Does Royal Caribbean Provide Shampoo (Explained)

Royal Caribbean offers numerous utilities and facilities to their users. But does it provide Shampoo? 

Royal Caribbean Cruises provide shampoo and a body wash, not a conditioner. But it doesn’t mean you won’t need shampoo and other toiletries.

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Which Toiletries Does Royal Caribbean Provide


Royal Caribbean cruises have shampoo and body wash of their own. However, they don’t possess conditioners. In contrast to cruises, you would get all three if you’re traveling in a suit class. 


To begin with the shampoo, cruises do provide a shampoo. It’s also supplied if you’re in a suit. You would see a wall dispenser filled with shampoo in your bath cabin. 

This wall dispenser contains a 2 in 1 bathing liquid. It contains a multipurpose shampoo and a body wash. 

So, your Royal Caribbean cruise and suite class have shampoo in a wall dispenser.


You might be one of those who take extreme care of your hair. A shampoo and a conditioner go hand in hand. But we need to understand that there is no conditioner on the Royal Caribbean cruise. 

However, if you’re in a suit, you would get a conditioner in the wall dispenser.

Admittedly, you would get a conditioner in your Royal Caribbean suit. In contrast to the bath cabin of a suit class, no conditioner for you on a cruise.

Body Wash or Soap

Talking about shampoo and a conditioner and forgetting about other essential toiletry. Yes, we are talking about body wash or soap. Whether touring on a Royal Caribbean cruise or a ship, you would get a body wash.

To start with the Royal Caribbean cruise, you would get the body wash with the shampoo. The 2 in 1 wall dispenser contains shampoo and a body wash. 

In contrast to the cruise, the suit has a 3 in 1 wall dispenser in the bath cabin. This dispenser contains a single bottle of shampoo, body wash, and conditioner.

Without a doubt, Royal Caribbean does provide body wash and shampoo. So, whether you’re on a cruise or a suit class, you will get both of these.

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Royal Caribbean Toiletries Policy

You can bring your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash to Royal Caribbean. There is no policy against bringing these toiletries on board.

Why Pack Shampoo and Other Toiletries

The Royal Caribbean cruise does provide shampoo and a body wash. However, in the case of a suit class, you would also get a conditioner. So, why should you bring your shampoo, Conditioner, and body wash? 

The answer is quite simple,

These multipurpose bathing liquids are not premium compared to the ones at home. And you wouldn’t want to be the one squeezing the dispenser all day if there isn’t much left.

Royal Caribbean Cruise

To begin with the Royal cruise, you get shampoo and a body wash. Both of these will be in a single wall dispenser. So, this will be a multipurpose body wash. 

This bathing liquid differs from what your own separate shampoo and body wash can offer. Remember you’re using those to care for your hair and body. 

So, what’s better than bringing your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash? Make sure you take care of yourself even while on a journey. 

However, you won’t get a conditioner on a Royal Caribbean cruise, so bringing one of your own is better. Bring your toiletries if it sucks to squeeze the dispenser repeatedly in case there isn’t much left. 

Royal Caribbean Suite Class

Shampoo, Conditioner, and a body wash, you’ll get it all on a Royal Caribbean suite class. However, similar to the cruise, this bathing liquid will be multipurpose. 

You can be the one who thinks, why not travel in a suit that even provides a conditioner? Well, it is not worth the money just for a conditioner you can bring from home. 

So, even if you’re going on a voyage in a suite, consider bringing in your toiletries. These will save you time and much more.

Bring Your Own Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash for a Caribbean Journey

It’s quite imminent that you should bring in your shampoo and other toiletries. So, be sure to pack your own shampoo, Conditioner, and body wash before sailing. 

Bringing in your shampoo and other toiletries will save you more than your time.

Wrap Up

Royal Caribbean: the cruise and the suite provide shampoo and a body wash. In addition to shampoo, on a Royal Caribbean suite class, you’ll even get a conditioner.

However, bringing in your toiletries would be worth it. 

You might not want to bring your bathing essentials for whatever reason. In this case, you only need a conditioner if your voyage is on a Royal Caribbean cruise. 

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