Carnival Cruise Rooms That Are Perfect For Four People

Going on a cruise with your family can be a bit challenging, but it’s totally worth it! From finding the right rooms to taking care of everyone’s needs and planning activities, there’s a lot to think about, especially on a Carnival cruise.

I’ve never traveled with a family since I only have a husband and no kids – just happily savoring life. But I’ve observed families on every cruise I’ve been on and found some great rooms for four people on Carnival cruise.

So buckle up, my cruise fellows, because things are going to be interesting. I’ll discuss each room with 4 people, along with its specialties, so that you can easily choose the one that caters to your needs.

So let’s get started.

Which Carnival Rooms Are Perfect For Four People?

On Carnival cruises, they’ve got rooms for everyone. But if you’re cruising with your family (of four people), Carnival Staterooms are awesome for four people. 

They have two twin beds turning into a king-size bed, and some even have extra pull-down or sofa beds for your two extra guests. you need to know about these special rooms that sleep up to four people. 

So, in the next section, I’ll talk about those particular staterooms and some family rooms designed for four people.

Carnival Cruises Rooms That Sleep Up to 4 People

  • Interior Quad Stateroom
  • Ocean View Quad Stateroom
  • Balcony Quad Stateroom
  • Suite With Pull-Out Sofa Bed
  • Family Harbor Rooms (Special)
  • Cloud 9 Spa Rooms (Special)
  • Havana Rooms (Special)
  • Terrazza Rooms (Special)

1- Interior Rooms/Inside Staterooms

carnival stateroom

Interior staterooms on Carnival cruises are your wallet’s best friend! They’re the smallest, budget-friendly spaces onboard, fitting 2-5 guests.

Talking about their size, it depends on the ship and category of the room. But I’ve seen it’s between 155 and 185 square feet.

Now, the main thing is their bed numbers. So most have 2 twins turning into a king, while some also have pullman beds to accommodate the other two guests.

Upper/Lower rooms have a single twin bed and either a Pullman or a sofa bed.

In short, these cozy rooms are perfect for enjoying Carnival fun without separating from your kiddos.

There are many different types of inside staterooms on Carnival Cruise ships:

Stateroom TypeCategory
Interior Upper/Lower1A
Interior4A, 4B, 4C, 4D, 4E, 4F, 4G, 4H, 4I
Interior with Picture Window (obstructed views)4J
Interior with Window (obstructed views)4K
Premium Interior4N, 4O
Cloud 9 Interior4S, 4T
Family Harbor InteriorFA
Havana InteriorHA

 Why to Choose Interior Rooms

  • Cost-effective
  • Sleeping flexibility
  • Private

2- Ocean View Staterooms

ocean view

An ocean-view room on a Carnival Cruise is an excellent choice for accommodating up to four individuals. 

These sought-after rooms provide stunning views of the ocean and are even bigger than the standard interior rooms, fitting up to five guests.

I know you must be wondering about child safety near the window. But no worries – the windows in these rooms are permanently closed, so your little ones can safely enjoy the view.

With sizes ranging from 176 sq ft to 243 sq ft (most commonly 220 sq ft), these rooms offer both spaciousness and breathtaking views. 

On Carnival, you’ll find eight distinct types of ocean-view rooms to suit various preferences and needs.

Stateroom TypeDescription
Ocean ViewStandard room with a picture window
Deluxe Ocean ViewSlightly larger room with a picture window
Scenic Ocean ViewSlightly larger room with a floor-to-ceiling window
Scenic Grand Ocean ViewMuch larger room with a floor-to-ceiling window
Family Harbor Ocean ViewFamily room located near the Family Harbor Lounge with kids perks
Family Harbor Deluxe Ocean ViewSlightly larger family room near the Family Harbor Lounge with perks
Family Harbor Ocean View SuiteLarger family room with a separate bedroom and living area
Cloud 9 Spa Ocean ViewStandard room with a picture window, located near the spa with wellness perks

  Why To Choose Ocean View Rooms

  • Breathtaking views
  • Child-friendly
  • Offer spacious accommodation
  • Natural light

3- Balcony Rooms

Who doesn’t want a comfy and fancy cruise for the family? If that’s you, then Balcony rooms are your go-to choice.

I’ve been in these rooms, and trust me, they’re way comfier and more spacious than regular ones. 

What’s most amazing is their outdoor space (Balcony), which adds the touch of luxury you’ll love. 

I had the most romantic evening with my hubby out there. These balconies are perfect for creating magical moments due to their romantic ambiance!

carnival cruise

And here’s the best part – these rooms can easily fit up to 5 of yours, and everyone gets their own space.

In short, if you’re all about fresh air and creating quality moments with your loved ones, Balcony rooms are the perfect pick. 

