Does Royal Caribbean Have Formal Nights? (Ultimate Guide)

Wondering for formal nights on the royal Caribbean is quite obvious, as almost all other cruise ships offer. 

Royal Caribbean does offer formal nights. However, the number of formal nights would vary depending on your cruise days. Moreover, how formal they can be; this is something you should know.

Read our ultimate guide to find out how many formal nights you can expect and what you should wear.

So, let’s dig in. 

What is Formal Night on Royal Caribbean?

Casually, the concept is taken from the Titanic.

For example, every night on Titanic, the first-class passengers dressed up and ate dinner. That dinner was consuming a huge part of their day – approximately 4-6 hours.

So the same goes with royal Caribbean formal nights, where people dress up and enjoy their dinner more elegantly.

Ultimately the time spent on these types of cruises is a little as compared to titanic. But still, a potential amount of time is being spent on dinner.

Meanwhile, formal nights are something only loved by some cruisers. However, we consider it as a great opportunity to dress up well and enjoy ourselves. 

How Many Formal Nights Are There on Royal Caribbean Cruise?

formal nights on royal caribbean

The maximum number of formal nights on royal caribbean is around 3, which is fair enough.

Furthermore, the nights can also vary depending on your cruise plan. 

For example, if you had booked a cruise for 1 to 5 days, you can expect one formal night. With that, if you had a plan of 6 to 13 days, you could expect 2 or 3 normal nights. 

Cruising planNumber of Formal nights
1 to 5-night1 formal nights
6 to 10 nights2 formal nights
11 to 14 nights3 formal nights
15 plus nights cruise3 to 4 formal nights

Furthermore, this number of formal nights can be considered the general rule of thumb but can also vary. 

What is the Royal Caribbean Formal Night Dress Code?

Royal Caribbean Formal Night Dress Code

Knowing the dress code before you attend formal night on Royal Caribbean is the ultimate favor you can do to yourself. 

So, here are the general royal Caribbean formal night dress codes for both men and women, ranging from casual to semi-formal. 

According to royal caribbean the dress code for formal nights will be like this. 
Create a black-tie look – wear suits and ties, tuxedos. Meanwhile, cocktail dresses or evening gowns are still acceptable options.

Formal nights generally have fewer restrictions, so wear whatever you feel comfortable with. 

For example, if you have never worn a tie, don’t prefer it. You will feel uncomfortable and ultimately wouldn’t look great. Meanwhile, you can wear a collared shirt with dress pent to look more elegant. 

What to Wear on Royal Caribbean Formal Nights?

For Men:

Men can wear suits and ties.

Moreover, a sports coat with dress pants is also acceptable.

A tuxedo is also best if you want to look more formal. Slacks, collared shirts, dress shirts, and polo are other options.

For Women:

If you are a woman you can prefer wearing an elegant pantsuit or even a cocktail dress can look best.

Furthermore, a full-length gown is your go-to choice for a more formal look. With that, other options include dressy rompers, sundresses, skirts, blouses, and dress pants.

On the contrary, you can wear anything you like, but you must be assured that;

  • A girl can wear a dress up to any length.
  • And men can wear nice pants with a button-down shirt.
  • Wear anything except shorts, jeans, or swimwear.

What Night is Considered a Formal Night on the Royal Caribbean?

Gladly, your first night at Royal Caribbean would never be the formal night. 

So you don’t have to worry. Just set up your cruise room easily.

Further, which night will be a formal night depends on how many cruise day plans you have. 

Cruise planFormal Nights day
3/4/5 nightsGenerally day 2
6 nightsDay 2 and 5
7 nightsDay 2 and 6
8 to 10 nights cruiseWill vary depending on the ship
11 to 14Will vary depending on the ship
Oasis and allureDay 2 and 5

How Formal are Royal Caribbean’s Formal Nights?

Royal Caribbean’s formal nights depend on how formal you make it. 

For example, it is a night when you can wear tuxedos or evening gowns in the main dining room. It’s all up to you. Some people can also prefer cocktail dresses and still look incredible.

Furthermore, the dress codes of royal Caribbean formal nights are flexible. You can wear anything except shorts, jeans, a coverup or a swimsuit. 

So, it’s up to you how formal you make it.


How Do You Know When It’s Going To Be Formal Night On Your Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Mostly, the second day of your cruise will be considered a formal night. However, if you have a long enough cruise of 5 to 6 days, the formal night will ultimately not be the second night. That’s why double-check it from the cruise campus to confirm. 

Is there any alternative formal night On Royal Caribbean?

Yes, if you don’t prefer going to formal nights. Royal Caribbean still has some options. For example, Windjammer Cafe or a specialty restaurant is there to serve you. You can attend them casually or even in shorts. 

Can You Skip Formal Night On Royal Caribbean?

Yes, you can skip formal nights. However, we must recommend going to formal nights. Dress up formally and explore the journey. 

Final Words:

Overall, yes, the Royal Caribbean offers formal nights during sailing. It is the ultimate time to night out in your best, where you dress to impress. 

In our observation, you must attend these formal nights, have a pleasant experience, and cherish all the movements.

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