20 Royal Caribbean Gold Status Benefits of Crown and Anchor Society

Like some other major cruise lines, the Royal Caribbean also appreciates you spending your time onboard with them. Yes, they award you for being loyal guest.

Every time you sail, you earn some points. These points, in return, move you up the ladder of various status under the Crown and Anchor Society.

Hence, going on a Royal Caribbean cruise is like getting into a world where you’re appreciated and rewarded. The Gold Tier of  Royal Caribbean’s loyalty program stands as the entry-level for perks.

As a Gold Member, you get to enjoy a variety of special treats that make your cruise experience better. Now, I will share more about Royal Caribbean Gold Status benefits to make sure you make the most out of your membership.

What Is the Royal Caribbean Gold Tier?

gold tier

If you’re thinking that Gold status is really something big, let me burst the bubble first.

It’s just an entry-level status among the other tiers of Crown and Anchor Society, so the Royal Caribbean Gold Status benefits are also lesser in comparison.

When you become a Gold Member, you join a group of travelers who enjoy extra perks on their cruises. It’s the first step in the loyalty program, where you start to see the benefits of being a regular Royal Caribbean cruiser.

This tier is a key part of the membership levels and offers an introduction to the enhanced experiences you can expect as you move up in the program. Being a Gold Tier member means you get more out of your cruises right from the start.

How To Achieve Royal Caribbean Gold Status?

To achieve Gold Status in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society, you must collect cruise points. This process starts with enrollment, which is automatic after completing your first Royal Caribbean cruise. Each night spent on board counts as one cruise point, bringing you closer to Gold Status.

The more nights you cruise, the quicker you ascend in the loyalty program. Simple yet rewarding. For every night you spend in a regular stateroom, you get 1 point and 2 points for the night in a suit.

More Ways to Earn Points

You might consider taking several cruises annually and selecting extended journeys whenever possible. Booking suites is a smart move, as they accrue twice the points every night.

Keep an eye out for Royal Caribbean’s double-point deals and grab them when you can. If you’re cruising solo, you’re in luck – you earn double points too. Plan your cruises with care to rack up as many points as you can.

That’s my approach. Yours might vary, but these tips could guide you to accelerate your climb up the loyalty ladder.

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20 Royal Caribbean Gold Status Benefits

 Royal Caribbean Gold Status Benefits

Royal Caribbean’s Gold Status in the Crown & Anchor Society gives you a range of exclusive benefits and makes each cruise vacation more rewarding. One standout feature is the Drinks Discount Coupons.

As a Gold member, you are entitled to special coupons that significantly lower the cost of various beverages, including wines, beers, and sodas. These discounts enhance your onboard experience and allow you to enjoy your favorite drinks without the full expense.

1. Shore Excursions Priority Waitlist

For those who love exploring new destinations, Gold Status grants priority waitlisting for shore excursions. This privilege takes you to the front line for the cruise and makes sure you get early access to book various shore excursions.

It’s especially beneficial for popular cruises that quickly reach capacity. Hence, you have the opportunity to participate in unique and sought-after experiences during your cruise.

2. Enhanced Beverage and Dining Options

service room order

Once you become a Gold Member at Crown and Anchor Society, you get some upgraded dining and beverage options in specialty restaurants. Along with enhanced variety, there are also some added discounts and coupons available.

Some of these discounts are variable and may change from restaurant to restaurant, so you must check before dining in any specialty restaurant. (Not available in all restaurants, nor is a flat discount offer)

3. Receive Drinks Discount Coupons

If you haven’t purchased any drink package, you can benefit from your complimentary 4 drink vouchers per sailing. As a gold member, you can get 50% off on 4 drinks using these discounted drink vouchers.

Two of these vouchers can be used to buy any drink, while the other 2 are for Johnny Rockets Milkshake. None of these vouchers is valid for Starbucks and Bionic Bar.

While this discount is little compared to 4 free drink vouchers of Royal Caribbean Diamond Benefits, you can save some extra dollars using these Gold member vouchers.

4. Discounts on Coffee

Along with other drinks, as a Gold member, you will get 25% off on coffee. Starbucks is not included in this offer. You will always pay in full in Starbucks regardless of whether you are a Crown and Anchor Society Member.

5. Superior Stateroom Amenities Provided

junior suits

As Anchor Society loyalty program members, your journey becomes more luxurious with superior stateroom amenities. The comforts of suite staterooms are enhanced with exclusive touches.

