Drug Dogs on Royal Caribbean | Everything to Know About

Have you decided on the Royal Caribbean Cruise and are pondering over having drug dogs? There can be a couple of reasons behind this question. One reason can be that you or someone you want to take along is scared of dogs.

So, does Royal Caribbean have drug dogs?

Royal Caribbean does have drug dogs. These sniffing hounds are employed at the port and even on board. However, some implications to these sniffer dogs do apply.

You don’t have to be afraid of these dogs, as they are there to uphold passenger safety and cruise policies. We will explain Royal Caribbean, drug dogs, and guest conduct policies in detail. So, let’s take a deep dive into it! 

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Does Royal Caribbean Have Drug Dogs?

Drug Dogs On Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean does have drug-sniffing dogs. These drug hounds will check your luggage for any narcotics.

However, that doesn’t mean anyone can carry some packs on them. You will also have to go through scanners and detectors. 

Are There Any Drug Sniffing Dogs on Royal Caribbean Ports?

There are drug dogs even at Royal Caribbean ports. These harbors are the most suspected places for drug trafficking. Anyone can take any illegal stuff and take them on board from there. 

So, the local police and other authorities collaborate closely with the cruise line. They deploy sniffer dogs, and anyone found guilty will face charges. 

In addition to facing charges, anyone found guilty will even end up in prison. 

Drug Dogs on Board Royal Caribbean

You might be wondering if any drug dogs are on board the Royal Caribbean cruise. The answer is more complex. To break the ice, 

Yes, drug dogs are sniffing for narcotics on board. But, of course, these sniffer hounds will not sail with you throughout the Caribbean itinerary. 

The officers with drug-sniffing dogs will get on board to search. These drug hounds will sniff guests’ luggage and even a suspect’s cabin, just in case. 

After a thorough search, there is no need for a sniffer dog to stay on board. So, they will depart. After such thorough examination, there isn’t a chance of error.

Drug Detection Methods On The Royal Caribbean Journey

Drug Detection Methods on the Royal Caribbean

In addition to drug dogs, Royal Caribbean security screening employs X-ray scanners and other detectors, including metal detectors.

So, Royal Caribbean does even use body scanners. In case of positive detection, the culprit will have to face severe charges for drug smuggling. They can even expect to end up in prison. 

If someone brings something illegal on board, then what? Well, fellow passengers can report to relevant authorities, and you can’t expect a better result. 

These methods of detection are not only to detect drugs. The cost of drinks, especially alcoholic beverages, is relatively high on Royal Caribbean ships. So, many people try to sneak alcohol on board. These are also safety measures against such actions. 

Guest Conduct Policy of Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean Group had issued a health, safety and guest conduct policy. This policy clearly states rules against bringing drugs and other illegal stuff. 

The drug prohibition section of this policy even elaborates that any activity involving such illegal drugs is punishable.

So, prohibition includes all such activities involving drugs during Royal Caribbean journeys onboard, transfers on ships, inside terminals, ports, at shore activities and even on private destinations.

Searches involving drug dogs are also quite normal.

Law Enforcement

Relevant authorities confiscate such illegal drugs and substances. Royal Caribbean reserves its right to report appropriate activities. Enforcement of strict laws occurs if found guilty.

Passengers and guests found subject to opposition to these laws are punishable by the area’s jurisdiction. Administration in such cases does include America and other relevant authorities as well. 

Disembarkation and prevention from reboarding are a must in such cases. So, just like irons, you can’t bring drugs on a Royal Caribbean cruise. Found guilty of bringing in irons is not as severe as drugs, though.

Medicinal Drugs on Royal Caribbean Ships

It’s recommended to bring medicine in their genuine packaging with your prescription.

However, you can’t bring medical marijuana on board. You’ll have to ask your physician for a relevant substitute. You will need an alternative medicine for the days you’ll spend cruising. 

Wrap Up

To summarize, Royal Caribbean ships do have drug dogs. Relevant authorities exercise these sniffer hounds throughout the cruising process. In addition to these drug-sniffing dogs, detectors and body scanners are also set in place.

So, there isn’t a chance of sneaking drugs on board. Along with detectors, these dogs will also sniff out passenger bags quite thoroughly. Apprehension by the relevant jurisdiction of anyone involved in drug smuggling is normal law enforcement.

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Happy cruising!


Does Royal Caribbean have body scanners?

Yes, Royal Caribbean does have body scanners. As a passenger, you and your luggage will have to pass through these screening processes. So, proper checkup for illegal drugs and other substances is set in place.

Do they check your bags on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, the relevant authorities check your bags on Royal Caribbean through drug dogs, detectors and scanners. Drug sniffing hounds check for all travel bags as an additional security measure.

Do you get drug tested to work on Royal Caribbean?

Yes, Royal Caribbean Cruises does drug test you before allowing work permission. This drug test is a condition of employment for all service roles on Caribbean ships. All employee prospects must pass a drug test before joining the service crew.

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