Best Time to Buy the Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Purchasing a drink package at the right time for a royal Caribbean cruise can save you lots of money. 

Since you have yet to determine when the prices will go up or down, the best time to buy the Royal Caribbean drink package is now, as the prices are inflated. However, you can cancel the package without penalty if prices go down.

Wait, this is not it!

There is a lot more you need to know. For example, the discount you are availing might not be a discount. 

So, read on to find out how to grab the actual discount offers on a royal Caribbean drink package cruise at the perfect time. 

When To Buy Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Royal Caribbean Drink Package

The prices of the Royal Caribbean drink package keep on changing.

For example, the price can vary even on the same day. If the cost is less now, it may increase later on the same day.

It’s worth stating that the royal caribbean has its secret policy to determine prices. You can not even predict the expected price drop.

However, certain onboard or pre-cruise discount offers are worth grabbing to reduce the Royal Caribbean drink package cost.

Sometimes, Royal Caribbean offer special and huge discounts on special occasions, just as labor day, black Friday, or Christmas. So, you must look for discounts and buy the drink package at a lower price.

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What Are The Royal Caribbean Drink Packages?

Royal Caribbean Drink Packages

To enhance your cruising experience, royal caribbean offer different VIP perks that are helpful to add or enjoy the VIP status in your cruise line – Just like the royal caribbean key.

And drink packages are also one of them, with various refreshment options ranging from alcoholic and non-alcoholic to sodas. 

The Royal Caribbean has three types of packages – deluxe beverage package (only alcoholic option), refreshment, or classic soda package. 

You need to keep reading to know which one you should get and how much it costs. 

Ultimate Royal Caribbean Drink Package List:

Royal Caribbean bars

Royal Caribbean offers three types of drink packages. Among them, they have only one alcoholic beverage. 

#1 Delux beverage package

It is the main package includes wine, coffee, teams, soda, beer, juices, and bottled water. You can purchase the deluxe beverage package between $60 to $100 per person and day.

However, it could also vary depending on your itinerary, ship, or sailing date. Delux package is one of the most comprehensive drink packages of the Royal Caribbean, because every drink you see on the cruise will ultimately be a part of this package.

#2 Royal Refreshment package

This is best if you want non-alcoholic beverage options. It includes soda, water, tea, juice, coffee, or a mocktail.

In short, it has all you need except alcoholic drinks. The price of this package is around $25 to 40 dollars. However, it can also vary depending on your cruise ship, itinerary, and sailing date. 

#3 Classic soda package

It is the least expensive drink package. So, it can be the best option for you if you are budget-oriented.

However, you can not expect basic drinks like bottled water, alcoholic drinks, or juices in this package—the prices of the classic soda package range from $12 to $15 per person and day. 

When Does Royal Caribbean Offer Drink Package Sales?

Royal Caribbean continues offering sales and various discount offers on their drink packages. 

However, the sales can be seasonal or occasional – in summer holidays or any event just like Christmas. 

So, there is no single time to predict when the Royal Caribbean will offer drink package sales. However, you must frequently visit the Royal Caribbean website and look for opportunities from the cruise planner. 

How about if you had booked a drink package at a 20% discount, but later you just discovered a huge discount of up to 40% or more?

No need to worry; you can cancel the royal caribbean drink package anytime to avail of the new sales offer. 

So, all you need is to continue visiting the Royal Caribbean website and avail any price tag you see cheaper than the current. 

How To Get Discount On Royal Caribbean Drink Packages?

Discount On Royal Caribbean drink

To avail of the discount offer on the Royal Caribbean drink package, you must do some work at the start. The rules of discounts on royal caribbean are a bit technical.

Sometimes you are availing of the discount offer from the price tag, but it’s not. 

That’s why the first step you need to take is to log in to the cruise planner website and grab a copy pencil to note down all the prices available. 

Next, you need to keep checking all the price tags and see if there is any difference in the price you noted. If so, grab the offer, and if there is any future discount you notice which is more than you availed. Just cancel the previous one and book a new one. 

