How To Cancel Royal Caribbean Cruise? (Refund Policy) 

Canceling a trip or future vacations can happen to anyone, and it’s quite normal. However, depending on the plan, it can turn into the worst.

Suppose you had plans to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise, but unfortunately, for any reason, now you are planning to cancel it. Well, it’s possible, but there are certain rules, regulations, and obligations that you must follow and need to know.

That’s why in today’s guide, we will discuss how to cancel a Royal Caribbean cruise. Deeper Dive, you will also get to know their canceling and refund policy. So, buckle up your sleeves and get into it.  

The Canceling and Refund Policy of Royal Caribbean

Refund Policy of Royal Caribbean

Before we get into how to cancel a Royal Caribbean cruise, here is the cancelation and refund policy of Royal Caribbean that you must know.

Remember, before placing the initial deposits, you agreed to these terms. So fulfilling them is a must to avoid any subsequent matter.

And for your ease, we have divided this canceling and refund policy into two sections. The first is if you still need to make the full deposits or final payments. Secondly, what if you had?

So, let’s jump in and learn about both scenarios.

1- Before Deposits

So, before you have made the full deposits, you have two types of cruise fare deposits – refundable and nonrefundable.

Refundable cruise:

If you chose the refundable cruise but have yet to make the final payments, you still have the chance to cancel the cruise. Under this, you can also get a full refund of your deposited amount.

Non-refundable cruise:

However, if you choose the nonrefundable cruise, you will also get a cruise certificate. Under this, you can cancel your cruise, but you will be charged a fee of around or less than $100 per guest.

2- After Final Payments

The cancelation and refund policy will differ if you make the final payments. However, these policies will also vary depending on how far you were to your sailing date.

Further, you must be assured that you may also have to suffer some penalties.

So, the cancelation and refund policy of Royal Caribbean if you have made the final payments will be like this;

For 4-5 nights longer:

Cruise CancelationCancelation Charges
Prior 75 days or moreNo charges (fully refundable)
Before 70 to 60 days50% of total price
Before 60 to 30 days75% of total price
Before 30 days or less than a dayNon refundable

For 6-9 nights cruise:

Cruise CancelationCancelation Charges
Prior to 90 daysNo charges
Before 89 to 75 days25%
Before 74 to 61 days50%
Before 60 to 31 days75%
Before 30 days or lessNon refundable 

For 10+ nights cruise:

Cruise CancelationCharges
Before 730 to 70 daysFully refundable
69 to 29 days50%
28 to 1575%
14 to 1590%
15 to 5 daysNon refundable

Remember, when a nonrefundable cancellation occurs, the full amount of deposits will be held in penalty.

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Canceling a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Canceling a Royal Caribbean Cruise

The process of canceling a royal Caribbean cruise is effortless. You only need to know about the cancellation, refund policy, and other charges.

Once you are done, you must connect with those you booked your cruise with. For example, if you booked the cruise from the Royal Caribbean website, you need to call the Royal Caribbean to cancel the reservation.

  • Contact their customer support by calling: 866-562-7625
  • Or use the cancellation form on the Royal Caribbean website to cancel the cruise.

However, if you booked the cruise through any travel agent or third-party website, you must connect with them, and they will surely guide you through the cancellation process.

Is it Possible to Get a Refund after Canceling the Cruise?

Yes, it is possible to get a refund after canceling the cruise on Royal Caribbean.

On the contrary, you must know that that refund ratio will completely depend on the type of cruise deposits you made and how far your sailing days were.

For further assistance, refer to the charts above, where we explained the cancelation charges with the days of cancelation.

So, you may qualify for a partial or full refund of Royal Caribbean cruise policies.

Who Will Cover the Cost if You Cancel the Cruise?

Generally, the travel insurance covers the cost if you cancel the cruise. With that, canceling the cruise without any reason is unacceptable, and you must bear all those expenses.

For example: If you want to cancel the cruise just because you want to, the travel insurance will surely not cover the cost.

That’s why there must be a solid reason behind or must meet the policy and covered scenario under which the travel insurance will cover the cost.

How to Avoid Penalty While Canceling the Royal Caribbean Cruise?

While canceling a royal Caribbean cruise, you must face some penalty. However, if you want to cancel the cruise but want to save yourself from the penalty, you must cancel your reservation as soon as possible.

With that, we have also mentioned their cancellation charges above. If you consider canceling before those days, you must ensure that you will not suffer any penalty and will get a full refund.


So, if you want to cancel your royal caribbean cruise, you must be sure it’s completely possible. However, will you suffer a penalty or how much refund will you get; it completely depends on how earlier you informed before the sailing date arrived. 

That’s why to save yourself from all these penalties or refund hassles, be aware of all the Royal Caribbean cruise cancelation and refund policies mentioned above. 

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