Summer Cruise Outfits For Women 

Summer is the best time to explore vibrant and tropical regions like the Caribbean and Mediterranean, or mild regions of Alaska. Cruise packing also becomes easier during these season because you only need a few lightweight dresses for the voyage. 

Luckily, you have many more options regarding summer cruise outfits, including short dresses, shirts, maxis, sundresses, tops, midi dresses, and much more. 

 But in the end, you might get overwhelmed because of so many dressing options.

I have a clear and clean list of some amazing summer cruise outfits that you can also get to make yourself more comfortable and adorable. Even though my list of outfits piles up with every cruise, a few favorites accompany me on every voyage.

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Summer Cruise Dresses Ideas 

I’ve recently come from a Caribbean cruise, and most of my outfits were from Amazon for that voyage. I like light, elegant, and breathable clothing, so you will find some of the most comfortable dresses on the list. 

1- Summer Mini Boho Dress 

mini summer dress

This boho dress is best for warm zones like the Caribbean and Mediterranean. The last time I wore this dress was in the Bahamas, and it felt so breathable on my body. The underarm area is airy, and the overall quality of the fabric is outstanding. 

 You can also wear this dress for embarkation day or port excursions. 

2- Short Sleeve Mini Dress

short Sleeve Mini Dresses

I’m a big fan of this light weight short-sleeved dress. The floral print is the big catch that elevates your appearance. This dress is made of rayon that feels premium. 

I wore this dress on embarkation day and got so many compliments. It’s available in solid colors, but I like the floral design, which gives a tropical vibe. 

3- Short Flowy Dress

Short Flowy Dress

When it comes to comfort, this dress stands out. Plus, the look is very glowy and sexy. This flattering dress makes you feel comfortable even if you’re a curvy lady. The best option for sea day, and strolling in such dresses is a breeze. White sandals or sneakers pair perfectly with this dress. 

This dress is available in so many designs and colors; I love the white and navy blue colors.


4- Cocktail Party Midi Dress

Cocktail Party Midi Dress

The last time I wore this dress was at the Carnival Mega Deck party, and it was one of the best experiences. This dress looks formal; the upper part is a bit stretched, hides your belly, and the lower part is more flowy. The material is lighter and best for summer times. 

5- Square Neck Causal Maxi Dress 

Square Neck Causal Maxi Dress

This square neck casual dress is easy to dress up for port excursions and beach days. If you’re sailing to Caribbean islands, this will be your best companion. It looks more adorable with funky jewelry and a hat. This dress is also suitable for curvy ladies. Overall, the dress is very soft, stretchy, and flattering. 

6- 2 Pieces V-Neck Tank With Bag Pants

2 Pieces V-Neck Tank

After maxi dresses, this 2 piece v-neck dress is my all-time favorite. With wide-length pants, it’s so much easier to stroll on a cruise. This dress is also the best option for ladies over 50. It’s available in many colors, but I like black and hazy blue. 

7- Tunic Summer Short

Tunic Summer Short

If you’ll be more casual, try this tunic summer short shirt. The loose fittings and flattering design ensure comfort. This is the best shirt for sea days, and the blue color gives a subtle sea vibe. You can wear leggings or jeans with this shirt. 

8- Cocktail Dress For Formal Nights

Cocktail Dress For Formal Nights

If you’re going on a seven-day cruise, there might be two formal nights, and you should pack accordingly. This vintage-style cocktail dress is my new favorite, and I wore it on the Royal Caribbean’s Formal night last time. And you will feel more confident in this cocktail dress. The dress fits perfectly at the waist and is stretchy enough to hug your curves. 

9- Bodycon Cocktail Dress

Bodycon Cocktail Dress

The elegant wraps on this dress make you look more sophisticated and formal. It is a perfect dress for any formal occasion. I prefer this dress if you’re a new couple or want to look more romantic. The black color is even more sexy. The beautiful V-neck lets you show your necklace and other ornaments. A pair of high heels and a handbag match perfectly with this Bodycon. 

10- Cover-ups


If you’re going on a summer cruise, the coverups are going to be an essential item. I love this hollow-out design coverup with a crochet top. It’s so breathable and windy. It’s available in many different colors, but I love white ones. 

11- Nightgown


This knee-length nightgown features lightweight fabric, making it best for summer nights on board. It’s so airy and roomy from the wait and arms, and I feel very cozy in this dress. Plus, I love the premium quality of the fabric that feels very soothing and gentle on your skin. 

12- Bathing Suite

Bathing Suite

I like bathing suits that feature tummy control and offer more coverage. And you will find both of these features in this beautiful swimsuit. It will make you look more slim and sexy. Plus, it has adjustable straps that feel stronger. The separate bottom helps you to stay confident during the water activities. 

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