Royal Caribbean Refreshment Package – [Ultimate Drink Cost]

Undoubtedly, refreshment is a great way to prepare for the next day adventure. And Royal Caribbean understands it truly.

Royal Caribbean has 2 types of refreshment packages: alcoholic and non-alcoholic. However, Delux beverage is the only option for alcoholic refreshments. On the contrary, non-alcoholic classic soda has more than 100 drink options.

However, some beginners need clarification about pricing and increase in cruising cost. That’s why we will discuss those packages to help you choose from in today’s guide.

So, Let’s dig in. 

Refreshment Package Of Royal Caribbean?

 Royal Refreshment Packages

The Royal Caribbean offers different drink packages to enhance your cruising experience. It includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.  

However, it’s worth stating that getting each drink beverage to enjoy throughout the cruise would individually increase your cost. That’s why you should consider purchasing the drinks only if you have an appropriate budget.

Further, the refreshment packages of Royal Caribbean are only for some. There are certain things to know before you decide to buy.  

So, read on to find out what is included in the royal refreshment packages and how much it costs so that you can conveniently make your decision.

What Is Included In The Royal Refreshment Packages?

Included In The Royal Refreshment Package

The Royal Caribbean refreshment package has multiple opportunities to choose from. Their numerous alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks would let you fully enjoy your cruising experience.  

So, generally, their refreshment package includes the following:

  • Fountain soda
  • Premium tea
  • Coffee options
  • Sparkling water (375 ml)
  • Milkshakes of Johnny rockets
  • Bottled water (500 ml)
  • Fresh juices
  • Coca-Cola® Freestyle beverages*
  • Coca-Cola® souvenir cup

Source: Royal Caribbean

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Where to Buy the Refreshment Package?

You only have two options when buying a refreshment package from the Royal Caribbean.

  • Buy online from their website.
  • Avail onboard opportunities.

However, among both options, the one we recommend is online and pre-booking your drinks using the Royal Caribbean website. It is also the best way to grab some discount offers.

Further, it doesn’t matter how earlier you booked your refreshment package. If you see any good discount offer, you can avail of it any time.

To further resolve your concern about “the best time to buy a refreshment package,” the best time is now, as the prices may rise later.

Additionally, if you see any discount offer on your selected package or drink, there is no need to worry, and you can still cancel the previous package and order a new one.

What Are the Prices of Royal Caribbean Refreshment Packages?

 Prices of Royal Caribbean Refreshment Package

The cost of the Royal Caribbean refreshment package varies depending upon whether you had chosen the plan before the cruising date or you are about to purchase onboard.

However, we recommend you choose your refreshment package online from the cruise line planner for the entire duration. It will help you to decrease your cost as you can expect to pay more on onboard packages.

It’s worth stating that you don’t have to bear additional gratitude costs while enjoying your drinks. On the contrary, you can pay an extra tip if you feel so.

Additionally, to know the cost of Royal Caribbean refreshment packages, you must understand that Royal Caribbean offers 4 different drink packages.

You must make only a one-time payment and can enjoy unlimited drinks throughout your cruise.

So, let’s get to know about them.

Alcoholic Drink Packages

Alcoholic Drink Packages

1- Delux beverage package

Before you prefer the alcoholic drink package of Royal Caribbean, you must know that they offer only 1 alcoholic drink, which is known as a deluxe drink beverage.

With that, it’s worth stating that this single package has all the essential drinks you need.

  • So, the deluxe alcoholic drink package includes beer and wine for $14. Further, whether you prefer by glass or cocktail is up to you. However, the cost remains the same.
  • The deluxe beverage packages include the most premium brands, such as Patron, Johnny Walker, Tito’s Vodka, and many others.
  • You will pay gratitude of 18% if your drink costs you the maximum dollar amount.
Good to know:
Among all the stated facilities, there are still some exceptions in the Royal Caribbean beverage package. For example, many of the drinks have been excluded. So, you may miss your favorite. Additionally, specialty beers and Starbucks stores are also excluded.

In a nutshell:

  • 10 to 14 dollars for a cocktail
  • Average 11 dollars for a wine glass
  • 7.59 dollars for a beer

Non-Alcoholic Drink Packages

Non-Alcoholic Drink Packages

1- Royal refreshment drink packages

The ideal royal refreshment drink package deal is here if you are not an avid drinker. On the contrary, it is the best option for teenage or children.

