Exploring Royal Caribbean Grand Suite Perks: Suite Luxuries Await

If you’re thinking about a luxurious cruise, the Royal Caribbean Grand Suite might have crossed your mind.

I know it’s exciting to think about staying in these suites because of their numerous amazing perks and extras.

Personally, I was drawn in by the priority boarding. I wanted a stress-free start to my cruise, and this made all the difference. But these suites can be pricey and might not be available on every ship. 

So, stick with me till the end. I’ll uncover all the Grand Suite’s perks and find out if this option fits with what you’re looking for in an unforgettable and fancy cruise getaway.

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What is a Grand Suite on a Royal Caribbean Cruise? 

royal caribbean grand suite

A Grand Suite on a Royal Caribbean cruise feels more like a luxurious, upscale hotel room at sea. These suites aim to offer cruisers a comfortable and lavish experience during their voyage.

On Royal Caribbean ships, these suites are typical among the higher-tier accommodations available, providing exclusive amenities and ample space.

What makes these suites exceptional is their size and layout. I was particularly impressed by the separate bedroom, the spacious living area, the private balcony, and the well-appointed bathroom.

It was a delight for me to stay in this suite with my partner. We had a more elevated and indulgent cruise experience than ever had, offering exclusive privileges and comfort.

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What Are the Perks of Staying in a Grand Suite?

Grand Suites are the top booking consideration of cruisers because of their complementary amenities available exclusively to them. 

Most amazingly, they get priority boarding for a hassle-free start to their cruise experience. 

But keep in mind that. Grand Suites on Vision, Voyager, Radiance, and Freedom class ships come with fewer perks than those on Oasis and Quantum ships.

Royal Caribbean introduced a new class on the latter two classes, known as the Royal Suite Class. There are three different types of suites on these ships – Sea, Sky, and Star – each with its benefits.

First, I will talk about the benefits available for all guests in Grand Suites and then will go into the specific suite perks on the Oasis and Quantum ships:

  • Royal Caribbean bathrobes (for onboard use only)Luxury bathroom amenities 
  • Lavazza espresso coffee machine 
  • Pillowtop mattress
  • Priority boarding and departure 
  • Concierge service
  • Suite Lounge/Concierge Club access with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails every evening)
  • Priority dining, spa, and shore excursion bookings
  • Bridge, galley, and backstage tours
  • VIP pool deck seating (not available on Vision or Radiance Class)
  • Priority tendering 
  • Welcome Evian water & fruit 
  • Ability to order from the Main Dining Room for in-suite dining (during operating hours)
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service
  • Private breakfast and lunch seating (location varies by ship and sailing)
  • Departure breakfast 
  • Reserved seating for shows 
  • Complimentary pressing on the first formal night
  • Extra Crown & Anchor loyalty points

1- Priority Boarding And Departure

Priority boarding and departure stand out as the primary advantages of choosing a Grand Suite, especially considering how hectic embarkation and disembarkation can be.

As a Grand Suite guest, you will be able to board the ship first and get off first. Additionally, I experienced the convenience of priority baggage handling during embarkation and disembarkation.

One of the perks I appreciated most was the opportunity to enjoy a leisurely lunch at the buffet and have shorter lines for any amenities that are open, like the FlowRider and water slides.

2- Concierge Service

grand suit perks

I’ve experienced numerous cruise trips, and let me tell you, the Concierge service is a game-changer.

It’s important as it provides personalized assistance and exclusive benefits, making your cruise even better.

I always feel happy asking for help with stuff like booking speciality dining, booking shore excursions, arranging spa treatments and or planning shore trips, as sometimes I get too nervous in making decisions on the cruise. 

So, having that support is a relief, and this is what you get with the Grand Suite to ensure a more seamless and personalized cruising experience, especially when sailing with your partner, family or friends.

3- Access To Suite Lounge/Concierge Club

Access To Suite Lounge

The Grand Suite also grants access to enter the Concierge Club or a Suite Lounge, which are quite similar and offer a refined atmosphere with personalized services and amenities.

In this private onboard lounge, you can enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres every evening, as well as beverages, snacks and light refreshments throughout the day. 

Personally, I found the best part to be unwinding in a more secluded setting with cozy seating and breathtaking views.

This exclusive space is a true haven for those looking for tranquility away from the rest of the ship and adds an extra layer of comfort and luxury to the cruise experience.

4- Priority Access to Dining, Spa, and Shore Excursions

Imagine standing in a long line for dining, spa or any other amenity. Frustrating, isn’t it? That’s precisely what the Grand Suite saves you from.

