Are you planning a cruise voyage and looking for the best activities to do on sea days? Well, sea days are the best and most unforgettable moments, and you must enjoy them to the fullest. 

Modern cruise ships are like floating cities, having a dozen activities, fun, bars, cafes, theaters, and much more, so there is zero chance of getting bored. 

However, If you’re a newbie to cruising or aren’t familiar with the array of activities available during sea days, you might find yourself bored of constantly gazing out at the sea 🙂 

Undoubtedly, there is always endless fun on a cruise; you just have to search for the desired activity on board. Cruises are huge, and exploring every deck in one day is tiresome. That’s why you must check the deck plans and search for various activities on each deck to enjoy the endless fun on sea days. 

From my own experience, I’ve rounded up some awesome activities you can enjoy on sea days during a cruise. So, besides the port excursions, there’s a ton more stuff to keep you entertained. Let’s check them out!

Know About Your Cruise Ship

Know About Your Cruise Ship

The first thing every cruiser should do is research about the cruise ship you’re planning to sail on.

Every cruise ship offers a different experience. Disney cruises focus more on family-friendly environments, Disney theme experiences, and character meetups. On the other hand, the Norwegian cruise gives a freestyle sailing experience and has many fun activities. 

That’s why it’s crucial to always read about the onboard activities on your cruise before the embarkation day. Plan all the activities for the sea days, and remember the deck number of each fun spot. 

However, I’ve mentioned some of every cruiser’s top activities on sea days to inject excitement and beat the monotony. 

1- Soak up the sun

Everyone feels a little tired on the first day of the cruise, so the best and free thing is to soak up the sun by the pool. 

Grabbing a glass of fresh juice or coffee can further make this experience more relaxing. On cruise ships, you will find many pools; few have high traffic, and some are quiet. 

On a pool lounger you will witness many heart-touching sights, especially if you’re traveling on a Caribbean or Alaskan cruise. Nonetheless, chilling a pool lounger under the sun is like a natural therapy that injects vitamin D into your body and gives you a soothing experience. 

Soak up the sun

2- Fitness & Gym

For me, fitness comes first on every travel journey. I always hit the gym after taking a cold bath in the morning. So, if you’re a fitness buff like me, you will find a lot of fitness-focused activities on board. 

There are separate jogging tracks, fitness centers like a gym, yoga classes, strength training sessions, pilates, and more. You can also enroll paid fitness sessions to get the most out of it. 

And one last thing is dancing classes. If you want to improve your mood and bring positivity to your mind, just join the dance classes on board, and this will help you to Infuse optimism in your mind. 

3- Spa Centers

Another amazing experience to get on sea days is visiting the spa center. There are so many massages and activities to recharge yourself and eliminate negativity from your body. 

Vitality pools on Norwegian cruise ships are my favorite; just get under the warm water and let it soothe your body’s pain. This thing instantly boosts the mood and gives a more filling experience. 

Despite that, you can also take facial messages, Japanese therapy, aroma spa massage, couples treatments, and much more. Every cruise line has different spa amenities, but if you’re on a Norwegian cruise, you’re lucky because their Mandara Spa Center offers ample massages and therapies. 

4- Zip Lines & Water Slides 

Water Slides 

Zip lines and water slides are one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences on sea days. The Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines offer more exciting and thrilling slides. 

Even if you’re sailing with Carnival Mardi Gras, you will encounter a Roller coaster, which is insane. 

Some Norwegian cruise ships like the Prime and Joy offer a Speedway feature, allowing you to challenge your partner in kart racing. This racing has become a regular activity for my husband and me during our sea days—we find ourselves obsessed with it and often indulge in it daily.

Royal Caribbean, Disney, MSC, and other cruise lines also feature dozens of fun activities like surfing pools, skating areas, rope courses, archery, basketball courts, badminton, and much more. 

Zip Lines

5- Bars

If you love sipping fresh drinks in bars, the cruise ships are a haven for you. There are many bars on board where you can enjoy many drinks, coffees, cocktails, spirits, wine, and more. 

Drink packages might seem expensive, but in return, you will get a lot of refreshments. Don’t forget to savor the specialty drinks on cruises; these drinks are so delicious and cool. 

