Everything You Need to Know About Royal Caribbean Junior Suites & Its Perks!

On my recent Royal Caribbean Cruise voyage, I was immediately captivated by the plush offerings of the Junior Suites. On these cruise suits, you get a spacious living area, a well-appointed kitchen, and a private balcony.

Junior Suites offer lavish amenities, capturing guests seeking spacious accommodations. However, they differ slightly from the grandeur of Grand Suites.

So hang on and join me till the end of this journey to discover together if this option could be your ideal choice for a remarkable cruise getaway.

What is a Junior Suite on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

If you are cruising to get a little more space than the standard balcony room, the junior suite could be the perfect choice.

Junior suites offer a little more space, with an additional lounge area and a sofa bed, making them ideal for families or groups of friends.

The suite sleeps up to four people comfortably, with the option of turning two twin beds into a Royal King bed and a sofa that can convert into a double bed. They also have a larger balcony and more amenities than the basic balcony room.

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How Big Are The Royal Caribbean’s Junior Suites?

Royal Caribbean's Junior Suites

The Royal Caribbean’s Junior suite sizes vary across ships, ranging from 112 square feet on Empress of the Seas to 299 square feet on Brilliance of the Seas. However, the majority of junior suites typically measure around 290 square feet.

In my perspective, the size was comparable to that of a hotel room, noting that cruise accommodations are generally less spacious than those in hotels.

Remember, the size of junior suites on Royal Caribbean cruise ships can vary based on the specific ship. So, I recommend checking out the ship’s deck plan.

Balcony Features in Royal Caribbean Junior Suites


The balcony in the junior suite is only slightly bigger than in a standard balcony cabin. I feel more space out here than my older standard balcony experience.

2-3 people can easily relax here and have their little paradise. It’s a great way to experience the views and enjoy the fresh air with your family and friends.

In the Junior suite balcony, you might get one full size lounge chair. But surprisingly, I found the same furniture on the standard cabin balcony.

Sofa And Seating Possibilities On Junior Suite

As compared to the standard balcony room, there are more sofa and seating possibilities in Junior Suites.

You get the Royal King bed, a large sofa perfect for comfortable sleep, and a nice little lounger chair where you can face towards the balcony, sit and relax. Plus, there’s also a little chair by the desk, the same as in the standard cabin.

The sofa and seating possibilities in the junior suite provide more opportunities for relaxation and enjoying the view. And I think it’s the main reason most of the cruisers go with the junior suite option.

So, for those who want to make the most of their stay, it’s the perfect choice due to the extra comfort.

Storage Spaces and Countertops in Junior Suites

Storage Spaces

For cruises lasting more than 4-5 days, storage becomes a primary concern for many travelers. Personally, I’m meticulous about my belongings, especially when it comes to what I’ll wear or use during the trip.

The Junior Suite offers a significant advantage over standard cabins, which typically provide only a single countertop and a few small shelves.

However, here’s the game-changer: The Junior Suite presents an entirely different level of storage space. The standout feature? A spacious walk-in closet that revolutionizes how I manage my belongings.

This closet is my absolute favorite—it keeps my items well-organized, making it incredibly convenient for me to select outfits for each day.

This ample storage option is one of the key reasons why I prefer the Junior Suite over a standard cabin. It’s a practical feature that significantly enhances my cruise experience and simplifies my daily routine while onboard.

Royal Caribbean Junior Suites Latest Deals

New Deals Just Released!!!

Is There Any Difference In The Bed Size Of the Junior Suite?

junior suits

Unfortunately, there isn’t a significant difference in bed size between the Junior Suite and a standard cruise cabin. Both feature king-size beds with rounded edges, which might result in a slight limitation for leg space.

Personally, I didn’t notice a big difference in size; both seemed the same to me. My legs ended up slightly hanging off the bed — maybe because I’m a bit taller!

However, I did notice a difference on the sides of the bed, which seemed a bit more spacious in the Junior Suite.

Charging Ports Situation In The Junior Suite

In the Junior Suite, it’s convenient to have charging stations on both sides of the bed. Additionally, there are hidden storage compartments in the lamps, which is a nice bonus.

For people like me who prefer having all their accessories fully charged, the Junior Suite can be an excellent option.

So, this charging port feature in the Juinor Suite not only ensures convenience for persons on both sides but also enhances the overall experience.

Bathroom Situation In The Junior Suite


After exploring the full walk-in closet, I noticed another standout feature in the Junior Suites: the bathroom doors, which are similar to those in the standard balcony cabins.

Within the bathroom, there are handy cubby areas on each side of the mirror. These compartments are perfect for organizing and distinguishing toiletries for each person.

Interestingly, there’s also a bathtub available, although I personally didn’t use it. However, it can be highly beneficial for individuals who shave their legs or for families with kids.

On a candid note, I found the water pressure in the Junior Suites to be a bit lower compared to the standard balcony cabin. It might have been an isolated issue for me or possibly a temporary situation during my stay.

