Best Alaska Cruise Outfits & Packing List For Your Voyage

Alaska is one of the frosty metropolises; you will still feel cold even when you visit Alaska in August. 

So if you’re planning an Alaska cruise, don’t forget to pack your outfit according to Alaska’s weather.

We took the Alaska cruise last year in August, and the temperature was still less than ten °C, and our bodies started shivering. 

We have learned a lot from our deliberate mistake, so I will share what essential Alaska cruise outfits you should pack. So let’s dive into it. 

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Essential Clothing for Alaska Cruises

First, talk about some essential clothing and items you must pack for the Alaska cruise. As Alaska has an unpredictable climate, suddenly it starts raining there, or sometimes freezing air hits your face. 

Due to the mercurial weather of Alaska that changes like a chameleon, you must pack layers, insulation layers, warm footwear, waterproof pants, sweaters, Poncho for rainy weather, warm tops, and other warm wear.

1- Base Layers

base layer

Starting from internal protection, you must pack a base layer for your Alaska cruise voyage. The base layers keep you warm and provide insulation akin to a cozy cocoon. 

So whenever the weather turns to the colder side, you can take advantage of base layers and wear any kind of outfit on them. 

You can also use base layers as a night dress; it keeps you warm and comfortable on a bed. 

Here is my top recommendation for the base layers. 

2- Outerwear

The outwears are a must-have item if you’re packing for an Alaska cruise. The late evening and early morning in Alaska are always cold, and you will start shivering if you don’t have outerwear. 

You can wear outerwear with skirts, maxi, formal attire, and other formal dresses.  

A long sleeve acrylic sweater is the perfect layer for fall that fits perfectly with jeans, maxi, leggings, boots, sneakers, and other outfits. 

Or if you feel colder like me, a Shacket long jacket is the best outerwear you can use while hiking the glacier. 

If you don’t like long outerwear, this classic zip polar soft fleece jacket is the best bet to keep you warm on cold Alaskan nights. You can also wear these shorts jackets on jeans or leggings. 

3- Waterproof And Windproof Jackets

The winds of Alaska feel like a shape blade, especially if you love to wake up mid-night to enjoy the peaceful sound of ocean waves; you must pack windproof jackets. 

I love wearing a

You can also opt for a polyester jacket, which is affordable and warm too. 

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4- Warm Jeans & Pants

Traveling to Alaska cruise in August or onwards is akin to stepping into an icy panorama, so wear jeans and leggings to protect your legs. 

I love these winter jeans with thick fleece, which is the best option for frozen nights, or the best cruise wear for hiking on glaciers. These starchy jeans give a feel of warmth and coziness throughout your Alaska cruise voyage. 

Or, if you want more durable and waterproof jeans, you can consider my favorite outdoor snow fleece hiking pant. These are comfortable pants with pockets, best for morning walks or night walks after dinner.

You can also pack these warm fleece legging for nights and casual attire for your Alaska cruise venture. This premium legging will elevate your look and make you look more sexy. 

5- Top And Blouse For Winter

Lightweight wears are also essential; we often feel irritated after wearing more warm clothes. You should consider lightweight tops and blouses for your Alaska cruise packing. 

Especially a loose close wam t-shirt is worth considering for moderate temperatures. If you’re traveling during August or September, loose blouses are the best option to pack. You can wear them with jeans or leggings. 

I love this long sleeve V-neck tunic top, the best option for casual moments. This tunic top is made of polyester and cotton that feels comfortable. Due to its lightweight design, it takes up less space in your bag. 

6- Scarves And Gloves For Warmth

Don’t forget to put the gloves and scarves in the bag. Alaska is a cold region, and your finger becomes numb. 

With a cold and numb finger, it’s even become impossible to grab the things. To avoid such a situation, you need high-quality gloves. 

I personnel like soft-lining gloves that also helps me to text on the phone. If you want dense fleece lining gloves, you can opt for Ihuan winter gloves.  

Scarves are also an essential item on the Alaska cruise packing list; it provides an extra layer of insulation around your neck and chest. 

7- Backpacks or tote bags for carrying essentials


Backpacks are like a loyal companion during long Alaska Voyages. A waterproof backpack can carry many essential items, like mobile phones, cameras, power banks, glasses, wallets, gloves, and other essentials. 

I like this one as it has USB charging port and is small in size to carry essentials for the Alaska journey. 

8- Winter Hat

beanie hat

 I always remember my hat when I travel to frigid zones. This winter fur pom hat provides comfort and warmth and protects your head against the frozen Alaska breeze. 

9- Umbrella 


Alaskan weather is unpredictable, so if you feel annoyed indoors and want to explore nature even in the rain, don’t forget to pack umbrellas. 

Standing on a cruise deck in the rain and enjoying the peaceful sound of waves and nature is a next-level experience, and you can also experience the same if you have an umbrella. 