Unfortunately, Gold members don’t get bathroom amenities in their rooms like the other tiers. For example, being a diamond member, you get free laundry with iron, but the same is the case with the upper tiers.

As a Gold member, if you want to have these amenities, you will pay for them.

6. Support from Dedicated Loyalty Staff

At Royal Caribbean, Gold tier members benefit from the attentive service of dedicated loyalty staff.

Whether it’s your first Royal Caribbean cruise or you’re a frequent cruiser, you’ll have access to a Loyalty Ambassador, a resourceful guide who can enhance your cruising experience.

They provide personalized attention and make sure all your cruise-related queries and needs are met with professionalism and care. This level of support reflects Royal Caribbean’s commitment to making every journey special for its Crown and Anchor Society members.

Remember, at every tier, you have to pay Gratuity while booking your cruise or later at the counter onboard. These charges are not for the cruise line but for the staff that serves you.

7. Stay Informed with the Member Newsletter

Gold members at Royal Caribbean benefit from a monthly member newsletter that keeps them abreast of the latest offerings and opportunities.

By subscribing, you gain insights into planning benefits for upcoming cruises to make the most of your nights on the world’s largest cruise ship and others in the fleet.

The Crown & Anchor Society Facebook Page further enhances these member benefits and offers a community platform for updates and exclusive benefits. It fosters a frequent Royal Caribbean cruiser community that’s well-informed and connected.

8. Enjoy Additional Drink Discounts

Royal Refreshment Packages

As a Gold member of Royal Caribbean, you get more than just initial drink coupons. You’ll enjoy a one-time 10% discount on your favorite drinks like wine, beer, or soda.

This discount is automatically applied to your SeaPass account when you make a purchase. It’s a straightforward way for you to save a bit extra and make your cruise experience even more enjoyable.

9. Save With WiFi Package Discounts

Gold status brings you savings on Royal Caribbean’s VOOM WiFi packages. With a 10% discount on WiFi on Royal Caribbean, staying in touch with loved ones or uploading vacation photos becomes more affordable.

Don’t wait until you’re onboard—secure your discount and stay connected throughout your cruise.

10. Special Discounts on Ship Products

As a Gold member, enjoy a shopping spree with a 10% discount on Royal Caribbean logo products. Spend at least $25 and save on your favorite merchandise. Don’t forget to use your Royal Caribbean Gift Card for even more convenience and joy while shopping onboard.

11. Benefit From Spa Service Discounts

Spa Service Discounts

It’s not just food and drinks that you get discounted when you reach gold status. You also get 10% off on most of your treatments and have a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Please note that this discount does not apply to medi-pa services, but you can still enjoy a variety of other pampering options.

12. Perks for Casino and Bingo

Gold status on Royal Caribbean gives you casino and bingo perks. You get a $2 FreePlay credit at Casino Royale to try your luck.

Obviously, it’s not that much to have, but having some free play credits is not that bad. Plus, it’s about your luck now. You might win something big out of your $2 play only.

13. Exclusive Access to Departure Lounge

private departure

You also get access to the private departure lounge. This is basically a tranquil area, available at selected ports, and offers a serene space away from the usual pre-boarding bustle. Here, you also get free breakfast before cruising with Royal Caribbean.

This benefit extends to the boarding process as well, where Gold members experience prioritized check-in, making the transition from land to sea.

14. Exclusive Rates for Members on Royal Caribbean Brand

Being a Gold-level member of Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society also means access to Exclusive Rates. These rates offer Special Savings, making your next cruise vacation more affordable. These benefits go beyond just savings.

At stores, you will notice some products are with Royal Caribbean labels. They are on flat 10% off if you shop at least $25.

15. Expedited Tender and Disembarkation Process

This benefit is for those who value efficiency and ease in their cruise planning. With priority tender access, you’re among the first to disembark for shore excursions. This means you will waste less time waiting and will enjoy more time on shore excursions.

The expedited process continues through to the end of your cruise, where disembarkation is also streamlined. It allows you for a smoother transition from ship to shore.

16. Enjoy Priority Check-In Benefits

As a Gold member, you’ll also appreciate the priority check-in benefit every time you board a Royal Caribbean cruise. This perk streamlines the boarding process and makes it quicker and more pleasant. You’ll bypass the longer lines and enjoy a smoother start to your cruise vacation.

This Priority Check-In is really a time-saver. It sets the tone for your entire journey and allows you to begin your vacation with ease and relaxation. You must have heard of it: when it starts well, it ends well.

