private, offering a full-service crew and a captain on the deck.

In addition to the service, the seating is quite comfortable. However, charges for different types of services might vary. Catawba Avenue in Cornelius, North Carolina, is the docking point for this dinner cruise.

Call now on (704) 301-1062 to book your yacht and inquire for additional information.

#5 The Lake Norman Cruise Carolina Grace

Talking about a dinner cruise for Laking Norman and ignoring the Carolina Grace? How’s that possible? This luxurious dining yacht is the most spacious one on our list. 

The guest capacity of this 100 feet dinner cruise is “120”. The Carolina Grace is open for rental seven days a week. Yes, it’s available to book for a special occasion.

Sailing across inside a Lake Norman dinner cruise at a wedding, corporate environment, or celebration is not a hoax. But you would have to book in advance for such occasions. 

The Carolina Grace Dinner Cruise for Lake Norman offers yoga and fitness classes on board. The docking point of this ship is Kings Point Drive in Cornelius, North Carolina. 

Check out the prices of this Lake Norman Dinner Cruise and book your place for a special occasion. 

Call (704) 451-7433 to book your Carolina Grace dinner cruise.

#6 The Carolina Tikki

This one could be more spacious among all the Lake Norman dinner cruises. The maximum guest capacity of this dining boat is “20.” The Carolina Tikki is a 41 feet evening meal yacht sailing across Lake Norman and is family-owned. 

This dinner cruise provides all-inclusive catering services on the deck. So, you will even get bottled water on board. 

Not being too roomy, it’s optimal for those who don’t want too much crowd around. Hence, you can roam around Lake Norman white dining quite calmly.

·Call (702) 706-8454 to book your Carolina Tiki dinner cruise.

As enjoyable as Lake Norman on a dinner cruise experience can be, there are certain things to remember. These tips will assist you in avoiding unforeseen circumstances that can occur.

Cruise Considerations Before Dining

  • Sailing time and boarding timing are always different, no matter which dinner cruise you choose. This difference can be “1 hour” as well. So, always ask before you go on your adventure.
  • Ask for dates, timings and schedules even after booking, as they can change depending on conditions.
  • Most dinner cruises ask for shared dining, so you’ll have to dine with new faces around. So, going for an upgrade beforehand can aid at an additional cost.
  • All the facilities, like restrooms, might be different. In addition to the toilet facility, if a dinner table near the stairs concerns you, ask before booking.
  • Once you set sail on the Lake Norman dinner cruise, there is no going back, even if you get seasick. However, seasickness usually occurs in an open ocean, so you don’t have to worry about it on a river.
  • You can ask for dress codes and policies. However, thoroughly review your Lake Norman dinner cruise policies beforehand. 
  • Bookings can occur quite early in the case of popular times. Try to book 2 weeks in advance.


Final Thoughts

To summarize, riding the waves on a dinner cruise through Lake Norman is a fantastic experience. Share the memorable moments while dining with your loved ones. Dive into the beauty of this inland sea on a dinner cruise.

Do check out lanyards and dining dress codes for different cruises like Royal Caribbean.

We hope this helped you out!

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