This is how you can get the royal caribbean drink package discount. 

Which Drink Package from Royal Caribbean is Best?

Well, it completely depends on your personal preference.

It generally depends on whether you prefer alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.

However, the casual Deluxe beverage package of Royal Caribbean is the best and completely worth it.

It includes everything from wine, beer, and sodas to coffee. In short, it has all types of drinks you can expect to drink, but it’s expensive.

You can easily reduce this cost by sharing the non-alcoholic drinks in this package with your children. All you need is to be very careful because sharing drinks on a royal Caribbean cruise is strictly prohibited. 

So, it can be the easiest way to reduce the cost, but also risky. 

How Can You Purchase the Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

You only need to book your cruise to purchase a royal caribbean drink package. Ultimately royal caribbean has made it easy to buy refreshment packages for everyone.

For example, you can book your drink package using these ways.

  • Go to the Royal Caribbean website and log in to the site using site credentials. Afterward, go to the cruise planner to grab the ultimate Royal Caribbean drink package
  • Another way is to call the cruise line before you sail. Inspect the various package and book your desired one. 
  • You can also book your drink package onboard. For this, you must wait for the cruise’s first day. Next, go to any of the tables, sign up the passengers, and request your package.

Please purchase your drink package at least 40 days before. Alternatively, you can book a few days before your cruise, but the prices may increase. 

Among all, purchasing the drink package online using a cruise planner is always recommended. It’s because the onboard drink package prices are usually higher than online.

With that, competitively, the chances of canceling a package are less.

What is the Worst Time to Buy a Drink Package?

The worst time to buy a drink package on the royal caribbean is when you are onboard. 

  • Purchasing the package on the day of arrival is never recommended as it will cost you more. With that, they might offer various discount offers to make you purchase, but in reality, these offers will end up paying more.

So, even if you see a buy one get two free offers, don’t trap into it. 

  • Another worst time to buy a drink package is when you booked your cruise. Ultimately, the prices are inflating, and you will pay more.

However, in the second scenario, you can easily cancel the package. So, it could be better as compared to the purchasing onboard.

Can You Purchase Royal Caribbean Drink Package for One Day?

No, you can not purchase a refreshment package for individuals or one day only.

It needs to be included in the rules.

So, you must purchase the drink package for the entire trip. Furthermore, if you are cruising for 4,5, 6, or even 15 days, you must purchase the package for all, not just a few. 

However, if you need clarification, is it worth purchasing or not? For some people, the Royal Caribbean drink package is worth it; it’s just a waste of money.

It’s all about how you spend. 

For example, drink packages are quite expensive, but by applying certain cheating hacks on Royal Caribbean drink packages, you can avail yourself of the best of your offer. 

Remember, if you do so, you must be careful because if you are caught, your cruise can be canceled without a refund. 


Is there any military discount on Royal Caribbean drinks?

Royal Caribbean has various discount offers. They also offer occasional discounts, just like on labor day. But they don’t offer any military discount. 

Should you buy a drink package before cruising?

We encourage you to buy your drink package before cruising. This will help you to avail of the discount offer. Furthermore, the prices also fluctuate, so you can expect a good deal by buying earlier.

Are gratitudes included in the Royal Caribbean drink package cost?

No gratitudes are not included in the Royal Caribbean drink package cost. You have to pay it separately, which can be expected to be up to 18%. For example, if the drink costs you $70, you have to pay an additional 18% of gratitude. With that, the gratuity cost is for all packages. Whether you buy an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink package, you have to bear it. 

So, What is the Best Time to Buy Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

You must know if you are still concerned and confused about the best time to buy a Royal Caribbean drink package.

Whenever you book your cruise, book your drink package online after examining the prices for 1 or 2 days. 

The prices always fluctuate, so they may rise later and cost you more. However, if it costs less in the future, then you also don’t have to worry. Cancel the previous drink package and book a new one with a dropped price.

Hopefully, this guide has created some value in yours. If you got any further queries? Do write in the comment section; we would love to be there. 

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