So, it’s these little touches that truly enhance your cruising experience with Royal Caribbean.

Benefits for Kids or Teens

royal caribbean kids fun

Kids and teens also get to enjoy some perks in cruise planning benefits. These benefits make every family cruise special and fun-filled. Below are some of the Royal Caribbean Gold Status youth member benefits for under 18 members:

17. Discounts on WiFi Packages

Kids also get the same internet package discount as their parents. For Gold members, it’s 10% and keeps on increasing as you keep moving up in the cruise loyalty program. With every cruise, kids also earn points on Royal Caribbean ships just like their parents.

18. Complimentary Second Movie Rental

If you’re a youth member, your Crown and Anchor Society loyalty gives you a buy-one-get-one-free movie rental. This way, you enjoy your nights on the cruise with 2x fun.

If you’re a parent, then congratulations; you will have some more time to enjoy onboard while kids are busy watching their free complimentary second movie rental.

19. Savings on Arcade Spending

In Arcade play, kids get some of the cashback in their SeaPass card after they had enough of onboard fun. Isn’t it something interesting? With every $15 Arcade play, you get $5 back in your account, and with every $50, you get $25 back.

So, the higher the amount spent, the more the cashback will be. This case back offer with Gold Membership is something really useful for parents when they want to enjoy their spa time or other activities without being worried about their kids.

20. Reduced Price for Ice Cream

Multiple shops on Royal Caribbean cruise offer free ice cream for kids, but none of them can beat the flavor of Ben & Jerry’s counter. Here you get 50% off ice cream scoops, a huge saving when you don’t want to compromise on taste and sweetness.

What About Royal Caribbean Pre-Gold Status?

To reach Royal Caribbean’s Pre-Gold Status, sign up for the Crown & Anchor Society before your first cruise. This initial phase is before achieving Gold Status.

You don’t get Gold benefits yet. After your first cruise, you earn points, moving from Pre-Gold to Gold. Pre-Gold is the start of earning rewards in the loyalty program. It doesn’t provide you any specific benefits other than earning points with every cruise.

Do Gold Members Get Free Drinks On Royal Caribbean?

No, Gold members do not receive free drinks on Royal Caribbean. However, they do get exclusive rates for Gold-tier membership benefits for some of the best drinks onboard, which include a 50% discount on any glass of wine, etc.

What Comes After Gold Status?

You keep earning one cruise point for every night on the cruise. With every tier, you get additional benefits. There are various other ways to earn points, like staying in a suit or enjoying solo travel, and receive benefits like earning double cruise points or getting a free cruise certificate.

After Gold Status in Royal Caribbean’s Crown & Anchor Society, here are the next tier of the crown and anchor society:

  • Platinum Status: Achieved after accumulating 30 cruise points.
  • Emerald Status: You need 55 cruise points to reach emerald status
  • Diamond Status: Attained at 80 cruise points.
  • Diamond Plus Status: With 175 cruise points, you reach Diamond status
  • Pinnacle Club: The highest tier, requiring 700 cruise points.

Each tier offers more exclusive benefits, progressively enhancing your cruising experience with Royal Caribbean.

Let’s Compare the First 3 Tiers of the Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society

Like other major cruise lines, the Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Society is a loyalty program that rewards frequent cruisers with exclusive benefits and privileges.

There are six tiers to the program, each offering different levels of perks. Here’s a comparison of the first 3 tier status:

Gold (3-29 points)

  • Discounts on all sorts of onboard purchases
  • Exclusive rates for Gold-tier membership benefits
  • 50% off any glass of wine, etc. 

Platinum (30-54 points)

  • Get Matching status  Celebrity’s Captain’s Club program (Select level)
  • 25% discount on internet packages
  • 30% discount on photo packages
  • 10% discount on spa treatments
  • priority status for various onboard services

Emerald (55-79 points)

  • Higher discounts on balcony cabins and suites
  • Additional benefits compared to the Platinum tier

Final Thoughts

While the Gold status in Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society may not be the pinnacle of their loyalty tiers, it still offers a valuable set of benefits that enhance the cruising experience.

Remember, Gold status is just the beginning, an entry point into a world of rewards and recognition that await as you continue to sail with Royal Caribbean. It’s a tier that acknowledges your choice of Royal Caribbean and makes each journey a bit more special with its unique set of perks.

So, as you plan your next cruise, look forward to the little luxuries and conveniences that Gold status brings to your maritime adventures.

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