Cruise Packing List: 24 Must Have Items To Pack For Cruise

Packing seems daunting, especially if you are a beginner cruiser knowing you can not run into the market if you remember or need something. 

So, what else to do?

Don’t worry; all you need is an ultimate cruise packing checklist so you will not overpack your bag and know what you need to pack and what’s not.

So, without further ado, let’s dig into the cruise packing tips.

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What to Pack For a Cruise? (Essentials)

Cruise Packing List

The maritime expedition experience can only be enhanced if you have all the essentials onboard. 

For example, if you forget to pack your sunscreen, water bottle, bathing suit, or anything else in the luggage, It undoubtedly affects your whole cruise vacation experience.

So, this handy cruise packing checklist will help you decide what to pack for any cruise; even a beginner could pack like a pro.

#1 Necessary Documents

Before packing any other essentials, first, collect all the necessary documents. I use a separate bag or hand-carry bag for all the cruise-required documents. 

Passport/Visa: Cruise ships stop at different countries’ ports, and few countries only allow cruisers if they have a valid passport and visa. So don’t forget both of these. 

Credit Cards: Before starting a sea voyage, load all the credit cards with enough funds. Visa and Mastercards are globally accepted payment gateways. Also, add some funds to your PayPal and Google Pay accounts. Use this small magnetic wallet to manage cards.

Boarding Pass: You should have a print of your boarding pass that you must show on embarkation day. 

Cash: Sometimes, the credit card won’t work, so having some cash in your bag is obligatory. Check the cash bag. 

Travel Insurance Docs: If you have travel insurance, carry all the important papers.

#2 Daytime Wear

While deciding what to pack for your cruise, you must initiate the process with the basics; your daytime wear is the most important thing. 

You must know every cruise ship has its dress code

However, daytime clothing is casual; you can wear anything from T-shirts, slacks, jeans, casual tops, and sundresses on many cruise ships.  

Here you can check the 30 best women cruise outfits.

If you’re curvy lady, must check these amazing plus size cruise dresses.

Pro Tip:
Your destination weather needs to be confirmed. It can either be warm, cold, or even wet. That’s why keeping your luggage realistic’s always a good idea. For example, consider packing a jacket with a short-sleeved top if the weather fluctuates.

Recommended: Ninedaily Women’s Tunic Summer Short Sleeve Top

Recommended Maxi Dress: YESNO Women Casual Loose Bohemian Floral Dress

#3 Night Wear

black shirt

The second most important thing to pack is your nightwear.

Yes, each cruise’s day and night wear dress codes are different. However, the cruise dress codes generally fall into 2 categories; casual and formal. 

For example;

Pro Tip: Create a nice mix and match between day and night dresses so that it gets easier to pack and you don’t overpack the luggage as well.

Remember to pack a jacket, as the weather can get windy at night, or cruise ships can turn up the conditioner even if you’re about to get a warm-weather cruise. 

#4 Footwear

water shoes

Shoes will play a critical part in enjoying your cruise journey. You can have a better and more comfortable experience with the right pair of shoes. 

We are saying this because we were unaware of this fact and packed the wrong footwear.

For example, most cruise lines are grainy and rocky. 

So, it’s good to pack a pair of ANLUKE water shoes for everyone in the family. We recommend that they are multipurpose shoes you can wear even while swimming or on the beach. Moreover, they also have an anti-slip sole and quick drying for convenience. 

Pro Tip:
Collect all the shoes or sandals you want to pack. Next, choose only multi-tasking ones that can be used anywhere. This way, it will get easier for you to carry the luggage.

#5 Toiletries 

Even the cruises offer different toiletries, but you still have to pack your own hygienic toiletries to avoid skin issues. 

Toothbrush/Toothpaste: Teeth cleaning is a regular habit of everyone, so you should pack 2 – 3 toothpaste and brushes. 

Deodorant: Roll on or stick deodorant to stay fresh.

Shaving Supplies: For a fresh look on the cruise, you should pack Razor, shaving cream, and aftershave or moisturizer. A personal barber kit is a more convenient option too. 

Skincare Essentials: Moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm with SPF, and any special skincare products you prefer.

Cotton Swabs and Cotton Balls: These can be handy for various cleaning purposes.

Lip Bam: The lips often dry on a cruise due to less moisture, harsh sun rays, and salty water. That’s why to protect your lips, and it’s essential to use Lip Bam. 

Travel-Sized Tissues: These can be useful for various situations.

Perfumes: This is a must-have item that boosts your personality. Creed Aventus and Blue de Chanel are the best perfumes for sea adventure. Both have pleasant and refreshing smells. 

