What Does GTY Mean On Royal Caribbean: Is It Good!

Are you thinking of sailing on a Royal Caribbean cruise? While booking a room, you might’ve encountered the term “GTY.” So, now you’re pondering over “what does GTY mean on Royal Carribean?”

“GTY” is a guaranteed stateroom. It is a type of unassigned room that you can book for a much cheaper rate. But it also has some implications and a drawback in some cases.

We will discuss these guarantee (GTY) staterooms, why you should book one, and a drawback that you can concur. So, sit tight as we will take a deep dive into it. 

What Does GTY Mean Exactly On Royal Caribbean?

GTY Mean On Royal Caribbean

To begin with, GTY stands for guaranteed staterooms on all cruises. It’s the same for Royal Caribbean as well. 

These guarantee (GTY) staterooms are unassigned and open for booking. In contrast to assigned rooms, they are quite different. You have freedom of choice to a certain degree if you opt for these guaranteed staterooms.

How Do Guarantee (GTY) Staterooms Work? 

Guarantee staterooms allow you to choose the type of cabin category you want. The cabin categories on the Royal Caribbean cruise include interior, balcony, ocean view, and more. 

You can book an unassigned stateroom in any category in “GTY.” However, choosing the specific location and stateroom number isn’t an option.

GTY staterooms work similarly to a reservation in a hotel. Whenever you reserve a room category, you get to see the type of room you’ll get. Yes, the room type, not the actual room number, though.

Why Are Guaranteed Staterooms Cheaper?

royal caribbean staterooms

In contrast to normal rooms, these guaranteed staterooms are much cheaper. The reason behind this is quite simple. 

GTY gives the Royal Caribbean crew more time to move the inventory. The service crew will assign a cabin or a guaranteed stateroom number close to the sailing date, as it gives them more time and space to work.

So, GTY staterooms allow the Caribbean crew to have more freedom to work and, hence, are cheaper. 

Royal Caribbean Cruise: Accommodation

Royal Caribbean has assigned and unassigned staterooms for guest accommodation. The type of room you select is entirely up to you. There are WiFi packages that can cost on your Royal Caribbean stay.

Let’s discuss assigned and unassigned rooms in detail!

Assigned Rooms

The assigned staterooms involve normal bookings.

It’s just like you book a room in a hotel. You’ll get a room, but you won’t have a say in where that room will be located. So, it can be close to the stairs or in the hallway.

In addition to the location, the room is undefined, even in the case of an assigned stateroom. 

Unassigned (GTY) Staterooms

view from cruise balcony

The guaranteed staterooms being unassigned are open for booking for everyone. These GTY staterooms allow the passengers to select among the category of room types. 

So, you can select a room in the interior category on the Royal Caribbean cruise or in any other section. However, there are subcategories as well. These sub-sections are based on the location of a stateroom. 

The location can vary if you select the interior section in your guaranteed stateroom booking. It doesn’t mean you won’t get a room in the interior section. But it means that it can be the interior section of the deck.

So, you won’t have control over cabin location or room number in unassigned or guaranteed staterooms on Royal Caribbean.

Drawback of Guarantee Staterooms

If you’re looking for a couple of rooms close together for your family, then GTY is not for you.

In this case, go for a normal booking so your family can stay together. This is a drawback of these guarantee cabins.

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Why Book a Guarantee Stateroom?

Going for a GTY stateroom is the cheapest choice on the Royal Caribbean Cruise.

Guarantee cabins are best for those who spend a lot of time outside. So, if you spend a lot of time in restaurants, spas, or shows then it’s the most suitable choice.

In addition to being cheaper, guaranteed staterooms also offer upgrades in some cases. So, you might not get a room you paid for but a better replacement if you’re in luck. 

Guarantee Stateroom Upgradation

Stateroom upgrades are specific to subcategories but can also extend to main sections. In case of a better section, relevant charges might apply as well. 

If you booked an interior section in your GTY, you might get a better one in the ocean view category.

However, you will have to pay for that. But no charges apply to the upgrade within the major category of the staterooms.  

The location of your room and the stateroom number depends on the service crew. But your previous Caribbean cruise experience might give you an advantage. 

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Wrap Up

Royal Caribbean cruise GTY or guarantee staterooms are unassigned cabins that you can book. They are cheaper, offer freedom of choice among the room categories, and can also allow for upgradation. 

But assigned staterooms are better for you if you want all your family rooms nearby. Selecting the guarantee cabin or an assigned room is highly dependent on your choice. 

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