Can You Smoke On Norwegian Cruise Line?

Are you a smoker and mapping out a trip on Norwegian Cruise Line? I get it! Most smokers often ask about the smoking policies on Norwegian Cruise Line. 

Smoking is permitted on NCL, so there is no need to sweat it! Pack a couple of cigarettes along with it. Smoking while viewing the majestic ocean vista takes the experience up a notch; trust me, I’m a fellow smoker.  

However, keep in mind that smoking is not allowed all over the cruise ship; there are few designated spots where you can smoke freely without any restrictions. 

In today’s guide, I will discuss where you can smoke on Norwegian Cruise Line and where it’s prohibited, so let’s dive into it. 

Smoke On Norwegian Cruise Line

Smoking Policy On Norwegian Cruise Line

The smoking policies on Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) are not too strict. Guests are permitted to smoke in designated places. Nonetheless, few private spots are restricted for smokers. 

So you don’t need to panic about your pre-cruise nicotine cravings. Pack your cigarettes and a lighter, as finding a lighter might be challenging on board. 

There are cigar lounges and Casinos where you can smoke freely. There are bars, too, and few of them allow smoking, whereas few won’t. 

After all, smoking always fulfills their nicotine craving on board by being ready to follow the rules – nobody likes a rule breaker on a cruise!

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Can You Smoke On The Balcony Of A Norwegian Cruise Ship?

smoking on norwegian cruise line

Smoking on the cruise ship’s balcony is the dream of every smoker. Smoking a cig and gazing at the mesmerizing sea view from the balcony gives an ultimate experience. 

Unfortunately, none of the cruises in the NCL fleet will allow guests to smoke on balconies. You can’t even smoke in staterooms.

Besides cigarettes, all other smoking devices, including e-cigarettes, pipes, vapes, cigars, etc, are banned in staterooms and balconies. Smoking inside the stateroom and balconies will result in a straight charge, so never make this mistake. 

However, if you’re an affluent individual living in a garden villa on board, you can smoke in their private garden and private sun deck without any hassle. 

Can You Smoke In a Casino On a Norwegian Cruise?

Casinos are like heaven for smokers, but can guests light up in a casino on NCL? Well, there is also a designated room inside the Casino where you can quench your nicotine thirst. 

The Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Encore, and Norwegian Joy have designated spots in the Casino, whereas all other cruises allow passengers to smoke during gaming hours. 

Keep in mind that cigars and pipe smoking are still restricted in casinos. Whereas cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vapor smoking devices are permitted.

So, while you can indulge in some gaming and smoke, just make sure you’re in the right area.

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Cigar Lounge Policies

Cigar Lounge Policies

Luckily, NCL offers a dedicated cigar lounge for smokers, which seems like a haven for smoking lovers. But there are some rules inside the cigar lounge that you have to follow. 

First and foremost, Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, vapor smoking devices, and pipe smoking and vapor smoking are not allowed in cigar lounges, so avoid bringing these smoking devices. However, you’re free to savor the cigars in the lounge. 

And if you have booked Norwegian Sky, Norwegian Sun, Norwegian Pride of America, and Start, there will be no Cigar Lounge onboard, so where’s the go-to spot for enjoying a cigar on these cruises?

Well, there are also some designated areas on these cruise for cigars. 

For cigar enthusiasts, I prefer to book an NCL cruise that has a cigar lounge so you can spend some quality time with like-minded fellow cruisers. 

Norwegian Cruise Line Smoking Areas

No matter which cruise I’m gearing up for, one thing I always do before setting sail is to scout out the smoking spots. Planning is better, you know! 

Smoking is always allowed on NCL, but not on private spots and in the stateroom.

Also, there are some decks, restaurants, and bars where smoking is prohibited. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the knowledge about NCL smoking spots.

However, you can also ask any crew member about the designated smoking area, and they can also guide you better. 

In a nutshell, you have to be always careful about smoking on board; you’re in the eyes of security cameras, and in case of violations, you may be fined. 

What Happens If You Caught Smoking In Restricted Areas On NCL?

If you are caught smoking in restricted areas on the Norwegian curios line, you may be fined. 

The violations of the rules will result in a $250 fine that you must pay. Otherwise, a curse line can ban you forever. Likewise, if you’re smoking in your stateroom and suddenly the bedsheets, towel, furniture, or carpet get burned, you may be fined heavily. 

That’s why it’s always a good approach to smoke only in designated areas to avoid fines. Remember that security cameras and crew members always watch over you, so don’t do any smart act. 

Why Does NCL Don’t Permit Smoking On Board?

You’re not alone on board, and few guests are allergic to cigarettes; that’s why NCL has implemented smoking policies. 

Similarly, there is also a fire hazard on some decks where smoking is restricted. Norwegian Cruise Line ensures a hazard-free environment; that’s why they ban smoking in some private spots. 

Additionally, the cruise line seeks to comply with international and local regulations and port requirements, which often restrict smoking in public places, including ships.

It is good to know that smoking is not fully restricted on board. NCL has established designated areas for smokers, cigar lounges, casinos, bars, etc, where you can smoke freely. 

Can You Buy Cigarettes On Board NCL?

In case you forget to bring cigarettes along with you, you can purchase cigarettes onboard. So don’t panic if you run out of cigarettes. 

The good news is all the smoking products on board are duty-free, which means you don’t have to pay additional taxes for cigarettes.

Similarly, you can also catch vapes, liquor, beers, and other such products on NCL. 

However, availability and brands may vary depending on the specific ship and itinerary, so it’s a good idea to check with the ship’s shops to ensure they have the brand you prefer.

You can also purchase cigarettes at the port of call. Or, if you’re going for a port excursion, you can easily get your favorite cigarettes or other smoking items from there. 

Final Thoughts 

I have been traveling with NCL since my childhood; they offer a freestyle cruising experience and have a very laid-back environment. 

When it comes to smoking, the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) has well-defined smoking policies; guests are permitted to light up at designated places.

Some NCL cruises also have a separate cigar lounge where you can hang out with like-minded fellows. You can also smoke in casinos and in some other outdoor areas. However, smoking is not permitted in staterooms and balconies. In case of any violation, you may have to pay a $250 straight fine. 

I hope you liked this article and found it helpful! Thanks

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