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Caribbean cruises are the best way to relax yourself. Whenever I feel a little tied down from my daily bustling routine, I map out a trip towards the Caribbean Islands on a cruise. 

The tropical weather, beaches, crystal clear water, and breezy weather are what make you happy during the Caribbean itinerary. And luckily, you don’t need to pack heavily for Caribbean cruises. 

Only a few lightweight and breathable outfits can make your voyage super comfortable. But what should you pack for Caribbean cruises? I mean, there is still a huge list of items besides the outfit that you have to consider. 

To enjoy the shore excursions on the Cuban Islands or strolling on the streets of San Juan, you need to pack some crucial daily essentials: travel documents, credit cards, hats, water bottles, power banks, shorts, and breathable shirts. 

After spending hours, I have compiled this article, and I’m sure it will cover all the items you need for a comfortable journey.

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Caribbean Cruise Packing List

For ease, I have divided this article into five sections. 

  • Outfits
  • Foot Wears
  • Travel Essentials 
  • Toiletries 
  • Other Cruise Essentials

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1- Outfits

The first concern of every cruiser is to pack their favorite outfits from the wardrobe. You don’t need to pack the entire wardrobe for Caribbean cruises; just go for lightweight and soft colors. 

For tropical weather, sundresses, cocktail dresses, maxis, shorts, capris, jumpsuits, blouses, and breathable shirts are ideal.

Avoid packing any kind of warm dresses or layers. The temperature remains moderate even if you’re cruising to the Caribbean in November or December. 

And don’t forget to pack your swim dresses, hats, beach dresses, and flip-flops, as the Caribbean Islands are all about beaches and water activities. Also, I always keep extra top-ups and undergarments because I hate laundry while sailing. 

Here are some of my favorite outfit lists for Caribbean cruises. 

1- Loose Maxi Dress For Beach 

Women's Casual Loose Sundress

This casual summer dress makes you super comfortable while strolling on the beaches. It features a crew neck and side slit, making it super airy and breathable. Plus, I’m a big fan of its floral colors that match the sea theme and make a great combination with flip-flops or sandals. 

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2- Sleeveless Jumpsuit

 Women Summer Loose Solid Sleeveless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits elevate the look of women, and they feel so cozy. This romper is so flattering, with an adjustable waist to fit it on your belly according to your comfort level. Plus, two pockets on either side allow you to carry your essentials. 

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3- Floral V Neck Tie Front Spaghetti Dress

Floral V Neck Tie Front Spaghetti

This floral V-neck dress is still one of my winning cruise outfits in the wardrobe. Apart from its elegant look, it feels so soft on the body. You can wear a hat and your favorite sandals with it. 

It also has an adjustable spaghetti strap, making it super adjustable. You can wear this dress during the daytime on a cruise or on port excursions. 

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4- Loose Sleeveless Sundress

Loose Sleeveless Sundress

For me, this dress retains prime importance in my wardrobe. It’s versatile and can be used for cruise and shore excursions. The patterns are eye-catching, especially the Bohemian texture that perfectly matches the beach theme. 

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5- Evening Party Cocktail Dress

Evening Party Cocktail Dress

Formal nights always come on Caribbean Cruises; you have to pack a few formal dresses in your luggage. I’m a big fan of the wrap ruffle cocktail dress. It’s available in many colors, but red is my favorite. 

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6- Formal Evening Maxi Dress

 Women's Deep V Neck Short Sleeve Long Dresses

Last time I worn this maxi dress on a formal night, it boosted my vanity. My husband wants me to wear the dress again for the specialty restaurants and dining hall. I think I wore it thrice on my last cruise, and it made me so much more confident every time. 

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7- One Piece Swimsuit

One Piece Swimsuit

Keeping the privacy factor in mind, I find this beautiful swimdress on Amazon. Actually, I feel a little shy wearing 2 piece swimsuits, and now I’m a mom of two. This one-piece swimsuit boosts my confidence for beach activities. 

Plus, this swimsuit features a tummy control strap to hide your fatty belly and give you a slim look. 

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8- Vintage Bathing Swimsuit

swim suit

I prefer to pack at least two swimsuits for Caribbean cruises, and my second best option is this one-piece vintage bathing suit. It’s also available in plus sizes, so you can opt for it if you’re a curvy lady.

Straps are wide and removable, giving you the freedom to adjust them according to your breast size. This one also has a tummy control feature. 

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9- Bohemian Floral Cover Up

floral cover up

The coverups are a must-have item if you’re like me, who loves to spend most of your time on the beach or poolside. This bohemian-style cover up looks fantastic and fits snugly on your body, offering a perfect blend of style and comfort. Plus, it’s incredibly breathable, making it an essential item for those sunny days by the water.

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10- Beach Cover Up Shirt

beach cover up

This fancy beach shirt provides more comfort, and its shirt-like design makes it an even more gorgeous cover up. This breathable cover up is your best companion for the hot, sunny days of the Caribbean curse. 

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2- Foot Wears

For Caribbean cruises, I avoid packing heavy shoes or winter boots.

Instead, I opt for lightweight sandals and flip-flops, ideal companions for exploring the Caribbean Islands. However, if you’re addicted to morning walks or jogging, don’t forget to throw in a pair of comfortable running shoes.

Here are my favorite footwear that will make you super comfortable while strolling. 

