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Are you pondering over “Does Royal Caribbean give you a lanyard?” As an enthusiastic sailor, you could be worried about the safety of your Caribbean sea pass.

You can keep it safe even on a Caribbean Ship with a purchased lanyard and a plastic bag.

Unfortunately, Royal Caribbean Cruise doesn’t give you a lanyard with a plastic bag for your card. However, you can purchase this sea pass accessory even on board.

Keeping your card safe while cruising is essential as this sea pass is vital. A strap with a bag to hold your card will make your sailing journey easier. 

Let’s find out everything about lanyards for your journey!

Does Royal Caribbean Give You a Lanyard?

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No, Royal Caribbean won’t give you a lanyard. The service crew will only hand you a card. But you can buy a lanyard even on board the Caribbean cruise to keep the sea pass safe.

Your cruise fare doesn’t cover a lanyard. The Caribbean service crew will place the card waiting for you in your stateroom. You can purchase a waterproof plastic bag with a lanyard even on the cruise. 

However, purchasing this sea pass accessory is quite costly onboard Royal Caribbean. So, it’s better to buy a proper card holder with a lanyard beforehand. 

Need of a Lanyard on Royal Caribbean Cruise

A Royal Caribbean card is the most essential piece of equipment on board the cruise. This sea pass has multiple roles. As this card serves as an identity, a key, and even a shopping card onboard the Caribbean cruise. 

Keeping your sea pass safely with a badge holder and a lanyard can save you plenty. 

The Caribbean service crew takes your data and photo when you first board the ship. Your card will contain all this data from your sailing to departure date, along with the image the staff took.

So, this card acts as your ID on the cruise, and keeping it safe with a lanyard will be vital.

#1 Cruise Card as a Key

You won’t always need to carry any stateroom keys around. The card you have is the door key to your cabin. So, you won’t be able to enter your room if you lose the sea pass. 

Are you walking to your room after enjoying the whole day on the Royal Caribbean cruise? What, you don’t have the card on you? It isn’t like you would never get inside your room. 

But you can imagine how time-wasting and frustrating such a situation can be. A quality holder with a lanyard can ensure that such a scenario doesn’t occur.

#2 Cruise Sea Pass for Free Food and Proving Identity

In addition to acting as a key, this sea pass will prove your identity onboard. There is free food on Royal Caribbean, but it doesn’t mean it’s as simple as walking in and eating. 

Yes, you will get complimentary dining options on the cruise. However, the staff will ask for your stateroom number before letting you eat. 

After this, the staff will ask for your card to take care of some proceedings even if the meal is free. Not having your sea pass in such a scenario can be agitating. 

 A proper cardholder with a lanyard will ensure such a situation doesn’t occur. 

#3 Your Shopping Card

You can’t always carry the cash around, even on a cruise vacation. Your bank card is the sea pass on most cruises, including the Royal Caribbean. 

So, your sea pass is essential to buy anything on the cruise from anywhere. And what better way to keep this commodity safe than a lanyard with a cardholder?

How and Where to Buy a Lanyard?

How and Where to Buy a Lanyard

You can buy a lanyard from any store before cruising, even while boarding the Royal Caribbean. There are stores with different prices for the Royal Caribbean ID cardholders with the strap. You can purchase from any of those shops.

However, if you buy before sailing on board the Caribbean cruise, then it will be cost-effective. Most of the stores on the ship can charge too much for this accessory.

Types of Lanyards

There are many types of ID holders with a lanyard, ranging from simple ones to detachable ones. You can buy a simple lanyard.

The staff will punch this badge-holding strap into your sea pass. However, buying a waterproof and isolatable one is worth the money.

The strap isolating from the cardholder will help out too much. Consequently, it will become easier to operate whenever you need to hand it over to the service staff.

You can even use this sea pass holder with the lanyard whenever you cruise again. Check out the latest price of the lanyard with a detachable waterproof card holder, and buy now.

What to Do if you lose your Sea Card

A quality sea pass holder with a lanyard will help in such a scenario. But it can occur, and it’s not the end of your cruise journey, as the card is substitutable. 

Go to guest services and explain your situation; the staff will merely reprint it. So, the Royal Caribbean service crew will hand this new sea pass to you.

The process of reprinting is quite simple. But the guest waiting line will take too much to trim down. 

Hence, keep the sea pass in a productive card holder with a lanyard. Doing so will help you avoid lining up for your Royal Caribbean card replacement.

Wrap Up

To summarize, keeping your Royal Caribbean card safe is essential. Make sure you purchase a lanyard with a card holder beforehand.

You can use an extra card or label holder with a ring to keep your printed Caribbean luggage tags safe. Find out the latest prices of these luggage tag holders with a loop to keep your luggage secure while cruising.

We hope this helped you out!

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