Royal Caribbean Gratuity: How To Pay?

If you’re sailing with Royal Caribbean, be prepared for unexpected tip charges that might catch you by surprise.

Gratuity is not new for you if you’re cruising for a long time, but new cruises always get shocked after seeing some gravity fees for the first time.

Although the tip charges are not hefty, this may greatly help crew members. However, before sailing on a Royal Caribbean, you must know some truth about the gratuity charges, how to pay, who they cover, prepay vs post-pay, and more. 

What Is Gratuity On Royal Caribbean? 

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of Royal Caribbean’s gratuity charges, let me break it down for novice cruisers. 

Gratuity is a tip that you must pay crew members for their services. It’s a monetary benefit provided to cruise staff for their quality service. 

Royal Caribbean has its own Gratuity policies, so guests don’t need to tip each crew member, and the cruise line will equally divide tips among all staff members. 

Royal Caribbean Gratuity Policies 

According to the latest email from the Royal Caribbean line, the gratuity charges will increase from $16 to $18 per guest per day for non-suite staterooms and from $18.5 to $20.5 per guest per day for royal suits. 

Royal Caribbean has Khttps://www.travelweekly.com/Cruise-Travel/Royal-Caribbean-increases-daily-gratuity-18-dollarsprices once again within one or two years. The most recent adjustment took effect on November 11, 2023. Source

If guests are prepaid their gratuity before November 11, they will be charged lower rates. However, After November 11, 2023, you must pay according to the new rates and policies. 

So, if you have booked a 3-day cruise, the gratuity price will be $48, and a 7-day cruise will cost $112 per person. Plus, you must pay an extra 18% gratuity on Royal Caribbean drink packages

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Royal Caribbean Gratuity BreakDown

Royal Caribbean has a more efficient gravity policy, and I appreciate it. Your gravity charges are equally divided among the crew members or staff. 

The daily gravity is shared among the hotel services teams, stateroom attendants, dining and bar staff, waiters, and the rest of the cruise workers. 

You don’t need to worry about the equitable distribution; you will get a gratuity slip mentioning the breakdown of your tip charges. 

Similarly, Casino staff, spa workers, and bartenders are excluded from this policy. You must pay an 18% gratuity fee to bartenders and spa workers separately. Similarly, you may tip a person to bring food to your stateroom. 

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Is It Necessary To Pay Gratuity On Royal Caribbean Cruises?

Gratuity On Royal Caribbean

Some people are not fans of Royal Caribbean’s gratuity system and think they should be free to give tips to the most deserving cruise members. Now, I agree with this point of view. 

But the tipping system on Royal Caribbean also financially supports the crew members. I have heard they get very low wages, so the cruise line encourages passengers to pay a small service fee to the staff. 

Crew members are like a spook in the wheel; supporting them through nifty tips can help them financially. I will never recommend you exclude gravities. 

If a service isn’t doing it for you, you can remove those gratuities. Just hit the guest service desk, shoot your shot, and tell them you’re not vibing with the service. They’ll likely cut you some slack on the gravity fee.

Or, if you prefer to tip a different amount, you can ask them not to deduct tips from your card. 

Royal Caribbean Free Gratuities Deals 

Royal Caribbean offers a lot of free perks to guests, including huge discounts on beverage packages, free wifi, onboard credit, and sometimes free gratuities. 

So, always keep an eye on the occasional promotions. If you get the free gratuity deal, the cruise will be paid from your end, and extra tipping charges won’t be cut out from your credit card.  

Can I Tip Staff Member By MySelf?

Yes, guests are free to pay a tip to their self. But it’s not recommended. The gratuity system of Royal Caribbean works efficiently to give financial happiness to all crew members equally. 

By the way, you can also tip individually to any staff member who deserves the most. Head to the help desk and ask them for a tipping envelope that you can use to give extra tips.

You can also fill out the ‘Wow Card” at the helping desk, which helps staff members get promotions. 

How To Pay Gratuity On Royal Caribbean?

There are two options to pay gratuity on Royal Caribbean: prepay or pay gratuity at the end of the cruise. 


To go with My Time dining, you must prepay for gratuity. And it’s too simple to prepay these charges; I suggest you add tipping charges to your total cruise fare. 

You can also call the Royal Caribbean helping service to purchase prepay for gratuity. 

After The Cruise

I have never paid for gratuity after the cruise, but it works best for some people. 

Generally, cash is not used on the Royal Caribbean; on embarkation day, the Royal Caribbean will set up a virtual ‘SeaPass’ account for you.

Anything you purchase onboard and your gratuity charges will be added to that account. And later, you can pay all the bills via your debit or credit card.  

Is It Better To Prepay Gratuities On Royal Caribbean?

For peace of mind, I always go for the prepaid option. However, if you’re going to book MyTime dining, then it’s mandatory to prepay the tipping charges. 

Also, prepay is a good option during Cyber Monday, Black Fridays, or occasional promotions. Royal Caribbean offers discounts or free gratuity promotions during such occasions, so catch the perks as soon as they expire. 

But few folks want to pay at the end of their cruise; it’s totally up to you which way you like the most. No matter which way you’re going, in the end, you have to pay $18 per day per guest. 

Does The Royal Caribbean Drinks Package Include Gratuities?

Yes, Royal Caribbean drink packages include gratuities. You have to pay an additional 18% with every beverage package. It means when you order a $10 cocktail, you will be charged with $1.8 additional gratuity fee. 

It’s important to note that the gratuity for drink packages is distinct from the standard $18 tipping system. Be aware of this delineation to ensure accurate accounting for your expenditures and to appreciate the service provided separately in both contexts.

Royal Caribbean Gratuities Policy For Children And Infants?

There is no discount on gravity charges for children and infant guests. They must also pay the same $18 gravity fee and $20 for royal suits. 

Royal Caribbean’s tipping policy covers everyone, no matter their age. I’ve noticed the crew putting in extra effort for the kiddos – and let’s be real, taking care of kids is no joke! So, keep that in mind when tipping; those little rascals appreciate it too.

What If I’m Not Happy With The Service? Can I Return The Gratuity?

Yes, guests are free to return the gratuity if he/she is not satisfied with the services. 

To do this, head to the help desk and ask the receptionist if you don’t receive good service and want to remove the gravity charges. And they’ll probably sort it out for you; no biggie, no questions asked.

Tipping is the return of a good or high-quality service for any crew member, and if you get subpar service, it’s your right to remove the gravity fee. 

Final Thoughts 

Gratuity on Royal Caribbean is a hot topic; it’s all about giving props to the crew and making your cruise awesome. Tipping greases the wheels, showing love to the hardworking folks who go the extra mile to amp up your sea adventure. 

Still, if you dislike the gravity policy, wait for the free gratuity promotion and then book your cruise. 

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