With Grand Suites, you receive priority access when booking dining reservations at speciality restaurants, scheduling spa treatments, and arranging shore excursions during your cruise.

During my cruise, having this priority access meant I could relax, knowing I had preferred time slots for dining experiences and spa appointments.

This priority access significantly improved my cruise experience by offering convenience and ensuring I could make preferred choices hassle-free.

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5- Priority theater Seating

Priority theater Seating

What’s better than catching a movie in a cruise theater with your loved ones? Well, picture this: having the chance to grab priority seating.

Booking a Grand Suite means that you’re able to enjoy priority theater seating for many live shows on board.

But this seating procedure varies slightly depending on whether you’re on the Royal Suite Program or Royal Suite Class.

On older ships, there’s a special seating area reserved just for suite guests. However, on newer ships, things are a bit more modern—you can book your seats in advance.

With this perk, there’s no need to stress about arriving early to snag good seats among the crowd. Instead, you can enjoy the shows with a great view, hassle-free.

6- Priority Tendering

Priority tendering is a big reason why people adore Grand Suites.

In situations where the cruise ship can’t dock directly at a port and uses smaller boats (tenders) to take passengers ashore, this perk gives Suite guests priority when disembarking.

Being among the first groups to board the tenders makes the transfer to shore much quicker and more convenient.

So, suppose you want more time to explore the destinations or participate in planned excursions without delays. In that case, the Grand Suite is your ticket to an enhanced experience, offering an extra touch of convenience.

7- Behind-The-Scene Tours

If you love exploring behind the scenes of a cruise ship, this perk is a true haven for you. Usually, it’s unavailable to normal passengers, and only Grand Suites guests can avail of it.

The Grand Suite’s guests get an opportunity for guided tours that allow them to have an insider’s look into the inner workings of the cruise ship.

These tours might take you to spots like the engine room, galley (kitchen), bridge, crew areas, or even the backstage of the theater. Here, regular passengers can’t go in.

Moreover, you get a chance to chat with the crew and learn interesting facts about running a cruise ship.

For me, exploring the ship’s engine room was a highlight. It was fascinating to see how everything works and get a deeper understanding of the ship’s operations.”

8- VIP Pool Deck Seating

VIP Pool Deck Seating

Who wouldn’t love the VIP reserved seating on the pool deck? That’s exactly what the Grand Suite offers you.

Booking a Grand Suite allows you to have a premium space with reserved seating on the pool deck, but it is only available for Freedom, Voyager, Oasis, and Quantum class ships.

But keep in mind that this is a reserved section; seating is based on first-come, first-served. But I was lucky enough to enjoy this premium location and enjoy the pool deck amenities, with a less crowded environment.

9. In-Suite Dining: Main Dining Room Menu Orders

service room order

Imagine spending the whole day enjoying and exploring cruise amenities, but suddenly, you crave the main dining room offerings while wanting to relax in your bed afterwards. 

So don’t worry because, as a Grand Suite guest, there’s no need to stress. This perk ensures that you won’t miss any of the delicious offerings from the main dining room.

You can easily order your favorite items straight from the menu and have them delivered to your suite.

 I remember having the Lobster tail, it was cooked to absolute perfection, and the flavor was incredible. 

With this perk, I was able to enjoy these delicious dishes privately and comfortably within my apartment. So, it’s a real gem for me.

10- Complimentary 24-Hour Room Service

During my previous cruises, one major hassle was satisfying cravings by bringing items from outside. But luckily, Grand Suite resolves these issues, offering guests comfort and a luxurious experience.

In Grand Suites, you have access to complimentary 24-hour room service, allowing you to order various beverages and food to your stateroom without any extra charges.

This service offers a diverse menu, including pasta, salads, burgers, quesadillas, and more. However, the items are the same as in the main dining menu. I love their burger combo with fries and a drink. 

It’s a super convenient amenity, perfect for guests who prefer dining in their room or simply crave a quick snack.

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11- Private Breakfast And Lunch Seating

How do you feel when you’re with your family or friends, vying for a seat during breakfast and lunch? Isn’t it frustrating?

One of the major perks that Grand Suite guests can access is the private breakfast and lunch seating in speciality restaurants.

I particularly loved the breakfast experience with my partner to enjoy a peaceful morning meal in these special restaurants.

The best part was not having to wait for a table or deal with crowded dining areas. With this perk, everything goes very smoothly without the hassle of searching for tables or dealing with larger crowds.

