How To Cheat Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Cruising without the refreshment package is monotonous, so you must get a drink package before sailing for more fun. If you’re cruising with Royal Caribbean, they’ve got three drink packages for you to choose from.

However, the Royal Caribbean drink packages are expensive, so people always look for alternative ways to avail themselves of huge discounts on beverage packages. Or they cheat on Royal Caribbean drink packages. 

In this article, I will share some of the pro tips to enjoy free drinks on Royal Caribbean and check out different ways people have tried to cheat.  

Types Of Drinks Packages On Royal Caribbean

Drinks Packages

Like every other cruise line, the Royal Caribbean has a diverse beverage menu. Generally, three major drink packages are available on Royal Caribbean, including Refreshment Package, Deluxe Beverage Package, and Classic Soda Package. 

1- Refreshment Package 

Most teenagers opt for the Refreshment Package, which is non-alcoholic. Offers many smoothies, cocktails, fresh juices, coffees, sodas, and other libations. 

2- The Deluxe Beverage Package 

The Deluxe Beverage Package is one of the most used drinks packages of Royal Caribbean. It includes some alcoholic drinks, wine, and spirits. This Package will cost you $56 to $105 per person per day, depending on your ship, and I know it’s so expensive.

3- Classic Soda Package 

Soda lovers can also opt for the Classic Soda Package, which costs $12.99 per person daily. With this Package, you can enjoy unlimited fountain soda and Coca-Cola. 

How People Cheat Royal Caribbean Drinks Package?

Cheat Royal Caribbean Drinks Package

According to the policies at Cruiseshipmaia.com, I cannot share any immoral activity. Cheating on the Royal Caribbean drinks package is a form of theft. But still, I’m going to share how other individuals cheat the system and get free drinks on Royal Caribbean

1- Sharing Drinks Package 

We all know sharing drink packages on a Royal Caribbean cruise is prohibited. Meanwhile, many cruisers still cheat by sharing the deluxe beverage package with their friends and fellows. 

Even though it’s harder, Royal Caribbean made efficient policies for this. If you are two adults living in one stateroom, then both must buy the Deluxe Beverage Package, or nobody can buy it. 

However, lots of folks share drink packages. Here’s how: one person in the group buys the Package, and they call Royal Caribbean, explaining why someone else in the group isn’t getting the beverage package. The catch? You must have medical proof that the other person isn’t hitting the booze.

This drink-sharing technique is against the Royal Caribbean policies, and you may face the consequences of being caught. 

2- Sneak Alcohol Bottles On Board (Not Recommended)

Another trick people pull to cheat the Royal Caribbean drink packages is sneaking booze onboard. It might sound risky, though – get caught, and the ship’s security might show you the exit.

There are proper security checkups before embarkation, your luggage passes through the x-ray machine, and there might be drug dogs sniffing your luggage. That’s why it’s not a breeze to sneak alcohol bottles into your luggage. 

However, people are still so daring, and they use x-ray-proof bags for sneaking booze, or they use flasks or baby milk bottles for this purpose. There are also umbrella flasks and tampon flasks that people use to sneak Alcohol. 

However, I will again not recommend you do this immoral act. Do it at your own risk; you must face consequences if caught. 

Royal Caribbean lets guests bring 750ml of wine per stateroom in their carry-on. Besides this, you’re not allowed to bring more Alcohol; if you do so, this will be considered illegal, and the cruise staff can take action against this act.  

3- Buy Early and Cancel If a Discount Price is Available Later

I encourage you to purchase the drink package a few days before the sailing. Meanwhile, watch the discounts and special offers, as Royal Caribbean often give discounts on drink packages. 

If you have a discount on drinks, you can cancel the previous beverage plan and purchase the same Package at a discounted rate. This is one of the ideal ways to save money on drinks. 

4- Friendship With The Bartender/ Waiters

Bartender and waiters are often quite cooperative and friendly. 

You can easily make friends with them by paying a little tip. They might give you a free cocktail, or you can enjoy a free drink with them in their spare time. Try to make a stronger connection with the waiter, treat them like a close friend, and in return, they will also give you a top priority. 

Now, the waiter might also reduce some restrictions. These restrictions generally involved a “refill time limit.”