Royal Caribbean Cabin Comparison: Standard vs. Junior vs. Grand Suites

BenefitStandard CabinJunior SuiteGrand Suite
Use of Royal Caribbean BathrobesYESYES
Luxury ToiletriesYESYES
Coffee Machine in RoomYESYES
Dinner at Coastal Kitchen (Oasis- & Spectrum-class ships)YESYES
Priority BoardingYESYES
Priority DepartureYES
Priority TenderingYES
Pillowtop MattressYES
Welcome Water & FruitYES
Access to Suite LoungeYES
Concierge ServiceYES
Priority Dining ReservationsYES
Priority Spa BookingsYES
Priority Shore Excursion TicketingYES
Bridge, Galley & Backstage ToursYES
VIP Pool Deck SeatingYES
Reserved Section in TheaterYES
Main Dining Menu Available for In-Suite diningYES
Free 24-Hour Room ServiceYES
Private Breakfast SeatingYES
Departure BreakfastYES
Complimentary Pressing on First Formal NightYES
Sign-up Fee Waived for Luggage Valet ServiceYES    

What Perks Come With Staying in a Junior Suite?

Unfortunately, Junior Suites do not include the full range of suite amenities.

You must book a Grand Suite or above for concierge services, priority dining reservations and spa bookings, access to the suite lounge, or a private breakfast in a specialty restaurant (or Coastal Kitchen).

However, the primary benefits that come with a Junior Suite are Royal Caribbean bathrobes for use only onboard, a Lavazza espresso machine in your stateroom, and luxury bathroom amenities.

Colored SeaPass Card

Cruisers staying in Junior Suites aboard Vision, Radiance, Voyager, and Freedom Class ships will receive a distinct SeaPass card, unlike the standard ones for regular cabins. This unique SeaPass will be silver in color and serve as identification for Junior Suite guests. Not only that, you’ll also enjoy priority access to various onboard activities.

On Oasis and Quantum Ships with Royal Suites onboard, SeaPasses is determined by which category of suite you are in: Sea, Sky, or Star.

The only suites in the Sea Class are junior suites, which come with blue-green SeaPass cards. Note that colors can vary based on ship and sailing!

Coastal Kitchen

On Oasis and Quantum class ships, there is a dedicated suites-only restaurant called Coastal Kitchen. Only people living in the Grand Suites and Royal Suite Class can access it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Fortunately, Junior Suite guests can only access it for dinner based on availability.

I recommend visiting Coastal Kitchen on embarkation day for any reservations you need. Being flexible with your dining times is a great time.

If you insist on dining at the same time every day, you might face problems if they offer only early or late seating.

Extra Crown & Anchor Loyalty Points

Another significant advantage of the Junior Suite over the standard balcony room is that cruisers earn two points per night, compared to just one point per night in the standard balcony room.

This is especially beneficial for those aiming to ascend the Crown & Anchor loyalty ladder swiftly, unlocking additional perks such as free laundry, welcome waters in your cabin, and daily drink vouchers.

Personally, it was an ideal chance for me to take advantage of the free laundry service as I tend to wear a variety of clothes during my cruise.

What Do Junior Suites Not Include?

As I already mentioned, Junior suites don’t include most of the perks included in the Grand Suites. Here are the perks that I don’t find in the Junior Suites:

  • Suite Lounge/Concierge Club Access
  •  Priority Dining, Spa, and Shor Excursion Bookings
  •  Bridge, Gallery, and Backstage Tours
  •  VIP Pool Deck Seating
  •  Concierge Service
  •  Priority Tendering
  •  Complimentary Pressing on First Formal Night

Also, most importantly, Junior Suites are not eligible for any Star or Sky Class perks as these suites are in the Sea Cclass on Oasis and Quantum ships.

The main perk is the additional space, a comfortable lounge chair in front of the sea view, and a full walk-in closet.

How Much Does it Cost To Stay In A Junior Suite?

The cost of a 7-night Greek Isles cruise on Odyssey of the Seas in August 2024 for a Junior Suite starts at $2,423 per person (double occupancy). Comparatively, an obstructed ocean-view balcony is advertised at $1,763 per person.

On a 7-night Southern Caribbean cruise on Rhapsody of the Seas in August 2024, a Junior Suite begins at $1,393 per person (double occupancy). Balconies start at $1,238 per person, making the price difference relatively small.

From my past cruise experiences, I’ve discovered that even these lowest-tier suites come with additional perks and advantages, making them absolutely worth the price.


What To Expect In A Junior Suite?

A junior suite offers a spacious living area, a slightly larger balcony space, additional sleep options, enhanced amenities, storage and closet space, and luxury toiletries.

What Perks Come With Staying In A Junior Suite?

With junior suites, you can enjoy the bathrobes, luxury toiletries, and the chance to enjoy dinner at the coastal Kitchen restaurant on ships that have one (Allure of the Seas).

Is A Junior Suite Worth It?

Absolutely, the Junior Suite offers added space, enhanced amenities, and a more comfortable experience, making it a worthwhile choice for a luxurious cruise stay.

Final Words

As my junior suite cruising journey comes to an end, it’s clear that these accommodations offer a blend of comfort, space, and added amenities.

In these suites, you get multiple charging stations, a full walk-in closet, spacious space, and a touch of luxury.

So, if you are looking for a delightful and relaxing voyage at sea, the Junior suite is a perfect option to enhance the overall cruise experience.

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