6- Join The Cruise Parties 

Almost all cruise ships hold various electrifying parties and events, and joining such events on ships is one of the best things to do on sea days. Just dress up in formal attire and celebrate the voyage. 

Pool parties are even more entertaining; you can enjoy live music, games, and much more fun. On a few Caribbean cruises, there are some theme nights where you can wear tropical dresses and enjoy special entertainment. 

On my last cruise with Royal Caribbean, I had a great time on their formal nights; it’s like a dress-to-impress scene. Everybody wears elegant outfits to impress others. An upscale dining experience on these nights is just awesome. They also have theme parties, dance, entertainment, live music, and much more to enjoy. 

Cruise Parties 

7- Enjoy The Movies 

I’m not a big movie lover, but yeah! You can catch movies to eliminate your boredom. Cruise ships feature separate movie halls, cinemas, and huge outdoor screens that cast several classical movies. 

However, you won’t get a peaceful environment on cruises to enjoy the movies, so don’t expect a cinema-like experience here. But still, you can grasp the story of movies and entertainment yourself. 

8- Take Cooking Classes 

If you’re a fan of cooking or trying new cuisine, you must take cooking classes on cruise ships. Carnival and some other cruise lines offer super exciting culinary classes taken by professional chefs. Working with these pro chefs is a dream for every foodie. 

On the Carnival Jubilee, you’ll have the opportunity to meet and cook with Chief Culinary Officer Emeril Lagasse. He’ll personally guide you through crafting a three-course meal, sharing some of his signature and most beloved recipes.

9- Explore Speciality Restaurants 

 Speciality Restaurants 

Sometimes, people get overwhelmed by their daily dining routine on cruise ships, but wait! There are so many other specialty restaurants onboard that offer high-end culinary experiences. 

Cruises are like a central food hub where you can savor every taste. You can try Italian cuisines, French food, Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and other cuisines. 

For food enthusiasts, cruise voyages feel like captivating culinary adventures where they can’t resist indulging in and trying various dishes.

10- Inside Access Tour 

You must participate in the Inside Access tour if you love maritime life. Via these inner tours, you will learn the inner workings of the crew and will get a chance to see the control room of the cruise ship.  

You can explore the exclusive decks of the cruise ship that are typically off-limits to passengers, peek into the bustling kitchens where chefs work their magic, meet with the captain, and much more.

inside tour

11- Do Some Shopping 

On every cruise voyage, I keep some cash in my carry-on for shopping. Onboard, you will find some amazing deals and cool stuff related to maritime and seas. The good thing is every item on a cruise is duty-free, so you will find the best deal on board compared to on ports. 

On the port excursion, the shopping is expensive, and the shopping scene there can burn a hole in your pocket due to the additional duties imposed, So it’s always a good idea to do some random window shopping and then catch the item you love. 

12- Appreciate The Dawn & Dusk Views

I’m a big fan of nature, especially those captivating sunsets and sunrises on cruises. I wake up early every day on a cruise and stand still on my balcony to witness the adorable, colorful horizon, giving me a feeling of serenity and tranquility. 

You can capture a few moments watching the sunrise, take deep breaths, do the romantic talks with your loved one, or start your day with a cup of coffee. 

The sunset is even more alluring than sunrise; I often go on the top deck of the cruise to catch the beguiling dusk views. It’s a moment of pure bliss, where every sense is heightened, and you feel truly alive. This is the best thing to do on a cruise on sea days. 

13- Surfing The Internet  

Surfing The Internet  

Another worthwhile option on sea days is surfing the internet while lounging beside the pool. In today’s era, the internet is a must-have item, and I can’t live without it. Even though internet packages are expensive on cruises, you must buy them. 

On the internet, you can plan the port excursions, check the accommodation options, book the activities, check the cafe’s reviews, destinations, and much more. You can share your reels and snaps and do video calls with your friends. 

Final Thoughts 

Cruising is a fun way to explore the world. And with modern cruises, the journey even becomes more exciting; there are many fun activities on sea days. 

Especially If you’re an adventure lover, there are dozens of rides, slides, and other activities to indulge in. Whether cruising with family or solo, you will never feel apathetic.

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