Royal Princess Cabins Guide: The Best And Worst!

No doubt Royal Princess is famous for its luxurious amenities and upscale offerings, but wait, there’s something you must consider before booking your cruise.

On my last cruise of 2023, I discovered an interesting fact about Royal Princess Cabins. Surprisingly, not every cabin offers an equal experience. Some cabins have some restrictions and don’t match up to expectations.

Therefore, I think it’s vital that you know about these cabins before booking yours.

Generally, you should avoid those rooms whose balconies are off-limits when the ship is moving and those with obstructed views, excessive noise, or limited privacy. Also, avoid those which can cause worse sea sickness.

In this guide, I’ve tried to explain everything about the cabins in a way you can understand the cabin location and type. However, if you are familiar with the deck rooms of Royal Princess, you can jump to the “Cabins to avoid the” section.

Royal Princess Cabin Type

On Royal Princess, there are five main cabin types:

Cabin TypeMax CapacitySize (Incl. Balcony)
Interior4158 to 162 sq. ft.
Balcony4214 to 222 sq. ft.
Deluxe Balcony4233 to 279 sq. ft.
Mini Suite4323 sq. ft.
Suite4440 to 1,500 sq. ft.

On newer Royal-Class cruise ships, you might also see the Ocean View Cabins, which are unavailable on Sky Princess. 

On this ship, you can choose a room inside the ship with no outside view, or you can opt for a room with a balcony, which could be a standard balcony cabin or a more luxurious suite.

Below, I’ve discussed these cabins step-by-step to help you decide which one is right for you and to easily understand the avoid section.

1- Interior Or Inside Cabins

interior cabin

Interior or inside cabins are the smallest rooms (staterooms) on the ship, devoid of windows or sea-view balconies. As their name suggests, these are on the inside of the ship.

These rooms are designed for two people, but few can accommodate up to four, which is ideal for budget warriors and travelers like me who prioritize onboard activities over a view.

While inside cabins may not offer a sea view, they provide a peaceful and quiet environment. The beds inside are flexible, typically arranged as twin beds, but can be converted into a queen-sized bed for added comfort.

However, if you choose an inside cabin that sleeps up to four, you might find extra Pullman beds, ideal for children but usable by adults. These beds are either stowed in the ceiling or attached to the wall.

Royal Princess Inside Cabin Grades

If you’re unfamiliar with the Royal Princess Cabin Grade, here’s the simple explanation:

“A Grade of cabin is a code that has two parts. One representing the type of cabin, and the other referring to its location on the ship”.

It’s very important to have an understanding of the cabin grades.

The Grade of Inside Cabins begins with the letter I, with the second letter running from A to F. “A” is considered the top option, and “F” is the least desirable due to location among these.

GradeSleeps up toAverage size (sq ft)
IB4166 – 175
IC4166 – 175

Always remember that the cost of Inside cabins can vary based on their location. Specifically, Inside “A” cabins may be priced slightly higher due to their better positioning within the ship.

2- Balcony Cabins

balcony cabin

Balcony cabins on the Royal Princess are the most popular because of the private outdoor space (balcony). These cabins aim to provide an enhanced balcony experience so passengers can enjoy panoramic sea views.

Considering the right Balcony cabin is important as they have a few variations. So, you need to understand which one meets your preferences.

On Royal Princes, there are five types of Balcony cabins:

  • Balcony
  • Balcony with Obstructed View
  • Deluxe Balcony
  • Deluxe Balcony with Obstructed View
  • Premium Deluxe Balcony

All the Balcony cabins that have obstructed views are on Deck 8 and are behind the lifeboats, which is the reason for the obstruction. 

However, there are ways to tinker with the system and choose a cabin between two lifeboats. Then you only have a slight restriction in your view, but you also save money. I’ll cover that in more detail later in this guide.

Balcony Cabin Grades

GradeTypeSleeps up toAverage size (sq ft)
D4Premium Deluxe Balcony4242 – 312
DADeluxe Balcony3233
DBDeluxe Balcony4233
DCDeluxe Balcony4233
DDDeluxe Balcony3233
DEDeluxe Balcony4233
DFDeluxe Balcony4233
DWDeluxe Balcony (Obstructed)4233
BWBalcony (Obstructed)4222

3- Mini-Suites


Mini Suites are like the Junior Suites of Royal Caribbean, which offer more space than the balcony rooms, with a few perks and amenities. I would say these suites are the bridges between the balcony rooms and full suites.

