Wifi On Royal Caribbean | How Much Does It Cost

Staying connected onboard is an indispensable necessity in today’s online world. Everyone who books a cruise must ask about the internet packages.

Like other cruises, the Royal Caribbean also offers wifi connectivity to remain connected with your friends and family. But the catch is that the Wi-Fi on Royal Caribbean is not as cheap as your home Wi-Fi. Getting the internet on the sea is one of the biggest challenges. 

I have been traveling with Royal Caribbean since childhood, and shelling out big bucks for their Voom internet package is a regular thing.

In today’s article, I will inform you about the cost of Voom packages and throw in some tips on using Wi-Fi without draining your wallet.

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Royal Caribbean Internet Packages Cost 

The Royal Caribbean wifi cost varies depending on the number of devices you have connected and the types of internet package you’re using. But roughly the price per person per day is between $20 to $26. 

Let me clear this: Royal Caribbean offers two types of Internet packages: the Voom Surf + Stream Voyage and Voom Surf Voyage Basic. 

Both of these internet packages are different. So, let’s dive deeper and explore more about them. 

1- Voom’s Surf Voyage Package

Voom’s Surf Voyage internet package allows you to browse, and send texts through social apps. However, you can’t stream with this wifi package. 

No streaming means you won’t be able to open YouTube, Netflix, and other such streaming apps. So, the Voom Surf Voyage Basic package is not for you if you’re addicted to streaming content. 

This kind of lighter package will let you connect with the world through social media, make audio and video calls, update your WhatsApp status, send snaps, and chat with others. 

What Does the Voom Surf Voyage include?

Voom’s Royal Caribbean “Surf Voyage” Internet package supports

  • 24-hour access with unlimited access upgrade available
  • Ability to browse the web
  • Capability to send and receive Emails
  • Chatting and calling on messaging apps (Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp)
  • $15.99 per day per device

Note: After the launch of StarLink Internet, the Voom Surf Voyage package is discontinued. Now, you can only book the Voom Surf + Stream Voyage package. 

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Voom Surf + Stream Voyage Package

So, if you’re heavy streaming, go for Voom Surf + Stream Voyage because the internet package lets guests stream content on social media and other streaming apps. 

Unlike the surf voyage package, the speed of this internet package is fast, which is a big plus. With this internet package, you will stay connected with your business without barriers, and stream all apps.

What Does the Voom Surf and Stream Voyage Include?

Voom’s Royal Caribbean Surf and Stream internet package supports the following;

  • 24-hour access with unlimited access upgrade available 
  •  Browsing the web 
  • Sending and receiving Emails
  • Chatting and calling on messaging apps (like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp)
  • Live video calls
  • All media streaming, like videos, TV shows, posts on social media, and much more.
  • This package costs you $19.99 per day per person. 
Package nameTypeSpeedPrice
Voom Surf voyageBasicOkayDiscontinued after the launch of StarLink
Voom Surf + Stream VoyageUpgraded versionExcellent$19.99

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Does The Royal Caribbean Wifi Worth It? 

Royal Caribbean

I know no one can sail without the internet. That’s why picking an onboard internet package is a must to stay connected.

Now, if you’re considering the Voom Surf + Stream Voyage Internet package, the big question is: Is it worth the price, or should you be scouting for some alternatives?

The Royal Caribbean wifi package works best, but it’s more costly than my home’s wifi connection. But still, I can say It’s worth the money and better than other cruise lines. 

The Norwegian Cruise Line costs $29.99 for its Unlimited Wi-Fi package and $39.99 for its Premium Wi-Fi package, so compared to NCL, the Royal Caribbean Internet packages are still on a budget. 

The $19.99 is a good deal, and it will cost you around $139 for seven days. But to avail of this price, you must book the package before sailing. Otherwise, you have to pay $26 per day for the Voom Surf + Stream Voyage. 

The Royal Caribbean internet package is worth the price; it’s fast and fulfills all your online needs. 

How Do You Connect To Royal Caribbean’s Wi-Fi? 

Connecting to Royal Caribbean’s wifi is not a challenging task. Once you have pre-purchased the package, you will get the login details. 

Now turn on the wifi on your phone, and it will automatically detect the “royal-wifi.” Tap it to connect, and it will take you to the login page. Put your credentials, and you’re good to go. 