Lotions: To protect your skin and eliminate dryness of your skin, you should pack a lotion bottle. 

Hair Care Products: Hairbrush, comb, hair ties, and any styling products you use. Check Recommendations

Feminine Hygiene Products: Tampons, pads, or any other necessary products.

#6 Packing Cubes

Your journey on the cruise packing list must start with the packing cubes. 

These are the lifesavers for any cruiser or an active traveller. With it, you can keep your clothing organized. 

The VEKEN Packing Cubes are best because they have enough folders to make your clothes wrinkle-free. 

Pro Tip: getting at least two sets with different sizes and colour options is always suggested to keep the essentials better organised and memorable.

#7 Refillable Water Bottle

A refillable water bottle is a must have item for your cruise packing list.

These bottles come in handy sizes and are great for refilling water during beverage stations. On the contrary also helpful for shore excursions.

The one we got was MILTON 32 oz Large Water Bottle. Indeed, it was the best decision, where a carry strap and comfortable grip made it more handy and easier to carry. 

Pro Tip:
You can also carry cups from the main dining room wherever you go to drink water. This can be a nice trick if you don’t want to carry a water bottle. However, we would highly suggest to get one.

#8 Over-the-door Organizer

If you love to keep your things organized and in place “over the door” organizer is something you must need to pack for your trip.

Fixwal 2 Pack Over The Door Organizer is best in this regard. It has 5 large pockets that are more than enough to carry our baby’s essentials. 

Among all, it is a high-quality and large-capacity storage organizer. 

Pro Tip:
Get a multi-purpose organizer just like the Fixwal so you can keep them anywhere, whether over the door in the bedroom or under the bed.

#9 First Aid Kit

One of the best packing tips we can give you is a first aid kit. 

You should pack all the prescribed medicines and the over-the-counter medications. Although medication facilities will be available onboard, keeping your personalized first aid kit in your luggage will still be a good idea, especially if you are an adventure seeker. 

It doesn’t matter whether you made your own DIY first aid kit or buy from Amazon for less than $20.

Pro Tip:
Bringing the brands that you commonly use and the prescribed medications for extra days is highly suggested.

#10 Magnets With Hooks

You will no longer need to worry about the space in your stateroom if you have magnetic hooks. 

Neosmuk Magnetic Hooks are super robust, sturdy and strong enough to carry heavy items. These hooks are helpful even to hang bulky items like coats or jackets. 

Having magnetic hooks in your luggage means optimizing your storage space. 

Pro Tip:
Many cruise lines have metal walls, so you can easily place these magnetic hooks anywhere to help in storage.

#11 Beach Bag Or Backpack

A lightweight and quality beach bag is essential to hold the little essentials on the go. 

For example, sunscreen, water bottle, lotion, lipstick, towels or other accessories. 

You can use SHYLERO Beach Bag for this purpose. It is a sturdy pool bag that can hold up to 30 pounds. With that, it has a waterproof interior and is roomy enough to place plenty of your essentials securely. 

#12 Hats

There is a blazing sun on a cruise, so you should wear hats to protect your head and hair. 

Hats take up a lot of space, so you can wear them on embarkation day instead of packing. Or you can also use adjustable hats that you easy to pack. 

Recommendations: FURTALK Women Sun Straw Hat 

#13 Noise-cancelling Headphones

Do you face difficulty in sleeping or prefer sleeping in a peaceful environment?

If so, you must pack noise-cancelling headphones. However, some passengers would love to listen to a blissful slummer around. Conversely, some still prefer a peaceful sleep after a long hectic day. 

Wear the noise-canceling headphones and enjoy the beautiful view of the sea. You can also use the headphones on the moonlit deck; this gives a next-level experience.

So, in this regard, we have been actively using Sony wireless headphones. They have 100% strong bass to reduce noise up to 90%.

#14 Beach Towels

Casually, beach or pool towels are provided by the many cruise lines, then why pack?

Well, if you lose a beach towel during cruising, you must pay a fee instead. Furthermore, you can’t take it with you and can not quickly dry. So, they are not an excellent option if you have 2 beach days in a row.

For these reasons, we prefer owning soft linen towels that are skin-friendly.

#15 Jackets Women’s

If your cruise destination has cold weather like Alaska, you must pack a jacket. 

Wait? Is it lighter enough to make your luggage easier to carry?

That’s why your go-to choice will be lightweight jackets for both men and women. These are water-repellent and windproof jackets to get a nice warm feel. 

Recommendation For Females: Rokka&Rolla Women’s Lightweight Jacket Coat

Recommendation For Males: Rokka&Rolla Men’s Lightweight Jacket

#16 Nightlight

A night light must be in your luggage so that once you wake up during the night, the lights automatically turn on. 

