How Long is a Cruise to Alaska? Complete Guide 2024

Are you planning a cruise to Alaska? You must know how long is a cruise to Alaska, what are the embarkation ports, and which excursion spots the cruise line offers passengers! 

Generally, a cruise ship takes around 7-14 days to reach Alaska from Seattle, Vancouver, or Florida, depending on the cruise’s itinerary.  

Also, several long cruise trips of 9-14 days may be booked to visit the maximum tourist spots, including the historical Anchorage Museum, beautiful Alaskan islands, amazing glaciers, and fjords at the Prince William Sound.

If you want to maximize your trip experience in a short time, a 7-day cruise travel can be the best option. However, here, you may regret missing seeing the tempting glaciers.  

Let’s explore more about the Alaskan cruise duration and ports of call!

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How Much Time Does it Take to Reach Alaska from Seattle by a Cruise Ship?

From Seattle, Washington, to Alaska, you can book your travel from a 7-night short tour to a 10-14-night extended stay. 

A 7-night Alaska cruise from Seattle may include around 7 hours of stay at three to four ports based on the chosen route of the ship. 

The most popular cruise ships for Seattle-Alaska sailing are Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and Norwegian.

How long is a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver? 

How long is a cruise to Alaska from Vancouver

As you enter Vancouver, Canada, a blast of enjoyable pastimes allows travellers to visit the wildlife and explore its diverse history and culture. 

Vancouver is close to Alaska, thus providing you the opportunity to explore more in less duration.

Generally, it takes around 1-2 days to reach Alaskan stunning landscape from Vancouver, and it offers hours of enjoyment in Juneau, the capital of Alaska. 

Several cruise ships from Vancouver offer short cruises of 4-5 days as well as long cruise travel of 21 days. 

While cruising from Vancouver, British Columbia, you can make your trip more memorable by spending time in the picturesque Downtown Cruise Port and the spectacular Lionsgate Bridge. 

Other worth-seeing places include the grand Olympic Cauldron, the majestic, scenic Capilano Suspension Bridge, and the historical Queen Elizabeth Park.

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How long is a cruise to Alaska from California?

How long is a cruise to Alaska from California

A cruise trip from California to Alaska is a cherished journey with a lot of adventure and odyssey. 

More than 20 cruises board from California each year, departing from Los Angeles and San Francisco in Summer. Each cruise offers an 8-14 days plan, extending from a one-way tour to a Round-trip.

Whether you book a 14-day Round-trip Carnival ride, an 8-day one-way cruise via Norwegian, or a 10-day package with Princess or Carnival cruises, a world of excitement awaits you in this fun-filled journey.

During the voyage, the ship usually has excursions at Juneau, Skagway, and Ketchikan to saturate tourists with diverse scenic marvels and captivating glaciers.

Alaskan Cruise from New York: How Much is the Travel Duration?

Get ready for a rollercoaster of thrill and adventure during the New York to Alaska cruise journey. A 10-12 day sailing from New York City to Alaska promises plenty of fun-filled moments and delightful surprises for travel lovers.

Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian are the popular cruise lines that offer a luxurious and soothing trip from bustling NYC to the breathtaking scenery of Alaska.

After departing from New York City, these ships reach their destination in Alaska. The popular ports of call during the voyage are Ketchikan and Juneau.

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5 Best Alaska Cruises 2023: Itineraries, Shore Excursions, and Tourist Spots

Choosing the best Alaskan cruise is a little tricky! Before booking a ride, ensure the cruise itinerary, expected tour cost, ports of call, and best season to maximize your journey. 

Several cruise companies offer their travel toward Alaska; however, as per my personal experience, I have listed some of the best cruises you would love to travel with here. 

#1 Holland America

Having super scrumptious cuisine in top-class restaurants, balcony accommodations, pickleball courts, and separate packages for couples, Holland America’s luxurious cruise line.should be on your top priority list. 

The best thing is its visit to the alluring Glacier Bay National Park, which most cruise lines do not offer. Moreover, wildlife demonstrators remain always available to guide the tourists about the biodiversity of the specific area. 

The northbound and southbound excursions for the 7-14 Days Glacier Adventure call at Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway in the Holland America line. 

#2 Royal Princess

Royal Princess, The Love Boat is a perfect cruising option for couples. 

While travelling towards Alaska, what attracts you more to the Princess cruise is its super comfy accommodation, lyrical journey, and Shopaholic marvel. 

The ship also inspires its travellers by allowing them to visit the beautiful glaciers and the captivating Gulf of Alaska to witness the beauty of their abundant marine and coastal life.

#3 Cunard Luxury Cruise

Savour the adventure of an 11-day cruise to and across the wonders of Alaskan islands, and let the wilderness captivate your senses. 

With Cunard, you will love the scenic voyage itineraries, exceptional dining experience, and world-class entertainment. 

Along the Inside Passage, Cunard’s adds to your seamless travel experience by offering stops at some top-class shore excursions for tranquil Spa, delicious dine-ins, stunning glaciers, and cultural immersion of different communities.

#4 Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise line started sailing to Alaska in 2011 and now offers 5-9 days trips based on the chosen package of passengers. 

Most of the Disney cruises depart from Vancouver and provide an array of fascinating shore excursions customized as per the tourist’s interests. These excursion points offer a wide range of thrill and fun activities like hiking, immersive safaris, and water rafting. 

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Moreover, you can also enjoy a leisurely experience of Spa and Salon facilities along with a fully-equipped fitness centre on the cruise.

#5 Royal Caribbean

A 5-13 day itinerary to Alaska with Royal Caribbean offers adventurers many voyage attractions, including crossing the zip line, witnessing the serene glaciers, and having fun at your private balcony.

Exciting shore excursions provide opportunities to spend some time observing the wide range of wildlife at Denali National Park and marvel at breaching humpback whales on the high tides of the ocean.

Whether you visit the legendary Fairbanks, explore the diverse Ketchikan culture, or witness stunning views of Kodiak Island, a Caribbean cruise to Alaska promises adventure, luxury, and breathtaking natural beauty. 

Ideal Time to Book Your Cruise Trip for Alaska in 2024

Choosing the best time to cruise to Alaska via cruise ship is challenging due to its drastic weather. Due to moderate weather conditions, the best season to explore the region is April-October.

After a long winter, April is when normal life begins in Alaska. Also, there is a high chance to spot wildlife, and huge waterfalls begin by melting the snow belt in summer. 

As the summer continues from May to June, a huge rise in tourist attractions and shopping trends in Alaska’s beauty starts.  

July and August being the rainy seasons, shore excursions on beaches are in full swing. However, you must expect a rise in cruise pricing during these months until you make a pre-order booking.

With the advent of September and October, a sudden drop in crowd is witnessed due to the end of kid’s summer vacations. Also, snow and a drop of temperature in Alaska appears, hence lowering the cruise booking rates.


A cruise to Alaska can vary from a minimum of 5 days to an extendable 14 days based on the weather conditions, itinerary, and the ports of call.

While cruising to Alaska, tourists navigate its pristine glaciers, stunning islands, and varied culture. However, tourists should ensure booking your cruise in April-October, the ideal month for an Alaskan cruise. 

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