12- Private Departure Breakfast

Leaving the cruising life and returning to everyday routines is never easy, right?

To soften that heavy-hearted feeling, Royal Caribbean arranges a departure breakfast exclusively for Grand Suite guests on the day of disembarkation.

This breakfast is held in the Main Dining Room and allows these guests to enjoy a final meal onboard the ship before saying goodbye to the ship.

private departure

It was such a relaxing and serene dining experience, letting me cherish those final moments on the cruise.

This perk literally adds to the whole feeling, offering Grand Suite guests to conclude their voyage with a more leisurely dining experience.

13- Complimentary Pressing On First Formal Night

If you’ve overpacked and your clothes end up wrinkled in the suitcase, no need to stress. In a Grand Suite, you receive a complimentary pressing service on the first formal night of your cruise itinerary.

For everyone else on the ship, evening gowns and suits usually cost between $7.50 and $15.00 per item, so this is a great way to maximize your suite benefits.

14- Extra Crown & Anchor Loyalty Points

Another significant advantage of the Grand Suite over the standard balcony room is that cruisers earn two points per night, compared to just one point per night in the standard balcony room. 

It’s the same as staying in a Junior Suite, which gets you two points every night.

This is especially beneficial for those aiming to ascend the Crown & Anchor loyalty ladder swiftly, unlocking additional perks such as free laundry, welcome waters in your cabin, and daily drink vouchers. 

Personally, it was an ideal chance for me to take advantage of the free laundry service as I tend to wear a variety of clothes during my cruise.

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15- Barefoot Beach

This perk will only be applicable to those whose route includes a stop in Labadee, Haiti. 

It’s a great way to experience the private beach away from the crowds. Plus, it’s the perfect place to have upgraded lunch offerings compared to the other buffets.

A cabana can be rented at Barefoot Beach for an additional fee for an enhanced experience.

Are There Specific Perks For Suite Guests On Oasis And Quantum Class Ships?

Yes, guests staying in suites on Oasis and Quantum class ships with Royal Caribbean often enjoy a range of exclusive perks and amenities. 

Grand Suites are considered part of Royal Suite Class onboard Oasis and Quantum Class ships.

Some specific perks for suite guests on these ships may include:

  • Coastal Kitchen Access: Suite guests on these ships can have access to the Coastal Kitchen restaurant, which offers a more intimate dining experience.
  • Complimentary Internet: The Grand Suite guests on these ships can enjoy free internet during their cruise.

How Much Is a Grand Suite on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

Grand Suites on Wonder of the Seas departing in June 2024 start at $7,145 per person, based on double occupancy. As a comparison, a standard ocean-view balcony costs $1,988 per person.

On the 7-night Alaska cruise aboard Brilliance of the Seas departing June 2024, an obstructed balcony cabin begins at $1,058, while a Grand Suite starts at $2,646 per person.

Is Royal Caribbean Grand Suite Worth It?

Staying in a Grand Suite might not be the most economical option if you’re on a budget since you could spend your money on shore excursions and speciality dining.

But if you want a luxurious cruise experience, Suite can be a perfect option for you. Grand Suites offer private retreats with spacious living areas, dedicated balconies, and separate bedrooms for a luxurious cruise experience. 

While it may come at a premium cost, the amenities and perks they offer truly elevate the overall cruise experience and make them worth their price. 

So, it’s completely worth the price and is a perfect option for those who prioritize relaxation and a hassle-free cruise experience.

Final Words

Hopefully now you should be aware of the amenities that a Grand Suite offers. 

So, if you are looking for a luxurious and serene sailing experience, the Grand Suite is the perfect option to elevate the overall cruise journey.

But if you’re on a tight budget, you can go with the standard balcony room or junior Royal Caribbean suite but there will be fewer perks as compared to Grand Suites.


Is a Grand Suite budget-friendly?

Grand Suites may not be the most economical choice for budget warriors, as they prioritize luxury over budget-friendliness. But it’s a perfect choice for those looking for a luxury cruise experience.

What exclusive features define a Grand Suite?

Grand Suites amenities and perks include dedicated balconies, spacious living areas, and separate bedrooms for a luxurious cruise experience. Moreover, you get complimentary 24-hour room service and private breakfast places.

What premium perks justify the cost of a Grand Suite?

Exclusive amenities like priority boarding, complimentary speciality dining, personalized services, expansive accommodations, etc. make the Grand Suite worth the price.

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