It is also a safety feature; the motion sensor cruise cabin lights are plentiful. Moreover, it can be pointed in any direction due to its 360-degree rotating capability. 

The size of this light is also compact, making it easy to pack. 

Pro Tip:
These lights are specially designed for cruise cabins and ships and have magnetic walls to be fixed anywhere. Otherwise, you can also use the adhesive provided in it to stick any non-magnetic area.

#17 Sunglasses

The use of sunglasses turns out to be an awesome choice especially if your eyes are really sensitive to the sun.

Some may prefer having a hat for these reasons or can buy polarized sunglasses – it’s totally up to you. Later you can also use these glasses to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. 

#18 Lanyard

A cruise ship lanyard is good to have if you are worried to lose your cruise ID.

This detachable lanyard has the solution. It is made from high-quality and sturdy plastic and the seal will ensure your essentials remain dust and waterproof. 

With that, it also had 3 attachments for more flexibility in carrying; a quick-release loop, a metal hook for easy clip and a flexible loop for extra protection. 

So, place it around the next and be worry free and keep your keys and cards close to hand.

Recommended: Cruise Lanyard

#19 Cruise Luggage Tag Holder

We all know that each cruise ship has a rule to put a luggage tag on your bag. These tags will be folded and then stapled to it.

However, you never know how many times you have to staple or tape them.

In case cruise luggage tag holders are a valuable addition to the cruise packing list. These are the kind of reusable plastic covers in which you can place your luggage tag. 

So, save yourself from the hassle of dealing with that flimsy paper and facilitate your cruising experience with them. 

#20 Baby Powder

Nobody forgets to pack baby powder if they are about to cruise with the baby.

However, here the purpose isn’t for the babies. 

You must add baby powder while packing, even if you don’t have a baby. It’s because baby powder is one of the best ways to get all the sand out of your body. 

So, more specifically, on a cruise, you may not get rid of sand even after the shower. That’s why it’s always good to use baby powder hack instead.

#21 Aloe Vera Gel

Another hack for a healthy cruise experience is to pack aloe vera gel. 

It’s hard to prevent yourself from sunburn during cruising, and Aloe vera gel acts as a quick remedy to get rid of it.

However, you can also get the Aloe vera gel on board, but it will be expensive as well.

Pro Tip: The aloe vera must be non-sticky for quick healing. 

#22 Wrinkle Release Spray

Most cruise lines don’t allow iron, and onboard laundry can be expensive. 

In that wrinkle release, the spray is all you need. 

Despite how well you pack, your clothes can still get wrinkled, and you can not wear them, especially on formal nights. It will help your clothes to get crease free and enjoy the evening attire.

So, you must pack the Downy wrinkle release spray to keep yourself manageable.

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#23 Waterproof Phone Case

Going to the pool deck, beach or sea is pretty obvious while cruising. 

What if your phone is out of pocket and you tumble into water? That will be scary.

That’s why a waterproof phone case is an essential item to pack in luggage. And Hiearchool will greatly serve the purpose in this regard. This bag also has high transparency so that you can even get a crystal clear photo even under water. 

So, by spending little, you can save yourself from subsequent experiences. 

#24 Portable Charger

You can not end up having your phone battery at null during vacation. And instead of a power strip, a portable charger is always a good idea. 

However, we recommend the Anker Portable Power Bank. It has a 10000 mah battery and can charge your iPhone up to twice.

So, nobody would have enough time to go back towards the stateroom and wait longer to charge the devices. That’s why you must consider packing a portable charger.

What You Don’t Need to Pack?

Since we had talked about what you need to pack while cruising. And to make your cruising experience easier, here we also have an ultimate list of what you don’t pack. 

  • Jewellery and valuables – They are not only unnecessary, but you also carry the risk of losing if do so.
  • Limit your beauty routine to the essentials only and don’t overpack with extra toiletries. 
  • You don’t need to carry multiple jeans as they are heavy and get more space in luggage.
  • Avoid bulky towels to save space.
  • Pack one book only if you are a reading enthusiast; otherwise, prefer Kindle or any other digital source.
  • A pillow is definitely unnecessary to pack until you need a medicated one.

Quick Takeaways from Cruise Packing Checklist

cruise packing list

In conclusion, cruising is an exquisite experience, and you can’t even destroy it with unnecessary packaging. As in result, a huge part of your day will be spent taking care of it.

So, all you need is to keep your luggage minimal, but it doesn’t mean avoiding the necessities. That’s why we have stated the ultimate cruise packing checklist with our top recommendations. 

Have you got any other recommendations to add to the list?

Comment below; we would love to hear about your experiences. 

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