In these suites, you’ll get a comfortable sleeping area, a sitting area with a sofa bed, a spacious closet, a private bathroom with upgraded amenities, and a larger balcony for guests to relax and enjoy the views.

Here’s the complete list of Mini-Suite perks:

  • A sitting area with a sofa bed and coffee table
  • A curtain to separate the sofa bed sitting area from the main bed
  • An extra TV – one for the sitting area and one facing the main bed
  • An enhanced bathroom with bathtub and massage shower
  • A better bed with a luxury mattress topper and better pillows
  • Up to four chairs on the balcony (compared to the standard two)
  • A glass of sparkling wine when you board

Royal Princess Mini Suite Grades

GradeTypeSleeps up toAverage size (sq ft)
M1Club Class Mini Suite4314
M6Club Class Mini Suite3314
MAMini Suite4314
MBMini Suite4299 – 329
MCMini Suite4299
MEMini Suite4299
MFMini Suite3299

4- Club Class Mini-Suites

club class

The Club Class Mini-Suites on the Royal Princess is a premium accommodation category offering few enhanced amenities and services compared to standard mini-suites.

These perks and services include:

  • Priority embarkation and disembarkation at the beginning and end of your holiday
  • A comfier bed
  • Half bottles of red and white wine were provided on embarkation day
  • Bathrobes are provided for each guest.
  • Evening canapes served in your suite (on request)
  • Exclusive priority seating in the Main Dining Room with extra menu options

So, if you want priority access while staying in the Mini-Suites, you should book this Club Class Mini-Suite. 

5- Royal Princess Suites

The suites are the best accommodation on a Royal Princess, perfect for guests looking for an elevated cruise experience.

These suites are like the Grand Suites on Royal Caribbean, designed to cater to different preferences and provide a luxurious cruise experience.

These suites offer a more spacious area with completely separate living and bedroom parts. Along with the spacious area, you also get additional perks and amenities, including Mini-Suites.

These perks and amenities include:

  • Priority embarkation and disembarkation at the beginning and end of your cruise and for any excursions
  • Priority lines at the shore excursions and guest services desks
  • Priority booking for special dining restaurants
  • Club Class Dining in a reserved area of the Dining Room with extra menu options
  • Access to the Lotus Spa Thermal Suite
  • Upgraded room service menu
  • A welcome glass of Champagne on arrival
  • A free mini bar, a fruit bowl (refreshed on request), and fresh orchids in your suite
  • A free mimosa at breakfast each day
  • Ice service, twice a day
  • In-suite tea service
  • Evening canapes (available on request)
  • A cruise card wallet
  • Use of umbrellas as necessary
  • Free laundry, dry cleaning, and shoe polishing services
  • A free private portrait sitting with the ship’s photographer

Royal Princess Suite Grades

GradeTypeSleeps up toAverage size (sq ft)
S3Penthouse Suite3587 – 682
S4Penthouse Suite3440
S5Premium Suite4554

Premium Suites Vs Penthouse Suites

Premium Suites Vs Penthouse Suites

Premium and Penthouse Suites offer different levels of luxury and amenities, but they have some differences.

Firstly, Penthouse Suites offer larger spaces and more exclusive amenities than Premium Suites. 

Premium Suites are best for four people, but Penthouse features square footage, a larger living space, a separate bedroom, and an expansive private balcony.

Penthouse Suites are more expensive because of the enhanced perks and amenities like personalized service, access to private lounges, and sometimes even butler service.

Below is the comparison table of both Suites for your better understanding:

AspectPremium SuitesPenthouse Suites
SizeSpacious, smaller than Penthouse SuitesLarger, more expansive
AccommodationLuxurious, elevated amenitiesTop-tier luxury, high-end amenities
Living SpaceGenerous living area, separate sleeping quartersLarger living space, separate bedroom
BalconyTypically smaller balconyExpansive private balcony
AmenitiesUpgraded amenitiesPremium and exclusive amenities
LocationFront of the ship (Not forward-facing)Aft of the ship
Elevator DistanceA slightly far away from elevatorsNear the elevators
ServicesEnhanced services, priority check-inExclusive services, sometimes butler service
Exclusive PerksExclusive but fewer than Penthouse SuitesExtensive exclusive perks, VIP treatment
CostGenerally lower cost compared to PenthouseHigher cost due to more lavish accommodations

Royal Princess Special Cabin Types

By now, you might clearly understand cruise ship cabin types. Now, it’s also important to know about the special cabin types so we can move to the “Cabins to Avoid” section.

