Where Does The Royal Caribbean Cruise Dock In Miami?

Miami handles more than 6 million passengers each year. But where does Royal Caribbean dock in the world’s largest cruise port, miami?

So, an exclusive terminal is used to dock the Royal Caribbean cruise line at miami, Terminal A. With that, terminal G is also allocated to the celebrity passengers of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

However, what is the address of both of these terminals and the parking cost is something you should also know. 

So, without further ado, let’s find out. 

Where is the Miami Cruise Port?

miami cruise port

PortMiami is located at 1015 North America Way, Miami, Florida, 33132. 

You can easily access the Port of miami using a taxi, car, train, uber, cargo yardage, or any other shuttle line service.  

On the contrary, the preferred arrival and departure choice of Royal Caribbean passengers is by air.

Furthermore, accessing the Royal Caribbean cruise port is also super easy from the miami port, as it’s just 8.5 miles away. It means you can access miami international airport in just 15 minutes. 

So, from miami international airport, the terminals are 8 miles away and 48 miles away from Fort Lauderdale Airport. However, in terms of minutes, they are 25 and 45 minutes away, respectively. 

How Many Miami Cruise Terminals Are There?

Port of miami has a total of 11 terminals. 

All these miami terminals are known to be the most versatile ports worldwide. They are designed so passengers can quickly move from land to sea. 

However, each of these terminals is known as;

  • Terminal AA/AAA
  • Terminal A – Exclusively for Royal Caribbean | The Crown of Miami Oasis class
  • Terminal B
  • Cruise Terminal C
  • Terminals D & E 
  • Terminal F
  • Terminal G – Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises
  • Terminal J 
  • Terminal K
  • Terminal V

Overall, Terminal A is considered the hub of Royal Caribbean cruises. It was opened in 2018 and is the largest cruise in the united states. Furthermore, Terminal G is also focused on the Royal Caribbean.

Where is the Royal Caribbean Terminal Port Miami?

Where is the Royal Caribbean Terminal Port Miami

As you know, 2 terminals are exclusively used for Royal Caribbean service; terminal A and terminal G.

Their respective addresses are;

  • Terminal A – 2000 N Cruise Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States
  • Terminal G – 909/1055 N Cruise Blvd, Miami, FL 33132, United States

Now, it’s easier for you to access. 

Hotels Near Royal Caribbean Cruise Port Miami

Due to the weather, it’s quite normal if you see any flight delay or cancelation. That’s why we recommend booking your hotel at least one day ahead. 

It is also known as a shuttle service.

However, some hotels will charge a small fee, and some can even offer a complimentary shuttle service. 

Following hotels are just near the royal caribbean cruise port miami.

  • Novotel Miami, Brickell Guild Downtown Miami
  • Courtyard by Marriott Miami
  • Mandarin Oriental, Miami
  • W Miami
  • Holiday Inn, Port of Miami
  • Hyatt Regency Miami
  • Intercontinental Miami
  • Four Seasons Hotel Miami

The most exquisite part is almost all of these hotels provide a beautiful view of the island and beaches. 

We suggest you visit hotels one day before and take the idea of transfer for hassle-free service.

Furthermore, Royal Caribbean will provide an airport transfer if you want to go to any of these hotels. If you need help, you can also book Uber at a cost depending on the airport.

For example, from miami airport, it will cost you around $40, and from Fort Lauderdale Airport, it will cost around $45. However, these prices can also vary depending on the demand time and traffic. 

Parking Near Royal Caribbean cruise port of miami:

Port miami also has a parking facility available.

A total of 5 garages are allotted for the parking purpose, named A, C, D, G, and J.

Furthermore, there would be two types of passengers – the one who wants to pay the parking cost earlier and the one who wants to pay the cost of parking when they leave. So, Garage J is allowed for prepaid cruisers.

The per night cost of the Garage terminal ranges from 25 dollars for Royal Caribbean cruisers – only if you have 6 days cruise package. On the contrary, if you have a cruise package for 5 days or less, the cost is between $28 per day. 

However, only some parking locations accept debit cards as a payment method. On the contrary, all master cards, visa cards, and traveler cheques are acceptable. 

How Far is Miami From the Cruise Port?

From the cruise port, miami is around 1.5 to 2 miles from the city center. 

However, you can easily get a taxi to the city center, which will take around 5 to 10 minutes at $10 to 15.

Furthermore, if your ship docks at Terminal A or B, it will be just a short walk away. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a special terminal is allotted to the Royal Caribbean passengers. So you don’t have to worry about this.

Further, you will also get a premium service of parking or hotels if traveling through Royal Caribbean

All you need is to pack your luggage for the cruise journey and get ready to enjoy it.

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