Meanwhile, suppose you didn’t get any major benefit – you will at least be prioritized at the busiest bar timings. The waiter will prioritize and serve you earlier. 

5- Drink Your Wine in the Bar

Royal Caribbean allows guests to bring a 750ml bottle of wine in a carry-on that you can consume in their stateroom. But to cheer it in the dining hall, you must pay an additional $15 corkage fee for every bottle. 

So to cut this fee, put the Alcohol in any glass and bring that glass to the dining hall; in this way, the waiter will not doubt you. This is a quick trick to save some bucks on an extra bottle of wine. 

Consequences of Being Caught 

I know nobody wants to feel remorseful onboard and ruin their vocations. That’s why I always encourage cruisers to avoid black hat techniques of getting drinks. 

In case the Royal Caribbean crew caught you, they might kick you out of the ship, or you might not be able to enjoy Alcohol onboard. Sometimes, the Royal Caribbean also puts heavy charges on culprits. 

So, no guest wants an immediate ejection from the cruise, and to be honest, this will not only ruin the vacation but can also incur additional expenses for alternative transportation and accommodations.

How To Save Money On Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Save Money On Royal Caribbean Drink Package

The Royal Caribbean drink packages are expensive, but cheating them is not a final option. If you want to save money on drink packages, keep an eye on the extra perks, so save some bucks on drinks. 

Here are some tips that can help you enjoy the drinks on Royal Caribbean without breaking a bank account. 

1- Book Cruise On Special Occasions 

Like other cruise lines, Royal Caribbean offers many perks and promotions on special occasions. Like recently, on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Royal Caribbean was offering huge promotions and free perks to their guests. They are giving a free Refreshment package along with $200 onboard credit. 

So, if you want to save money on drinks, wait for such moments and grab the opportunities. 

2- Use Onboard Credit

Sometimes, Royal Caribbean gives a free onboard credit to the guests. This free onboard credit is a big plus; you can purchase any desired thing onboard with this credit. So why not use this free credit to grab some libations? 

3- Take Advantage Loyalty Program

Many cruise lines reward their loyal members, and Royal Caribbean is one of them. The loyal members will get a discount on a glass of beer, soda, or wine.

You’re lucky if you own a Diamond Plus membership, you will get a 30% discount on the Deluxe Beverage package. But to reach the Diamond Plus level, you have to earn 175 points, which means you have to stay and at least 175 nights on any cruise of the Royal Caribbean. 

Along with that, the Diamond members will get 4 daily complimentary drinks up to $14, where as Diamond Plus members can avail 5 drinks. 

Royal Caribbean also offers huge discounts and perks to their loyal guests, like discounts on the wifi packages, shore excursions, free stateroom services, casino offers, and much more. 

4- Discount Price Through Travel Agent

Travel agents can get you some exclusive drink promotions on bookings. So, instead of booking your cruise directly from the official website, I recommend you to visit any travel agent to grab some decent drink offers. 

Here, you can view the latest Royal Caribbean deals with offers. 

5- Buy the Drinks Package Early 

Most of the time, Royal Caribbean offers huge discounts to gain the attention of customers, which is why it’s always recommended to buy drink packages as soon as possible. 

6- Don’t Consume Alcohol 

Alcohol is always very expensive onboard; that’s why you should control yourself while sailing. Instead of going for alcoholic beverages, I prefer to go for a soda package or refreshment package. This way, you can save a huge amount on drinks. 

Final Thoughts 

Royal Caribbean drink packages are expensive, but you can get the best deal by paying a little attention and without breaking the bank. 

Furthermore, the Royal Caribbean has strict security checkups. So, it’s hard to cheat them or even impossible. If you are caught cheating, your Package can be canceled, or you can go off the cruise.


Why People Cheat Royal Caribbean Drink packages?

People cheat on Royal Caribbean drink packages because they are so expensive. Some royal Caribbean rules are quite annoying. For Example, The Deluxe Beverage Package will cost you $56 to $105 per person per day, depending on your ship, which is quite expensive.

Who can get the drink package on the Royal Caribbean cruise?

Royal Caribbean generally requires all adult passengers to buy a drink package. So if you’re not willing to buy a deluxe beverage package, no one in the stateroom can buy that package.

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