Royal Caribbean Testing Requirements | All to Know Now 

What? Are you thinking of taking a Royal Caribbean cruise and pondering over pre-cruise testing requirements? As with any other form of traveling, cruising has some prerequisites. 

A vacation on a Royal Caribbean ship can be an exhilarating adventure, as there’s even free food on board. A cruising journey is more complex than booking your taxi and taking a ride for a fare. However, it’s not like a fish out of water.

Let’s learn about Royal Caribbean testing requirements and set the sails!

Are there any Royal Caribbean Testing Requirements?

Are there any Royal Caribbean Testing Requirements

The answer to this query can be tricky. Pre-cruising vaccination might be mandatory depending on the ports in your Royal Caribbean itinerary.

Many harbors, including Haiti, Australia, Honduras and Colombia, require Covid vaccination proof. In contrast, other ports are lax on testing requirements and don’t require any verifications. 

So, even unvaccinated, you can sail on the Royal Caribbean cruise. But the service crew will ask for proof if the travel plan includes ports exceptional ports. Similar to Caribbean ships, Carnival cruises also require vaccination proofs sometimes.

What if Your Itinerary Includes Special Ports 

What if you’re going to sail across Australia, Labadee, Columbia or other particular ports and are unvaccinated? Now, what? Well, there is Royal Caribbean Covid testing on board as well.

If you’re 12 or above, getting yourself vaccinated before getting on Royal Caribbean is compulsory. It doesn’t matter even if you’ll cruise for less duration. Guest aged under 12 are exempt.

So, cruisers under age 12 can sail on the Caribbean cruise without any testing requirements. 

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Royal Caribbean Covid Testing on Board

Guests on a Royal Caribbean can indulge in self-tests like swab tests and even telehealth. These vaccination tests on cruise are quite unmonitored, and the guest can print out the proofs of negative tests. 

Digital proofs like a clear photo of your self-testing result or report in hand are also acceptable.  

No Testing Requirements on Most Cruises

If excluded country ports are outside your route, there are no Royal Caribbean testing requirements. New protocols are intact after the last updates in vaccination prerequisites. 

Royal Caribbean Vaccine Policy

Royal Caribbean Vaccine Policy

Royal Caribbean clearly stated no need for vaccination for most of the cruises in its vaccination policy. So, if you’re in for cruising, there’s not too much to worry regarding COVID testing requirements.

These protocols were effective from November 2022. All Caribbean cruise travelers don’t require pre-departure vaccination tests, with a few exceptions.

Sailing on most of the Royal Caribbean ships doesn’t require vaccination proofs. However, the service crew can ask you to disclose your vaccination status before boarding or checking in.  

Which Days Should You Get Vaccinated For Cruising?

If your itinerary involves exceptional country ports, the cruise service crew can demand vaccination proof before departure. When to get tested?

It would be best not to get yourself vaccinated on the day you sail on. You must hand over reports before departure day, depending on Royal Caribbean Testing requirements.

So, you can take all the time you need for your Royal Caribbean Covid testing a few days before cruising. 

If the Caribbean cruise demands your vaccination proof three days before you sail, then it means just that. Get vaccinated or bolstered three days before cruising for cruise vaccine requirements.

Fully Vaccinated Royal Caribbean Cruises from Israel

Around 2021, Royal Caribbean stated that its ships with all Israeli passengers will sail fully vaccinated.

The cruise involved in this first was Odyssey of the Seas. This Caribbean cruise started sailing from Haifa with fully COVID-19-vaccinated cruisers. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise Testing Relaxations

Vacations are Vacations

All hotels, restaurants and theme parks no longer require COVID-19 vaccination proofs or masks. In addition to these places, even airlines had been lax on test reports.

So, why Royal Caribbean testing requirements for a cruise vacation? The Covid testing policies for cruising are continuing to deteriorate. Over time, there may even be no vaccine policies.

Since 2022, more and more Caribbean ships have opened up for unvaccinated guests.

Relaxation For Royal Caribbean Testing Requirements 

Jason Liberty, the CEO of Royal Caribbean, is making his mark in shaping cruising closer to other leisure activities. Thus, cruise vacations are getting closer to your classic hotel or airline experience. 

In an Earnings Call, Jason had spoken about these changes. Some of his comments inferred include;

  • They’re continuing to shape their protocols like the rest of leisure businesses and activities like that of airlines. Doing so aligns the Royal Caribbean vaccine policy with the rest of society.
  • Shaping Caribbean cruise protocols means they are shifting their rules so everyone can cruise. However, Royal Caribbean is always working in collaboration with its partners to uphold their regulations as well.

Royal Caribbean Testing Requirements for Service Crew

While the relaxations exist, the safety protocols of Caribbean ships are commendable compared to other leisure businesses. The cruise’s service crew is always fully vaccinated and inoculated with boosters when needed. 

Royal Caribbean has additional layers of Covid protection like healthcare, medical centers, surveillance and testing spaces onboard. 

With Royal Caribbean Covid vaccination testing places on board, it has become easier to follow along. So, even if you require COVID-19 reports for specific itineraries, you can do it all on a cruise.

Wrap Up 

Royal Caribbean has dropped testing requirements for most of its cruises. However, you’ll have to disclose your Covid vaccination status. Depending on the itinerary, you would require vaccination proofs to sail through.

If you’re unvaccinated, you can even conduct self-testing and get reports. Most of the Royal Caribbean vaccine policies are continuing to change. So, you can experience your vacation to the fullest potential with such cruise relaxation.

Are you thinking of touring across Lake Norman while cruising? Then don’t worry, as there are even Lake Norman dinner cruises.

We hope this helped you out!


Are there any Royal Caribbean Testing Requirements?

Depending on the itinerary, the service crew might ask you to show COVID-19 vaccination proofs. Generally, for sailing along most ports, you don’t require any reports, with only a few exceptions.

Which Ports Require Vaccination Proof?

Royal Caribbean testing requirements like vaccination reports are intact for specific ports. These exceptional places include Columbia, Australia, Honduras, Haiti and Labadee. 

Can you Cruise Unvaccinated?

Yes, you can enjoy your Royal Caribbean cruise adventure while remaining unvaccinated. Sailing unvaccinated is only valid if special ports like Columbia, Australia, Honduras, Haiti and Labadee are outside your itinerary.

Can you get COVID tested on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, you can get self-tested for COVID-19 in the Royal Caribbean in various ways, including swab tests. So, if sailing across Columbia, Labadee, Australia, Honduras and Haiti, you can even get COVID-19 tested onboard.

Is Royal Caribbean staff Vaccinated for COVID-19?

Royal Caribbean crew or staff is fully vaccinated and is inoculated with boosters when needed.

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