Royal Caribbean Grand Suite vs Junior Suite Comparison

During my last three cruises with Royal Caribbean, I traveled in the Junior Suite and Grand Suite and discovered several notable differences many people inquire about. Here’s what I found noteworthy:

The primary difference between a Grand Suite and a Junior Suite lies in the size and amenities; a Grand Suite is notably larger, resembling a top-tier hotel room, while a Junior Suite typically lacks the spaciousness and luxurious amenities of the Grand Suite. 

So hang on, cruise lovers! I’m about to delve deeper into the differences that will help you decide which Suite could be your ideal choice for your next cruise journey.

Royal Caribbean Grand Suite VS Junior Suite 

FeatureGrand SuiteJunior Suite
SizeNotably larger, resembling a top-tier hotel roomLarger than a standard balcony room but smaller than Grand Suite
In-Suite Bar AreaIncludes a bar area with drawers and amenitiesNo in-suite bar area; limited space for dining or drinks
Floor-To-Ceiling WindowsEquipped with panoramic views, contributing to spaciousnessMix of smaller and larger windows, offering a different view configuration
BathroomMore spacious with double vanity, full-size toilet, luxury items and bathtubModest bathroom with one vanity, sink, mirror, and bathtub
Living & Sleeping AreasClearer division between living and sleeping areas, offering privacySmaller living area with a less defined separation between living and sleeping
Balcony SizeLarger balcony space allowing for a half-sized loungeSmaller balcony with room for two chairs and a table
Free InternetComplimentary VOOM internet package for each person in the suiteTypically, internet service is not included in Junior Suites
Additional Amenities (Grand Suite)Dedicated concierge service, priority boarding, suite lounge access, in-suite dining, 24-hour room service, behind-the-scenes tours, VIP seating, priority access to dining, spa, and shore excursions, extra Crown & Anchor loyalty points–    

Regarding the Royal Caribbean Grand Suite Vs. Junior Suite, Royal Caribbean Grand Suite, surpasses the Junior Suite in space, amenities, in-suite perks, bathroom accessories, and balcony size, offering a more luxurious experience.

Below is a deep comparison of both suites, highlighting their differences and features:

1- Size

grand suite

Grand Suite and Junior Suite differ mostly in terms of size and space. While the junior Suite offers more space than a standard balcony room, it doesn’t come near to the spaciousness of the Grand Suite.

The Grand Suite feels much more spacious than a superior hotel room.

Let’s compare their sizes. The Junior Suite measures 287 sq. ft. (26.7 sq. m.), whereas the Grand Suite measures 371 sq. ft. (34.5 sq. m.) on Oasis of the Seas, making the Grand Suite 84 sq. ft. (7.8 sq. m.) larger.

junior suite

In terms of width, a Grand Suite is 30% wider than the Junior Suite.

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2- In-Suite Bar Area

bar area

In Grand Suite, we get a nice little bar area where I have been able to get a bottle of water every day. Plus, they also fill ice for me. Below the countertop, there are six drawers we get.

While in the Junior Suite, there’s no in-suite bar area to prepare a drink. So, you must utilize the living room chair or balcony to have breakfast. But both suites come equipped with a coffee machine to ensure you get your caffeine dose.

3- Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

floor to ceiling

One of the major reasons that gives the Grand Suite a spacious look is its floor-to-ceiling windows equipped with doors. These windows offer a panoramic view and contribute to its open feel.

Conversely, the Junior Suite features a mix of smaller and larger windows. In my experience, this configuration doesn’t offer the same sweeping view or sense of openness as the floor-to-ceiling windows in the Grand Suite.

It is especially important for individuals like me who appreciate the scenic views afforded by the floor-to-ceiling windows of the Grand Suite.

4- Bathroom


When it comes to bathrooms, Grand Suites stand out. They’re more spacious and have a luxurious layout compared to Junior Suites. 

In a Grand Suite bathroom, you’ll find a double vanity, a full-size toilet, plenty of mirrors, luxury items, and a full-size bathtub. One thing I loved was the amazing water pressure in there.

On the other hand, the junior suite bathroom is nice, but it’s a bit more modest. You’ll get one vanity in the bathroom, which includes a countertop with a sink, mirror, and storage space such as drawers and shelves. 

A bathtub’s also available, but it’s not as lavish as in the Grand Suite.

5- Living And Sitting Room

junior suite

In both Suites, you’ll also notice a great difference in the sleeping area and living room and their separation. 

