What Not To Wear On A Cruise | Avoid These Dresses On Cruise

Proper dress always reflects your personality. While packing for a cruise, you must be careful about dress codes. To look decent and sophisticated, you have to follow the dress code. 

But what if your cruise ship doesn’t have a strict dress code? Well, I still suggest you don’t cross the limits. There are some inappropriate outfits that you should avoid in certain places on a cruise. 

First, I pre-check all the cruise activities, functions, parties, and shore excursions and then pack the outfits accordingly. In this way, you can also avoid heavy packing. 

On cruises, you have to go with the flow, which means for formal nights, you have to opt for more formal outfits; the same goes for dining halls and formal restaurants. 

Similarly, a few cruise lines also have a pretty casual dress code for pools and bars. In this post, I will highlight a few inappropriate dresses you must avoid on a cruise. 

In Appropriate Dressing For Cruise– Don’t Wear This On Cruise

dress not to wear

1- Swimwears and Bikinis Rule 

Besides the pool activities, you cannot wear swimwear and small bikinis on a cruise ship. You can’t go with these short dresses in restaurants, bars, and dining halls.

All the cruise lines have strict rules and don’t allow you to stroll on a cruise wearing those small bikinis. Likewise, in casinos, you must wear cover-ups over bathing suits. 

But if you’re sailing with some nude cruise, you can dress up every kind of stuff, including bathing suits and bikinis, etc. These cruises don’t have any specific dress code. 

2- Flip Flops, Shorts, Tank Tops 

Few cruise lines won’t let you wear flip-flops, tank tops, cut-off jeans, or gym shorts in the dining halls and specialty restaurants. 

Even the famous Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines don’t permit shorts in dining rooms for dinner. But I have seen that shorts are allowed during breakfast and lunchtime. 

These cruise lines have an appropriate dress code that you have to follow to maintain your look. Here, you can check the Royal Caribbean dining dress code

For dining hall and specialty restaurants, you can opt for sundresses, cocktail dresses, long pants, shirts, skirts, and button-down shirts. 

3- Baseball Caps 

baseball cap

Baseball caps are the next item you must avoid wearing in dining halls. Royal Caribbean and Celebrity cruises don’t let guests wear baseball caps in specialty restaurants and dining rooms. 

Even the baseball caps look so wired with formal outfits; that’s why these cruise lines don’t permit this stuff in dining halls. But you can wear these caps while soaking up the sun on the poolside.

4- Don’t Wear Pajamas And Robe Outside Of Your Stateroom 

After the bathing suits and swim dresses, other embarrassing attire that you have to avoid wearing outside of your cabin are pajamas and robes. 

It even looks weird when you walk into the dining room in pajamas for breakfast. However, you can wear a robe or pajamas on your stateroom balcony, enjoying the beautiful sea vistas in the morning. 

Similarly, you are also welcome to wear a robe in spa rooms. Most cruise lines even provide these outfits for the spa, so you don’t need to pack extra for yourself. 

5- Formal Night Dressing Mistakes 

Formal Night Dressing Mistakes

On most cruises, there comes a night when everyone dresses up formally to showcase the affluent side of their personality. On such occasions, you should dress up carefully. 

Few cruise lines don’t have a specific dress code for these formal or chic nights, so you can wear appropriate dresses. But formal night means to wear more sophisticated and elegant attire. 

Imagine wearing shorts or tank tops among people wearing nice formal dresses. So always avoid wearing shorts, t-shirts, tank tops and any kind of appropriate outfit. 

You can enhance your personality on formal nights by wearing a unique cocktail dress, evening gown, or a nice maxi dress. At the same time, men look more gorgeous in blazers and dress pants. 

Few cruises have a strict dress code for formal nights, so you must also keep an eye on their official websites. But most cruises give you full freedom with elegant night outfits. Norwegian Cruise Line offers freestyle cruising with no dress codes anymore. 

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6- Skimpy Bathing Suits 

Skimpy Bathing Suits 

Now, mining suits or bathing suits are permitted on the pool decks, but it doesn’t mean you have to go for skimpy or inappropriate bathing suits. 

Short bikinis or something more transparent seems weird and influences your personality. 

Similarly, extremely short skirts, covers, or underwear are not allowed to wear not suitable to wear unless you’re in a pool.

7- Mens Without Shirts 

Men are not allowed to wear plain tank tops or sleeveless gym tops on a cruise. And few cruise lines do not allow men to walk on a cruise without a shirt. 

Always remember that balance is the key. The cruise dress code is pretty straightforward. You just have to adopt an adequate fashion of dressing. 

8- Rollerblades

Rollerblades and roller skates are not permitted on cruises due to safety reasons. However, Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas and Odyssey of the Seas have designated areas for skating where you can wear these shoes.

9- Visors And Jeans With Holes 

There is nothing wrong with wearing jeans with holes and visors. But you must keep these items before walking into the dining room on a cruise. 

Denim with many holes or below the hip is especially considered improper, and you should ignore such dresses. Norwegian Cruise Line, which has no dress code, also won’t permit guests to wear such holes jeans in their dining halls.

Final Thoughts 

Dressing for a cruise voyage is not a big deal until you follow their guidelines and dress code. The dress code on cruises is so simple and straightforward. You have to just go with the flow. 

Don’t wear swimsuits or bathing suits except for the pool deck, don’t wear pajamas except for your stateroom, and always go for something formal in specialty restaurants and dining halls. 

You must follow the cruise line’s dress code for elegant or chic nights. People always get confused while selecting suitable attire for a cruise, but no rocket science is involved. 

I hope you have liked this article and that it helped unleash your imagination about cruise outfits. 

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