Royal Caribbean My Time Dining: Full Mealtime Freedom

On my last adventure to the seas, I found mealtime freedom with Royal Caribbean My Time Dining.

So, if you ever find yourself at sea wrestling with a dining schedule that doesn’t fit your vacation vibe, the My Time Dining has got you cover.

Just imagine that you’re relaxing on the deck and watching the sunset over the ocean. You’re not worried about dinner time. With My Time Dining, you get to choose when you eat.

This means you can enjoy your cruise moments any way you like. You can grab a late snack after a fun show or have an early dinner before a night full of activities.

Sound good? Let’s explore further the details to make it more comprehensive for you.

What Is Royal Caribbean’s My Time Dining?

Royal Caribbean's My Time Dining

The Royal Caribbean My Time Dining redefines your dining flexibility on your cruise. It’s a refreshing alternative to the traditional dining setup, where you must follow the fixed dinner times.

My Time Dining offers you the liberty to dine in the main dining room at a time that suits your schedule each day. The choice is entirely yours. You can even prefer an early dinner to catch a sunset or a late meal after an evening show.

This dining style is all about convenience and caters to your personal preferences. You can easily manage your dining times through the Royal Caribbean App. It provides real-time updates on available slots and reservations.

The app also shares details like your dining room and deck number. Your SeaPass Card also helps you access your dining arrangements.

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How Do I Book My Time Dining With Royal Caribbean?

Book My Time Dining

It’s just straightforward. But you must know some insider tips to make it even smoother. Let me share step-by-step instructions on how I did it for my last cruise.

When I booked my Royal Caribbean cruise, I opted for My Time Dining before embarkation day. This is because I prefer flexibility over preset dining times. Here is what you need to do:

First, head over to the Royal Caribbean Cruise Planner Site.

Once you’re logged in, go to the main dashboard. Now, there are two options. Either you have already planned a cruise or the other way around.

Let’s say you are going to plan the cruise now. Select “Plan a new cruise” and book a cruise by adding the required information.

On your way, you’ll see dining options for Royal Caribbean – that’s where you want to go. Click on it, and then select your timing.

You’ll select the guests from your booking who will join you for dinner. After choosing your dining partners, you’ll pick the exact day and time for your meals.

You can also use the Cruise Planner App on your phone. It offers the same functionality and helps you with dining reservations on Royal Caribbean from your mobile device.

Once you’re done, checkout and pay for your cruise by adding a secure payment method. After you complete this step, you’ll receive a confirmation email assuring you that your dining times are set.

Explore Dining Options in My Time Dining

Explore Dining Options

For me, it was a real highlight of my Royal Caribbean experience. Each day was like a new adventure with many dining options and refreshment packages.

What I liked was being able to eat whenever I wanted. If I returned early from a trip and was hungry, I could have dinner immediately.

Or if I wanted to relax and eat later, that was also fine. It was great to see the menus in advance to find food that fit my taste.

And the wines! There were so many options to choose from drinks on Royal Caribbean. I always found the perfect one for my meal. This freedom to choose when and what to eat made my cruise fun.

Remember: Gratuities will be added to your bill while planning your cruise. It has nothing to do with the type of dining you choose.

Also, you have to pre pay the gratuities to request for My Time Dining.

What About My Time Dining Dress Code?

Dining Dress Code

When it comes to what to wear for My Time Dining on Royal Caribbean, it’s all about dressing right for the occasion. I learned this firsthand on my last cruise.

Royal Caribbean’s dining dress code ranges from casual to formal, each setting its mood. On casual nights, it’s all about ease and comfort. You may wear your favorite jeans or a light sundress, which is just perfect.

For smart casual evenings, you can add a touch of sophistication. A chic skirt or blouse, a crisp sports coat, does the trick. Then, there are the formal nights sprinkled throughout the cruise.

These are the occasions to bring out your best – elegant cocktail dresses, sharp suits, even the occasional tuxedo. A key tip I always remember is to keep footwear formal – no bare feet allowed in dining areas.

Also, remember, Royal Caribbean Formal Night is a chance to try your best and enjoy a classy evening. It’s a fun part of the cruise experience because you mix up your usual dinner attire with something more special.

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Let’s Adjust Your My Time Dining Schedule on a Royal Caribbean Voyage

You’re not just adjusting your dining schedule but also about flexibility to match your plans.

Think of your mealtime before planning your cruise. The busiest times are usually between 6 and 7:30 PM. To avoid and enjoy better service, choose non-peak hours.

You’ll find the wait staff at the check-in desk that is ready to assist. Feel free to ask if you prefer a specific table or waiter. They’re friendly regarding these requests.

Also, consider how long you’d like your dining experience to be. Meals are quicker during busy hours and more relaxed otherwise.

Remember, you can change your dining reservations if your plans change. Making these changes at the check-in desk or through the Royal Caribbean App is easy.

Got a Royal Caribbean Gift Card? It’s a great way to indulge in some additional treats during your meals.

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Is My Time Dining Worth It?

A big yes! If you want a flexible schedule, fulfilling any special requests and suiting large groups perfectly is fantastic.

You can dine on time, aligning meals with the ship’s entertainment and activities. It’s an excellent option to enjoy shows without rushing.

Remember, carrying a lanyard is handy for quick SeaPass access, especially for using your drink package. And while gratuities are often included, a little extra for excellent service is always a nice gesture on your cruise.

Bottom Line

Royal Caribbean My Time Dining is just like a golden ticket to freedom of dining. It’s also perfect for those who want to eat on their schedule.

The key is to mix a bit of planning with impulsivity, especially during busy dining times. With My Time Dining, you can enjoy every moment of your cruise without being tied to a strict meal schedule.

It’s all about making your cruise experience as enjoyable and flexible as possible – dining included!


Can my friends join me for dinner if we have My Time Dining?

Your friends can join you for dinner if you have My Time Dining on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

However, if they’ve chosen a different dining plan, like Traditional Dining, they’ll need to switch to My Time Dining for the rest of the cruise.

It’s best to talk in advance to ensure everyone can enjoy their meals together seamlessly.

Can I change between My Time Dining and Traditional Dining during their cruise?

Switching between My Time Dining and Traditional Dining during your cruise is possible, but it depends on availability.

If you change your mind, just check with the dining staff early in the cruise to see if they can fulfill your request.

When I choose My Time Dining where do I eat?

With My Time Dining, you can eat in the Main Dining Room. You also have the flexibility to enjoy other dining venues around the ship, like specialty restaurants or buffets.

Are the menus the same for early and late diners as those for My Time Dining?

Yes, the menus in the Main Dining Room are the same for both My Time Dining and traditional dining, regardless of whether you dine early or late.

Do I need to tell beforehand I’m not coming to dinner some nights?

If you have a reservation and can’t make it, it’s polite to inform the maitre d’ or waiter. This helps them manage seating for other guests.

What if I don’t make any previous reservation?

Without a reservation in My Time Dining, wait times can vary. During peak hours, you might wait longer. It’s always quicker if you have a reservation.

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