Why To Choose Balcony Rooms

  • Comfy and Fancy
  • Outdoor Luxury
  • Spacious comfort
  • Fresh air

4- Suites

Suites are the top choice for couples and family on Carnival due to their extra comfort and added amenities.

What’s so unique about the suites is their separate areas for sitting and sleeping. However, they can be a bit pricey.

But if you value the extra space, the separate sleeping and living area with extra perks, then the suite is totally worth it.

Depending on the suite, you can enjoy perks like priority check-in, boarding, and debarkation, as well as choosing your preferred dining times and even free laundry.

They also sleep up to five people, but not every suite. Some only sleep up to 2 people, so it’s important to double-check the one you’re booking to avoid any later hassle.

Carnival Cruise ships also offer some specialty suites with additional perks and amenities. These are

  • Excel Presidential Suites (SV)
  • Excel Aft Suites (LS)
  • Excel Corner Suites (KS)
  • Excel Suites (DS)
  • Captain’s Suites (CS)
  • Grand Vista Suites (GV)
  • Grand Suites (GS & ES)
  • Vista Suites (VS)
  • Ocean Suites (OS ans OT)
  • Junior Suites (JS and OB)
  • Cloud 9 Spa Suites (SS)
  • Family Harbor Suites (FS)
  • Family Harbor Ocean View Suites (FP)
  • Havana Cabana Suites (HS)
  • Havana Cabana Corner Suites (HU)

Why To Choose Suites?

  • Extra comfort
  • Separate sitting and sleeping areas
  • Spacious living
  • Added amenities

Carnival Speciality Rooms That Sleep Up To Four

1- Family Harbor

Family Harbor rooms are crafted for parents and kids to simply be together. These rooms feature classic American nautical decor.

What’s truly fantastic is their location near the Family Harbor Lounge. It’s an exclusive spot serving breakfast and snacks, creating the perfect setting for family time. 

The lounge also offers activities like board games, family movies, video games, and more for your kids to enjoy.

Choosing these rooms comes with extra perks, like kids eating free in most specialty restaurants onboard. Plus, you get one free evening of night owl babysitting service, giving you more quality time with your partner. 

In short, Family Harbor rooms on Carnival are your go-to options for spending quality family moments.

Why To Choose Family Harbor Rooms?

  • Proximity to Family Harbor Lounge
  • Exclusive Perks
  • Classic Nautical Decor
  • Designed for Family Time

2- Cloud 9 Spa Interior/Balcony Quad Rooms

Balcony Quad Rooms

If you’re into spa vibes, Cloud 9 Interior/Balcony rooms are a great pick. You get to enjoy unlimited access to the Thermal Suite and some extra perks.

Inside the rooms, you’ll find lovely decor and cool stuff like ELEMIS bath products and spa-branded bathrobes and slippers to make your stay extra comfy.

Cloud 9 Spas, like all Carnival spas, offer tons of treatments, from massages to facials and more.

Usually, Cloud 9 Spa rooms fit up to two guests, but if you’ve got extra crew members, you might want to check out some other rooms before locking in your booking.

Why To Choose Cloud 9 Spa Rooms?

  • Spa-like atmosphere
  • Thermal Suite access
  • Extra Perks
  • ELEMIS bath products

7- Havana Rooms

Havana Rooms come with lots of perks and feel more like a fancy island resort than a regular ship room.

You get access to a cool pool area just for guests above 12, so it’s a nice, quiet spot.

But honestly, they aren’t my top pick because there’s a walkway between your balcony and the ship’s edge, which can kinda mess with your privacy.

So, it’s your call. Just remember, these rooms are made for two guests, not four, so make sure to let them know your crew size.

Following are some types of Havana staterooms:

  • Spa-like atmosphere
  • Thermal Suite access
  • Extra Perks
  • ELEMIS bath products

Why To Choose Havana Rooms?

  • Island Resort feel
  • Distinctive atmosphere
  • Unique poolside experience
  • Access to a Tranquil Pool Area

Other Carnival Rooms That Sleep Unto Four People

You can also opt for these rooms to accommodate your family:

1- Flexible Stateroom

Flexible staterooms are also called convertible rooms that are designed to accommodate different numbers of guests or varying needs.

Amazingly, the furniture arrangement of these rooms can be adjusted to provide flexibility in your sleeping arrangements.

2- Connecting Rooms

Connecting rooms provide the flexibility to shift your kids into the other staterooms connected internally, offering the most convenient way to accommodate larger families and groups.

What Rooms To Choose If You Need Multiple Bathrooms?

Having four people and just one bathroom? Not the best setup, right?

If you’re thinking about having more than one bathroom, here are some options to consider:

  • Suites with multiple bathrooms
  • Family Suites
  • Penthouse Suites

Final Words

Hopefully, now you should have a good idea about Carnival cruise line cabins that can accommodate four people. 

Just double-check the room capacity before booking.

Wishing you a fantastic cruise with your family! 

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