How Long Does It Take To Cross The Atlantic By Ship?

The journey to cross the Atlantic Ocean is an unforgettable expedition. But you must know how long it takes to cross the Atlantic by ship, so you can pack the luggage accordingly. 

The time to cross the Atlantic Ocean depends on the cruise’s starting point, final destination, and speed of cruise ship.

If you have started your sailing journey from Boston or New York ports and your destinations are Lisbon, Barcelona, or Northern European countries, it will take almost two to three weeks (one way).

If you start your first voyage from Miami or the Bahamas, crossing the Atlantic will take 15 to 22 days. 

But I’m sure while crossing the Atlantic Ocean via ship, you will have an enchanting maritime expedition that will always be memorable for you. 

How Long Does A Cruise Take To Cross the Atlantic Ocean?

Cross the Atlantic Ocean

The time to cross the Atlantic Sea varies; it depends on your cruise type, speed of cruise, and port location. 

Let’s first talk about the time variation of ports. 

1- Ports Variation 

How Long Does A Cruise Take To Cross the Atlantic Ocean

I know most of the readers are from Northern America, and there are over 100+ transatlantic ports there. Source. But the ports of New York, Miami, Boston, New Jersey, and South Carolina are the most famous transatlantic ports. And these ports are famous for European destinations via the North Atlantic Ocean.  

  • New York Port To Southampton: 10 – 18 Days 
  • Miami & Bahamas To Europe: 10 – 20 Days
  • Boston To Europe: 19 Days
  • South Carolina To Europe: 11 – 19 Days

And if you are traveling from North America to African countries, it will take even longer; usually, most cruises take four weeks for this voyage. 

Note: The above mentioned duration is only for one-way trips.

Most cruises also stay in Bermuda for one day or two and then continue the voyage to the Azores and, from there, to the Canary Islands. 

Apart from islands, transatlantic cruises have different staying plans that also affect the time to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 

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2- Different Types Of Cruises That Cross the Atlantic Ocean 

 Types Of Cruises That Cross the Atlantic Ocean 

If you’re a cruise lover, you might know that dozens of cruise lines offer transatlantic cruises. And the time taken to cross the Atlantic differs for every cruise ship. 

Undoubtedly the speed of every transatlantic curse is different. Similarly, they have different layovers, so you should check the different stopovers before selecting a cruise for your Atlantic voyage. 

Among all the cruises, the Cunard Line ship Queen Mary 2 takes 7 – 8 days to cross the Atlantic sea. And if you’re traveling on a small cruise ship, it will take less time.

The most famous cruises, like Royal Caribbean and Carnival, take 13 to 14 nights to cross the Atlantic Sea. These cruises consume more fuel at high speeds.

By the way, I love long Maritime expeditions, especially the Moonlit nights on the cruise deck. It is an unforgettable and breathtaking moment; everyone wants to experience such moments daily. 

But don’t forget to pack extra items for a long cruise journey. Here are the items that you should pick for your voyage. 

And these 30 dresses women cruise wear will make your journey even more beautiful.  

3- Weather Conditions

Weather Conditions

Regarding the Atlantic Ocean voyage, you can’t ignore the weather conditions and nature. 

Weather conditions are unexpected during the cruise journey. You pack for a few extra days to avoid any adverse circumstances. 

You should especially avoid hurricane season for the Atlantic voyages. This season last from June to November, and during this season, there is a high chance of stormy weather, fog, strong winds, and icebergs that can make your journey unpleasant and long. 

Tips for planning a transatlantic journey

A journey through the Atlantic Ocean is always an unforgettable experience, and you can make it a more Indelible journey of your life by following these tips. 

#1 Plan Ahead

The first and foremost advice is to plan before booking a cruise, and research cruise amenities, duration, food, drinks, documents, medical considerations, and onboarding activities. 

Once you have a clear idea about a certain cruise line, you can plan better; this will also help you pack your necessary items according to your need. 

#2 Cabin Selection 

Cruises have many cabins, but the right one gives a pleasant experience throughout the journey. 

A ventilated and well-lit cabin is more breathable; you can also consider a cabin with a balcony to enjoy the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. 

#3 Pack Smartly 

For me, packing is one of the laborious tasks. But this task becomes easy once you know the cruise activities and the duration. 

On transatlantic curries, there are different onboard activities like pool activities, formal nights, entertainment shows, fitness activities, sports, games, dance, and relaxation tasks. 

Every cruise has different onboard activities, so you have to search for the different activities of your cruise, and then you can pack the luggage accordingly. 

Here are the necessary packing items for the cruise voyage. 

#4 Don’t Forget To Participate In Fun Activities 

Onboard activities on ships are the best way to stay active and entertained. 

There are different onboard activities on the cruise. You should first search for these fun activities and list them on paper; later, you can participate. 

I love the zip line and pool activities on the cruises. The deck parties and formal nights are also incredible cruise activities. 

5- Stay Hydrated

While crossing the Atlantic Ocean, you should stay hydrated. The ocean air is too dry, which can dehydrate your body instantly; don’t forget to pack multiple water bottles with you. 

6- Be Socialize 

The more socializing and friendly behaviors you have, the more pleasant time you will have. Being Ethical with everyone adds more value to your personality. 

You should attend social events, dine with others, participate in group activities, and be humble to everyone. 

7- Capture The Memories

One must-have activity is capturing the memories of the Atlantic Ocean. Later, you can see the images to memorize your journey. The Sony Alpha a7 is the best camera to capture photos across the ocean. 

8- Travel insurance 

Travel insurance is also important to consider before booking your transatlantic cruise. Travel insurance gives benefits for trip cancellation, emergencies, medical coverage, and personal liability. 

9- Be Openly Minded 

Last but not least, you should be open-minded during your cruise journey. Open-minded behavior gives a superior experience and a more enjoyable journey across the Atlantic sea.

On a cruise you will meet new people across the globe, so you should accept the cultural diversity, this will surely give you some new experiences. 

How Much Does It Cost To Sail Across The Atlantic Ocean

Cruising through the Atlantic Ocean is one of the most unforgettable experiences in life. But if you’re booking a Transatlantic cruise, you might ask how much does it cost?

You will be glad to know that the cost of transatlantic cruises is comparatively lower than others. The price ranges from $700 to $2500 depending on the cruise type and number of nights. 

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