If you didn’t subscribe to the Voom Internet package, you can choose the one that match your needs. You can also select the number of devices you want to connect wifi with. 

This option of selecting multiple devices simultaneously helps you beat the clock. However, you have to pay some extra bucks for additional devices. Yet, this cost will be less than buying each device individually.

If you need further assistance, just head over to the Guest service desk, and they’ll be happy to sort you out with whatever issue you’ve got.

Is The Royal Caribbean Voom Internet Package Reliable? 

Yes, Royal Caribbean has the fastest internet service. They use VOOM to connect to the internet by sea, a 6X faster service. Royal Caribbean is the only cruise line that has high-speed internet.

Each VOOM ship gets a direct signal from a satellite beam. Resulting in faster internet service and convenient streaming, uploading, face timing, and emailing to stay connected with your work.

So you don’t need to worry about the internet speed. Even though it gets a little slow during Dining times in the evening, I still think the speed is enough to browse the internet and stream 1080P content. 

In a nutshell, it’s better to get this Voom internet package instead of using AT&T or Walkie-Talkies.

Can I Use The Royal Caribbean App Without Wi-fi?

The Royal Caribbean app is a must-have for every cruiser; it will help you see schedules, dining times, menus, and more. Luckily, this app doesn’t require any internet package to work.  

I suggest you install the app before embarkation day so you can read schedules of activities and shore excursions in advance and preplan your internees. 

To run the Royal Caribbean app, just connect your phone to the ship’s wifi and use the app. 

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Does StarLink Work On Royal Caribbean Ships?

Interestingly, the Royal Caribbean has partnered with SpaceX’s Starlink to provide seamless internet connectivity to their guests and crews. 

Starlink is available across the Royal Caribbean cruise fleet, and guests can enjoy the fast internet without any restrictions. The Royal Caribbean is the first cruise industry to adopt this new Internet technology. 

However, the Starlink internet speed isn’t exactly blowing minds right now. But no worries, the tech whizzes at Royal Caribbean are on the case, tweaking things to amp up the performance.

How Do You Get Free Wi-fi On Royal Caribbean?

It’s true that getting wifi on Royal Caribbean is expensive and would cost you hundreds of dollars. However, here are some ultimate ways to get high-speed wifi on Royal Caribbean free of cost.

1- Book A Suit 

If you feel opulent, book the Grand Suits, and guess what! You will get the complimentary Voom Surf + Streaming Voyage internet package. The Royal Suit members do not have worries about using the internet onboard. 

It is not free Wi-Fi; the premium member will also get other exclusive benefits. But remember that if you’re sailing with Vision Freedom Class, Voyager, or Radiance cruise, you won’t get free Wi-Fi, even if you booked Grand Suits. 

3- Take Advantage Of Free Credit 

The Royal Caribbean offers some perks on special occasions and holidays, including cruise credit. Sometimes, it also gives a free wifi package you can use throughout your voyage. 

But if you have the free credit, you can purchase anything onboard with it. So why not use that credit to purchase the Internet package? 

4- Take Advantage Of Royalty Program 

The Royal Caribbean gives many rewards to its loyal members. If you’re a Diamond member, you will get a day-free Wi-Fi pass, whereas Diamond Plus members will get a two-day pass. 

5- Free Wifi On Ports

Port excursions are a must-have when traveling on a cruise. And if you have a Royal Caribbean wifi package, it won’t work on ports, and it seems like a waste of money. 

However, on ports, you will stumble upon many spots and cafes where you can connect with free wifi networks. So don’t miss out on such spots; even if you stay at any hotel on the island, you will get free Wi-Fi. 

Does AT&T Work On Royal Caribbean Ships?

AT&T is a high-speed cellular network that lets users stay connected with the world. Luckily, all the Royal Caribbean cruises support AT&T, so if you have subscribed to any AT&T package, you can take advantage of it. 

Sadly, AT&T has the worst internet package; they give you 1GB of data in the Cruise Plus Package and 100MB in the basic plan. So, if you’re considering AT&T for internet usage, it’s a waste of money. 

On the other hand, nothing is better than AT&T if you’re considering it for calls and texts, as it offers unlimited minutes and texts to its users. 

Final Words 

Royal Caribbean Internet packages are mostly expensive. But not too expensive like Norwegian Cruise and other cruise lines. The Voom package costs you $19.99, which is worth the money, and it’s fast and lets you enjoy streaming without lagging. 

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