10- Travel Binoculars

Travel Binoculars

The sights alongside the Alaskan Sea are incredible; you will see a lot of heart-touching scenery and wildlife from the balcony. With a binoculars, you can experience the wonders of nature more clearly. 

I got Adorrgon 12×42 HD Binoculars for my last Alaska cruise voyage; the additional tripod lets you also capture the scene on a smartphone. 

Best Daytime Alaska Cruise Outfits

1- Full Sleeve Maxi Dresses 

long sleeve plain maxi

I remember one of the maxi dresses I wore on my last Alaska cruise voyage. This dress makes you so elegant and sophisticated. The one that I love is a long sleeve loose plain Maxi dress. You can also wear this dress on casual nights and parties. 

2- V Neck Swing Midi Dress

v neck swing

Want to try some breathable and comfortable stuff? Nothing is more comfortable than this V Neck Swing Midi dress; the polyester makes it feel like soft cotton. 

Also, the dress is warm and best for the Alaskan climate. You can wear this dress on casual night parties or other activities.  

3- Fuzzy Fleece Long Hooded Jacket

long hooded jacket

For Alaskan weather, this long hooded jacket is the best bet. You will thank me later because this thing feels like a blanket. Due to the lightweight stuff, it’s easy to pack.

You can wear it on jeans or lagging and short sleeve blouse. It’s available in different colors, but black and gray are my favorite. 

4- Casual Blazer Jackets

 Jackets Suit

Blazer jackets are the best outfit to look professional on an Alaska cruise. These jackets provide an extra layer of warmth while still looking stylish. 

This open-front casual blazer jacket is the best option to wear on semi-formal evenings to make yourself a sophisticated personality. 

I love blazers due to the look and the pockets; you can put small essentials like a smartphone, room key, or lipstick in the pockets. 

5- Button Down Long Sleeve Shirts

On my last Alaska cruise venture, I packed several long t-shirts and only one-half shirts because I knew the weather of Alaska. 

And if you’re going on an Alaska cruise in August or onwards, don’t forget to pack long sleeve shirts. 

This beautiful long casual check shirt is made of Nylon and Spandex, keeping you warm during Alaska’s cold weather. 

Foot Wears To Pack For Alaska Cruise

1- Waterproof boots

Regarding packing for an Alaska cruise, your packing list will be incomplete without waterproof boots. 

Alaska has a lot of wonderful places to explore; specially for hiking, you need comfortable and waterproof shoes that can support your feet. 

If you want more durable shoes, check out these lightweight waterproof shoes for hiking. 

You can also consider Ankle rain boots with rubber soles for comfort. These boots are available in different colors, but the Navy one is my favorite. 

2- Jogging or Sports Shoes

Don’t forget to pack extra jogging shoes. On the Alaskan cruise, you can use a treadmill to continue your fitness journey, or take a morning walk on the cruise running trail. 

These lightweight yet durable running shoes are the best option for running in cold climates. Later, you can also use these shoes for running and other activities. 

3- Warm Slippers 

From the last Alaska cruise experience, I can bet that warm slippers are an absolute must. The Alaskan cold weather during the night is harsh, and keeping feet warm is a top priority. 

During evenings and mornings, the cold floor of the cruise feels like ice, but this classic microsuede memory foam slipper provides extra protection against cold floors. 

Moreover, these slippers kept feet snug and toasty when I had to step out onto my cabin’s balcony to take in the breathtaking Alaskan scenery.

Warm slippers meant relaxing in your cabin after a day of excursions without putting on socks or shoes.

4- Warm Socks

It will be worthless if you have solid upper protection against the cold Alaskan breeze but don’t have foot insulation. 

That’s why you must pack these thermal winter socks; they provide comfort and an extra layer of insulation against the cold. 

Best Camera Gear For Alaska Cruise Adventure 

Do you love to capture nature? If yes, don’t skip this section.

The amazing scenes of Alaska and nature will insist you capture them. So you must have a camera, drone, and other equipments. Later, you can also post your adventure stories on social media platforms. 

1- Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera 

With Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera, you can capture vibrant photos of Alaska’s landscapes, wildlife, and your partner. The 24.1 Mp CMOS sensor ensures you can share high-resolution images with anyone. 

2- Action Camera 

The Alaska cruise voyage is all about action, so don’t forget to pack an action camera into your bag. 

The new Go Pro Hero11 is the best option to capture high-resolution 4k video and landscapes. You can also make an incredibly cinematics and slow motion videos that makes your trip unforgettable. 

If you have a tight budget, you can opt for GoPro HERO10, a less expensive yet powerful action camera with a bundle pack. 

3- Drones

If you’re a travel enthusiast, you should have a drone; the nifty capturing device makes your Alaska cruise journey more memorable. 

The DJI Air 2S is the best drone giving 93 minutes of light time; with this, you can film your cruise, beautiful glaciers, and the Alaskan Sea from the sky. But before the first flight, you must understand the basic remote operations to avoid loss. 

If you want a good drone without breaking your bank account, the DJI Mini 2 SE is the best go-to choice. 

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