The Royal Princess has special cabins to cater to different passengers and needs. Below are some of the special cabin types to consider according to your needs:

1- Aft Rooms

Aft rooms are those situated at the back of the ship. These cabins are a top consideration for people because of the view over the wake and also due to the less wind.

Additionally, these cabins are spacious, providing you with a comfortable environment in which to enjoy your vacation.

You can choose the following aft-facing Royal Princess rooms:

  • Premium Deluxe Balcony Rooms
  • Penthouse Suites

All of the aft-facing rooms are located on decks 8 to 15. Each deck has two Penthouse Suites in the aft corners and then four mid-aft Premium Deluxe Balcony cabins mid-aft.

Connecting Rooms

Connecting rooms are also the hot-booking rooms on Royal Princess as most of the cruise guests have families and want to split their group between two rooms anyway, which is a good idea, in my opinion.

So, they opt for the connecting rooms with a door between them. 

But genuinely speaking, if you are considering booking connecting rooms because of privacy, it’s not worth it as they aren’t as soundproof as the walls.

On Royal Princess, there are a wide range of connecting room options:

  • Two Interior cabins
  • Two Standard Balcony cabins
  • An Obstructed Balcony and a Standard Balcony
  • An Obstructed Balcony and a Deluxe Balcony
  • Two Obstructed Deluxe Balcony rooms.
  • Two Deluxe Balcony Rooms
  • Two Mini Suites
  • Two Club Class Mini-Suites
  • Royal Princess Accessible Rooms

3- Accessible Rooms

Luckily, getting around the entire ship in a wheelchair or scooter is easy, but only specific cabins are designed to suit these things. These specific cabins are called accessible rooms.

They’re more spacious, have larger doors, no steps to get into the room, and the bathroom is wet.

These rooms are in high demand and fill up fast, so it’s best to book them as early as possible if you need one.

Let’s discuss the cabins you might want to avoid during your cruise.

Cabins To Avoid In Royal Princess

Royal And Villa Suite Perks

All the information provided above aims to give you a comprehensive and factual overview of the various cabins available on the Royal Princess, aiding you in deciding which suits your preferences best.

Now, let’s delve into some details you might not typically find in official information. We’ll explore the cabins you might want to avoid to ensure you have the most enjoyable holiday experience onboard.

1- Out Of Limit Balcony Rooms

Avoid L101 to L108 and M101 to M108 rooms.

As I mentioned in the beginning, you should avoid booking the rooms with the out-of-bounds balcony.

It’s because, during the ship’s movement, the wind blows against the front of the ship. So at the moving time, you won’t be allowed to use the balcony.

So, if you’re the one who loves to spend more time on the balcony, avoid these rooms on Decks 15 and 16.

However, if you don’t plan on using the balcony too much and want to use it when the ship is at the port, these rooms might be an ideal option for you because of their lower price and bigger balcony size than those on the ship’s sides.

When To Choose

  • Balcony use during ship movement isn’t a priority.
  • A larger balcony size at a potentially lower cost is preferred.
  • Port-side balcony enjoyment matters more than sailings

When To Avoid

  • Desiring extended balcony time during sailings.
  • Constant balcony access throughout the cruise is essential.
  • Concerned about obstructed views or balcony restrictions.
  • The price difference doesn’t justify limited balcony use at sea.

2- Cabins With Great Sea Sickness

Avoid L101 to L129 and M101 to M129, as these are the top deck rooms at the front or back. 

It’s because these rooms can make seasickness worse. So if you’re the one who suffers from seasickness, avoiding these rooms is a good idea.

Try to choose the rooms at the middle and bottom of the ship. You’ll be less likely to feel the ship’s motion on the waves in these rooms.

When To Choose 

  • Susceptible to seasickness.
  • Preference for the reduced sensation of the ship’s movement.
  • Aims for the lesser impact of waves’ motion.

When To Avoid

  • Prone to seasickness or motion discomfort.
  • Desire to minimize feelings of ship’s movement.
  • Concerned about the heightened impact of waves at sea.

3- Obstructed View Rooms

Avoid the cabins on most of Deck 8; cabins beginning with E.

If you plan to relax on your balcony, the last thing you wouldn’t want is a lifeboat obstructing your view.

So, if you’re a person who wants a good view and fresh air, then avoid these rooms. These rooms may be cheaper, but you miss most of the scenery. 

However, if you are not curious about the sea view and want to save money and spend it on other cruise activities, these rooms could be ideal options.