1- Flat Sandals 


I prefer flat sandals over heels. These fisherman sandals look so beautiful on your feet; you can wear them with all types of outfits. It features an adjustable buckle strap and is available in various colors; the brown and white ones are my favorites.

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2- Arch Support Sandals

Arch Support Sandals

These arch-support sandals are perfect for shore excursions. The foam topping provides extra comfort while walking and keeps your foot relaxed. 

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3- Flip Flops 

Flip Flops 

Flip-flops are not allowed in the dining halls or specialty restaurants, but you must pack flip-flops for beach activities. These arch-support flip flops are durable and can be used for both onboard pool activities and beach fun. 

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4- Water Shoes

Water Shoes

Few spots on the Caribbean Islands can be rocky, so you should always pack water shoes for comfortable walking on a beach. Plus, water shoes will also support your feet on slippery spots. 

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3- Toiletries 

Even though all the cruise lines provide necessary toiletries, few individuals are addicted to specific brands. Plus, during your stay in the hotel, you have to need a few essential toiletries. 

1- Towels


Every cruise line provides a couple of towels and a dedicated towel station on the pool deck. But for ease, I always keep a pair of towels in my luggage. 

Especially for the Caribbean voyage, you should throw a few towels in your luggage. You’ll need them for beach activities during your trip.

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2- Sun Screen 


A must-have item for the Caribbean cruise is sunscreen. While cruising to the Caribbean, the sun heats perennially grace your face, so to avoid skin burn, always pack this pair of sunscreen. 

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3- Tooth Brush And Paste 

Tooth Brush And Paste 

I hate chasing the toothbrush repeatedly. That’s why I got an electric toothbrush. It’s a super fat and convenient way to clean your teeth. Besides this, always keep toothpaste in your carry-on. 

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4- Lip Balm 

Lip Balm 

Most of the time, lips start to burn in dry environments; that’s why I always pack lip balms to keep my lips fresh on a cruise. 

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5- Aloe Vera Gel 

Aloe Vera Gel 

If you have sensitive skin, you must pack an aloe vera gel. This gel prevents skin burns and always keeps your face fresh all the time. 

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6- Hairbrush 

hair brush

Hair brushes are essential to pack for a cruise. Especially on port excursions, your look is entirely dependent on this hairbrush. I always carry a hairbrush in my carry-on. 

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7- Towel Clips

each Towel Clips

Caribbean cruises are always so breezy, so you should pack several towel clips in your luggage. 

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8- Razors & Shaving Creams

Razors & Shaving Creams

Pack several razors and a shaving gel to remove unnecessary hairs. For cruising, I always opt for a couple of disposable razors. 

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9- Facial Tissues

Facial Tissues

Facial tissues are a must-have item to pack for a Caribbean cruise ship. Having facial tissues in carry-on provides convenience in public spaces like restaurants and cafes. 

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4- Essential Documents 

Once your Caribbean cruise is confirmed, the next thing you should do is collect all your important traveling documents. I have this convenient travel document organizer to arrange all my documents in one place. 

For Caribbean cruises, you need to pack your passport, government ID, cruise documents, proof of vaccination, travel insurance documents, and other crucial documents. 

I prefer to use a dedicated card holder for credit cards, but you can put these credit cards in your travel document holder. 

5- Other Caribbean Cruise Essentials 

1- Carry-On Bag

Carry-On Bag

While leaving the cruise for port excursions, you need a handy carry-on bag to carry all essentials like swimsuits, wallet, phone, water bottle, documents, sanitizer, and other items. The carry-on bag is also very helpful on embarkation day. 

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2- Water Bottle 

water bottle

Keeping yourself hydrated on the sea is crucial, as it will prevent sea sickness and keep you active. I love this modern water bottle, highlighting the timelines to take your sips throughout the day. 

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3- Binoculars


A trip to the Caribbean is always full of soul-relaxing sights and unique species. On top of that, I love to enjoy the breathtaking sea vistas from the balcony or top cruise deck, so you need powerful binoculars for this purpose. 

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4- PowerBank 


While traveling, I can’t live without a power bank. Do you know about the battery life of iPhones? They drain too fast, so keeping a power bank in your bag is crucial. 

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5- Multi Outlet Cube

Multi Outlet Cube

This small and compact multi-outlet cube offers extreme convenience in a cruise cabin. You can simultaneously connect your phone, laptop, and another charger in this power cube. 

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6- GoPro 

go pro

As a content creator, I can’t live without the GoPro; this action camera lets you record your special moments realistically. This is a must-have item for Caribbean travel to record your snorkeling moments, beach activities, and other water sports. 

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7- Snorkeling Gears 

Snorkeling Gears 

Pack snorkeling gear for a Caribbean cruise to explore clear waters comfortably. Many Caribbean Islands like Cozumel, Aruba, or Cuba offer crystal clear water spots for snorkeling, so you can savor the real sea fun. You must pack essential snorkeling gear. 

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8- Packing Cubes

packing cubes

For more organized and compact packing, you must go for packing cubes. These small cubes will let you organize your luggage and save space. 

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Final Thoughts 

I hope this Caribbean cruise packing list was helpful for you. I have tried my best to cover every kind of cruise essential for my readers, but if I’ve missed anything, feel free to mention it in the comments.  

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