In the Grand Suite, the living area is more spacious and well-defined. It includes a sofa, chairs, and sometimes even a dining area. What stands out is the clearer division between the living and sleeping areas in the Grand Suite.

In contrast, a Junior Suite’s living area is generally smaller and more compact than a Grand Suite. It has a limited seating arrangement, often a small sofa or a couple of chairs, offering a modest space for relaxation.

Also, there’s no clear distinction between the living and sleeping areas of the Junior Suite due to its smaller overall space. This smaller area results in a more subtle layout.

So, the Grand Suite is more private because a curtain separates the sleeping area from the living area.

6- Balcony

grand suite balcony

Let’s talk balconies. On Oasis of the Seas, the Junior Suite offers around 80 sq. ft. (7.5 sq. m) compared to the Grand Suite’s larger 105 sq. ft. (9.8 sq. m) space. 

In the Junior Suite, you’ll find space for two chairs and a table, while the Grand Suite features a larger room for a half-sized lounge.

7- Free Internet

This is one of the major questions people often ask when comparing suite categories on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship like Allure of the Seas and Anthem of the Seas.

In Junior Suites aboard Royal Caribbean’s Cruise Ships, complimentary internet service is typically not included. However, guests are provided with a complimentary VOOM internet package in Grand Suites on Oasis Class or Quantum Class ships. 

With this package, everyone in the Grand Suite can access the internet on one device at no extra charge, offering a convenient amenity for staying connected while cruising.

Differences in Amenities Between Grand Suite and Junior Suite

The Grand Suite typically offers more convenient and luxurious amenities than the Junior Suite.

The main purpose of the Grand Suite is to make the guest’s cruise hassle-free, so that’s why it has enhanced features.

This may include a dedicated concierge service, priority boarding, and departure, access to suite lounge, coastal kitchen, priority access to dining, priority theatre seating, priority tendering, behind-the-scene tours, VIP pool deck seating, in-suite dining, and 24-hour room service.

 In contrast, while the Junior Suite provides a comfortable stay, it might not include as many premium amenities or exclusive services as the Grand Suite.

Cost Difference Between Grand Suite And Junior Suite

Grand Suite prices are notably higher than Junior Suite prices, ranging from approximately $1,253 to $5,722 more per person, depending on the cruise and ship. 

Meanwhile, the Junior Suite price varies from $1,393 to $2,423 per person (double occupancy) on different cruises.

Undoubtedly, the amenities and perks of Grand Suites justify its price, and it is a perfect option for those looking for a luxurious and hassle-free cruise experience.

When To Choose Grand Suite?

If hassle-free cruise start, priority access, and luxurious amenities are your concern, you should choose the Grand Suite for an unforgettable cruise experience. For these specific concerns, Junior Suite will disappoint you.

Make sure to keep its price in mind, as its higher cost should be a factor in your decision-making process.

If the luxurious amenities of the Grand Suite align with your preferences and budget, choosing it can enhance your cruise experience as you’ll get priority in everything.

When To Choose Junior Suite?

Junior Suite is best for couples and families seeking more space than a standard balcony cabin.

It’s a perfect option for those cruising on a budget. These suites offer some amenities and more space than standard staterooms.

These amenities include a larger balcony, a separate walk-in closet, and a comfortable lounge chair in the sitting area facing the balcony.

So yes, it’s also a good choice for comfortable living during the cruise, especially when traveling with your partner or children. But you won’t get luxurious amenities found in the Grand Suite.


Which Suite Should I Choose For My Next Cruise?

For a luxurious and hassle-free cruise experience, you should choose the Grand Suite, but it will cost you a lot. And if you’re on a budget and want only a better living option than a stateroom, you should go with the Junior Suite.

What If I Choose the Junior Suite?

Junior Suite is also a good option for a comfortable cruise experience. In these Suites, you get a larger balcony, a separate walk-in closet, and a comfortable lounge chair in the sitting area facing the balcony.

Final Words

Hopefully, now you should clearly understand the differences between Grand Suites and Junior Suites. It is up to you to decide which is best for you. 

Just remember that both suites offer a comfortable experience, but the Grand Suite provides more luxurious amenities and spaciousness for an unforgettable experience.

I would recommend that you go with the Grand Suite if you’re not on a budget, as the hassle-free cruise experience is something I love the most. The priority given to everything is beyond the limits and unforgettable.

But for budget warriors, the Junior Suite is a great option.

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