Downsides Of Cabins With Obstructed View

  • Limites Scenic View
  • Less Natural Light
  • Potential noise
  • Privacy concerns
  • Limited fresh air

When To Choose

  • Budget-conscious and prioritize cost savings.
  • Not primarily concerned about sea views.
  • We prefer to allocate a larger budget for onboard activities.

When To Avoid

  • Desire an unobstructed view from the balcony.
  • Value scenery and a clear view of the sea.
  • Will spend considerable time relaxing on the balcony for the view and fresh air.

4- Aft Balconies That Can Have Soot Buildup

Avoid Aft cabins and suites because these rooms have a risk of soot, particularly on the higher decks.

I know you must be thinking that these are the best rooms with amazing views over the ship’s wake, but unfortunately, there’s also a risk of soot.

That happens because soot from the funnels travels backward toward the aft, settling on the balconies as the ship moves forward.

If you don’t want to risk it, consider choosing a cabin along the ship’s sides instead.

When To Choose

  • Highly value the view over the wake of the ship.
  • Comfortable with the potential for occasional soot buildup.
  • Prefer the expansive view and quieter location at the back of the ship.

When To Avoid

  • Prefer a soot-free balcony environment.
  • Concerned about potential cleanliness issues due to soot.
  • Value balcony cleanliness and pristine conditions over specific views.

5- Interconnecting Rooms When Not Needed

Avoid booking interconnecting rooms when you don’t have many people in the group.

As these rooms are less private due to less soundproofing, avoiding these cabins is better.

However, you should not take any tension from strangers entering your room. The doors have locks, but they are not as thick as the walls.

So, if you want a more peaceful and private room, avoid them.

When To Choose

  • Traveling with a larger group or family requires multiple rooms.
  • Prioritize convenience and accessibility between connected spaces.
  • I am not overly concerned about sound traveling between rooms.

When To Avoid

  • Traveling with a smaller group or as a couple.
  • Seeking a more private and quiet room atmosphere.
  • Prefer a higher level of sound isolation between rooms for privacy.

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6- Rooms With Less Privacy

M411, M415, M417, M419, M423, M425, R415, R417, R421, R423, R427, R429, A417, A421, A423, A427, A429, B417, B421, B423, B427, B429 (SeaWalk)

M722, M723, M724, M725, M726, M727 (Horizon Terrace)

D145 to D277, D701 to D725 (Cabins above)

Certain Balcony cabins might lack the desired level of privacy. On the starboard side of the ship, Deck 16 features the SeaWalk, a glass-bottomed walkway extending from the ship. 

This setup allows people on the SeaWalk to peer down into your balcony, offering a reciprocal view that might impact privacy, especially on higher decks.

Towards the back of the ship on Deck 16, there’s the Horizon Terrace, where people often unwind and take in the wake’s view. 

However, the staggered structure at the ship’s rear allows a direct view into the balconies of Deck 15 aft cabins. 

Additionally, on Deck 9, certain Deluxe Balconies protrude further and can be overlooked from above. So avoid these cabins if you don’t want anyone to be looking into your balcony.

When To Choose

  • Don’t mind visibility from public areas onto the balcony.
  • Enjoy the idea of reciprocal views from certain deck areas.
  • I’m not too concerned about occasional passerby glances.

When To Avoid

  • Seeking more privacy on the balcony.
  • Prefer undisturbed and secluded balcony views.
  • Dislike the prospect of others looking into your balcony space.

7- Noisy Rooms In The Morning Or During The Day

Avoid M302 to M436, and L101 to L301

Cabins from Decks 9 to 14 are surrounded by other accommodations above and below, ensuring a generally quiet environment. However, some areas on the ship might be a bit noisy. 

During the day, some sections of Deck 15 below the pool area and Deck 16 can be noisy. In the early morning, people tend to head to the pool deck to reserve loungers, causing noise as they move furniture around. 

Although it might seem quiet to them, you might notice the noise above your cabin. Similar noise issues might arise if you opt for a room on the Lido Deck, situated below the Sanctuary and Retreat pools.

When To Choose

  • Seeking more privacy on the balcony.
  • Prefer undisturbed and secluded balcony views.
  • Dislike the prospect of others looking into your balcony space.

When To Avoid

  • Require absolute silence during the day.
  • Easily disturbed by noise from pool deck activities.
  • Seek a quieter environment for relaxation.

For more information, check out the deck plan.

8- Noisy Rooms At Night

Avoid E125, E130, E201 to E225, E445 to E612, E630 to E733.

At night, the primary noise sources stem from the entertainment venues on Deck 7, directly beneath the first deck of accommodations.