  • It includes alcoholic cocktails, sparkling water, johnny shakes, freshly squeezed juices, coca-cola freestyle beverages, specialty teas, and coffees.
  • It will cost you between $29 and $ 38 per person and day.
Good to know:
The royal refreshment package also has some exceptions. For example, you can’t order via room. Additionally, as the package is non-alcoholic, any alcoholic drink will cost extra.

In a nutshell

  • As of 2023, it costs around 28 to 30 dollars, which can increase.
  • Includes various options.
  • Ideal for teenage boys or girls

2- Classic soda packages

Classic soda package is one of the exquisite drink options of Royal Caribbean. This package generally involves over 100 sodas; who wouldn’t love having them?

  • Classic soda packages generally cost between $12 to 15 per person and day. However, these prices vary depending on the sailing date and itinerary.
  • You will receive a souvenir cup that you can use at any freestyle machine.
Good to know:
it’s worth stating that this package only includes sodas. That’s why the classic soda package is not your choice if you want other options, like specialty coffees or sparkling water.

In a nutshell:

  • It costs 12 to 15 dollars per day, and person
  • You can quickly get it for just 10 dollars from the sale.
  • Offering freestyle machine to enjoy more than a soda

What is the Difference Between the Royal Refreshment and Classic Soda Packages?

Though the royal refreshment and classic soda packages are similar, you may need clarification about the difference. So, let us clear to you.

One of the significant differences is that the classic soda drink package only includes sodas. On the contrary, the royal refreshment package can get more than sodas.

For example, you can order virgin cocktails, freshly squeezed juice, and premium coffees are also a part of it.

Among all in the classic soda package, you will only get soft drinks, including the souvenir Coca-Cola cup.

On contrary refreshment package has many other options, including soft drinks, souvenir Coca-Cola cups, and several other drinks.

How to Avail the Discount Offers on Royal Caribbean Refreshment Packages?

It’s pretty easy to get discounts on royal refreshment packages as they keep on their discount offers on various occasions.

You can easily avail of this discount offer from the Royal Caribbean cruise planner site, as these offers occur often. Further, you can easily book your drink package before the cruise.

However, if you had already purchased a drink package and now it’s on discount, you also don’t have to worry as you can easily cancel your drink package and buy again from the discount offer.

Is there a Limit on Royal Caribbean Drink Packages?

No, there is no limit on the Royal Caribbean cruise. It’s a one-time cost; you can consume as many drinks as you want.

However, the only limit is that you can’t order drinks for more than one person in a package.

If you do so, you will cost extra. Further, you can use your SeaPass card to proceed with the payments to the waiter or bartender.

So, if you had ordered a drink package for yourself, you don’t have to worry about the limit. You can freely enjoy unlimited drinks throughout the Royal Caribbean cruise line.

Can You Share the Royal Caribbean Refreshment Package?

A huge no. Sharing a Royal Caribbean refreshment package with any cruise members is strictly prohibited. That’s why you must avoid it.

Can You Cancel the Royal Caribbean Drink Package?

Yes, you can cancel your refreshment package. With that, it doesn’t matter that you tried the drink at once, but you didn’t like it and are now willing to cancel.

Ultimately, they will cost you for that day and that specific drink only, and you can cancel it quickly and at any time.


Is espresso coffee included in the refreshment package?

Yes, espresso-based coffees are included in the refreshment package of Royal Caribbean. You can get these from any bar, restaurant, or café serving espresso beverages without hassle.

Is any milkshake included in the Royal Caribbean refreshment packages?

Yes, on Royal Caribbean, you have a variety of milkshake options. For example, you can quickly get flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc.

The milkshakes of Johnny Rockets are also included in the package, but it would generally cost more, especially if you had yet to purchase the Delux beverage package.

Will you receive any free drinks on board?

Yes, one of the best advantages of purchasing the Crown and Anchor program is that you will get many drinks for free.

For example, the diamond, diamond plus, and pinnacle cruisers will receive daily 4, 5, and 6 drinks, respectively, and for free of cost.

Is it Worth Getting Royal Caribbean Refreshment Packages?

Indeed, refreshments are a great way to start your journey while tired quickly or want to take a break. In this regard, the Royal Caribbean drink package is worth it.

However, refreshment packages of Royal Caribbean have resolved this concern where alcoholics are a bit premium choice, and non-alcoholics can save you money.

So, it’s all up to you which one you choose, but one thing is for sure that you will surely enjoy them. Meanwhile, while selecting a package, always prefer your choices and needs.

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