 If you’re on Deck 8, you might experience some noise filtering through the floor, and depending on your location, it might persist until the early hours. 

Areas above the Princess Theater, Princess Live!, and the Vista Lounge, spread across the deck, are spots to avoid due to potential noise. Generally, anywhere on Deck 8 could have some noise continuing into the evening. 

Booking a cabin on a higher deck is recommended for those who prefer an early bedtime.

When To Choose

  • Not bothered by mild noise in the evenings.
  • Don’t mind the potential faint noise from the entertainment venues below.

When To Avoid

  • Require absolute silence during bedtime.
  • Easily disturbed by noise from entertainment venues.
  • Prefer a quieter environment for resting at night.

What Are The Best Cabins on Royal Princess

Here is my recommendation on what you should look out for depending on your needs:

  • Luxury Penthouse: If the budget is not your concern and want more luxury amenities and perks.
  • The Cheapest Cabins: If you’re cruising on a budget and want to spend more on activities than the room, these rooms can be ideal.
  • Extended Balcony Cabins: If you want to spend more quality time while enjoying the sea on the balcony, go for the extended Balcony cabins.
  • White Noise Cabins: If you want a constant, low-level noise, choose C316, C317, C322, C323, C328, C329, C334, and C335 cabins.

Standard Vs. Deluxe Vs. Premium Deluxe Balcony

royal caribbean suite

Standard Balcony rooms differ from Deluxe and Premium in space and bed configuration.

Deluxe rooms are 5% more spacious than the Standard ones, whereas the Premium Deluxe rooms are 18% more spacious than the standard rooms. 

So, if space is a priority for you, it’s evident that considering Deluxe or Premium Deluxe balcony rooms would be the ideal choice.

Secondly, the other difference lies in the bed configuration for three and four-berth cabins. Deluxe or Premium Deluxe cabins include a sofa bed. 

However, three-berth rooms won’t have Pullman beds, while four-berth rooms have a sofa bed and one Pullman bed.

So, considering the upgrade can be a good decision if you are traveling with your children since they have more sleeping space.

What Is The Best Floor To Stay On A Cruise Ship?

The best floor to stay on a cruise ship depends on your preferences and priorities. However, below are my recommendations that can help you decide:

  • For Less Motion Sensitivity: If you suffer from sea sickness, opt for a midship cabin on a lower deck. Lower decks in the middle of the ship experience less movement and are usually more stable.
  • For Convenience: Midship cabins are convenient for accessing various onboard amenities and facilities as they’re centrally located.
  • For a Peaceful Environment: Go with the higher deck cabins as they tend to be quieter due to the larger distance from the noisy entertainment and public areas.
  • For Better Views: Choose higher decks if you love to enjoy amazing views. Also, avoid those rooms with obstructed views.

Ultimately, the “best” floor to stay on a cruise ship is subjective and depends on your priorities. 

Consider your preferences regarding motion sensitivity, noise levels, convenience, and views when choosing the ideal deck and cabin for your Princess cruise.

Can You Smoke In Royal Princess Cabin?

You can smoke in designated areas on the deck and certain bars on the Royal Princess and Regal Princess. 

However, it’s essential to note that smoking is strictly prohibited inside cabins, cabin balconies, restaurants, cafes/cafés, lounges, and theaters. 

Following these rules ensures a comfortable and compliant environment for everyone aboard the ship.


Should I Let Royal Princess Pick My Cabin?

Letting Royal Princess select your cabin can yield varied locations; if you prioritize location or have specific preferences, choosing your own might be preferable for a tailored experience.

Can I smoke in my cabin on the Regal Princess?

No smoking or vaping is permitted in guest staterooms or balconies on the Regal Princess, aligning with Princess Cruises’ policy of maintaining a smoke-free environment in primary living spaces.

What is category DF on Royal Princess?

Category DF on the Royal Princess refers to a Deluxe Balcony cabin, accommodating up to 4 guests, with an average size of 233 square feet, offering a balcony for passengers to enjoy the sea views.

Is it better to be higher or lower on a cruise ship?

That’s totally up to you. Higher decks offer superior views but may experience less motion, while lower decks provide more stability and quicker access to amenities onboard.

Final Words

Hopefully, you will now clearly understand the hidden truths about the Royal Princess.

So, if these cabins are not according to your preferences and expectations, don’t book them. You will find the perfect alternative to that room.

Just be patient and sharp while booking your room on Royal Princess. And I’m sure this guide will greatly help you get your dream room.

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