Royal Caribbean The Key: Is It Worth It?

While booking the Royal Caribbean cruise, you always get additional options to add a VIP status. And the key is also one of them.

But is it worth getting?

Yes, the Royal Caribbean key is worth it, especially if you plan to reduce the internet’s cost. The additional benefits of the Royal Caribbean key, just as terminal access, VIP access to shows, embarkation, and debarkation lunch, are worthy enough to add to your package.

However, in certain circumstances, you don’t need a key. Want to know why? 

Just read on to decide whether it is worth spending on a key or not. 

What is The Key on Royal Caribbean?

royal caribbean key

A Royal Caribbean key is a prepaid package to buy before the cruise. With this key, you will get exclusive access to all the premium services at a reasonable cost.

In other words, a key is an add-on program. And by getting it, you will get access to the fun faster and can add VIP perks to your cruise line journey.

Further, if you can’t afford or want to buy a suit but are planning to go with your family, a key is your go-to choice to add perks to your cruising without breaking the bank.

Remember, the key must be purchased by each member of a stateroom who is above 6 years of age.

Good to know:
If you purchase this key, a small icon will appear on your SeaPass, which shows that you are an exclusive member of this program and can enjoy its benefits.

What are the Benefits of The Key on Throughout the Royal Caribbean Cruise? 

You will enjoy the following benefits of the key throughout your cruise.

  • Embarkation on priority bases on its due date.
  • Welcome lunch on the day of embarkation in the main dining room with the menu of Chops Grille®.
  • Exclusive reserved seating section at shows in the main theatre, studio B, and aqua theatre.
  • VOOM high-speed internet facility.
  • The bag will be delivered to your stateroom.
  • Special la carte breakfast on the day of debarkation.
  • The timings of debarkation will be flexible, considering your own choice.

The Breakdown of Key Benefits of Royal Caribbean?

Above mentioned list might not seem fascinating to you and you would consider that it’s nor worth getting the key. However, in reality, it can make a difference and can make your journey even more pleasant.

So, let’s get into it and find out the detailed breakdown of all the key perks.

#1 Priority Terminal Access

Priority Terminal Access

Embarkation day is near, which means lots of excitement with necessary sailing checkups waiting for you before you embark.

Congratulations! Here comes the first advantage, priority access to the terminal of having a key.

You will be prioritized by giving an early time and will call as the first group to board the ship. The cruise line team will give you a time that will vary depending on the terminal and boarding.

In general, the time will be 11 am. However, if you don’t wish to be embarked early, then don’t worry. You still be prioritizing and will get early boarding.

Ultimately, if you have a key, you don’t have to wait longer hours, as a separate key waiting area will be assigned to you.

#2 Carry On Bag Delivery to Your Stateroom

Carry On Bag Delivery to Your Stateroom

Another advantage of having a key on the Royal Caribbean is placing your luggage bag in the main dining room until the stateroom arrives.

It will save you from carrying the hassle of a bag all day by just dropping it off at the designated place. It will be an exquisite perk if you have a bulky bag.

However, you must know that this advantage is limited to up to 2 bags per guest, where the ultimate luggage weight should be at most 25 lb each.

#3 Welcome Lunch

 Welcome Lunch

The next advantage of having a key is the welcome lunch in the main dining on embarkation day. But, to enjoy this perk, you must arrive earlier as the lunch will be served in the main dining room and for limited hours only.

Moreover, the price of lunch is included in the key price.

You may have limited menu options ranging from an entrée, a side, an appetizer, or a dessert. However, the taste will be worth it, and you will surely enjoy it.

So, it could be the best way to enjoy your time with fellow key members while your stateroom is getting prepared.

#4 VOOM Internet Facility

High-speed internet is the need of many people around there. Whether you want to connect with your family or scroll social media, VOOM’s high-speed internet facility is there.

Further, we all know that the internet facility in Royal Caribbean is costly, and the exquisite advantage of having a key in Royal Caribbean is that you will pay more than 3 quarters of what you had paid for the key program.

So, why not enjoy the collective benefit of Key on Royal Caribbean with VOOM internet?

#5 VIP Access to Shows

vip access to shows

A wide variety of entertainment is offered in the Royal Caribbean. For example, a wide range of evening shows are offered each night, including ice skating, aqua theatre, award-winning Broadway musicals, and much more.

However, space is always limited on cruise ships, especially for all the famous shows. That’s why it’s hard to find your seat. However, your seats are already reserved if you have a Royal Caribbean key.

Most of the show’s guests can always pick the seats based on a first come, first serve. On the contrary, if you have a royal Caribbean key, you can still get the seat even after a delay of 15 minutes.

Remember that this rule will only be applied to larger venues or shows and will not be applied to smaller venues, just like nightclubs.

#6 Onboard Activities

Onboard Activities

Priority hours are an exquisite way to enjoy your vacation on a cruise. You can enjoy activities like FlowRider, water slides, and rock climbing during these hours.

However, it’s worth stating that you can get this experience only once or twice during opening hours.

If you don’t prefer crowded places, you can freely enjoy these onboard activities at reserved hours when other guests’ participation will not be allowed. And you can enjoy your journey with a few other key members.

All you need is to keep a strict eye on the schedule, and you will surely enjoy it, especially if you are cruising with your children.

Remember that during your whole itinerary, there will be only particular hours for key guests as the benefits of the key program.

#8 Priority Tender Departure

At the time of departure, ships are usually full of crowds, and departure at that time is quite frustrating as you have to wait for longer hours. Furthermore, there will be many spots to stop, just like ports of call, and departure at that time is usually full of passengers.

No more worries. If you got a key, you will also get a priority departure, just like the embarkation.

So, you don’t have to stay in queues and wait for longer hours.

#9 Departure Day Breakfast

An exclusive la carte departure breakfast is waiting for you in the main dining room while enjoying the exquisite benefits of Key.

The breakfast served at this point is just amazing, with an exclusive meal option for those in a hurry (steak and eggs) and those who always prefer to enjoy their last onboard meal leisurely.

The Financial Value of Key

The cost of a key on the Royal Caribbean varies from $19 to $36 per day. 

For example, we purchased the Royal Caribbean key at $29 per day and per person rate. That’s why in our 4-day cruising journey, the key had cost our 2 members $232 – stating the $116 for each. 

However, the financial value of the key and whether the key is worth purchasing or not completely depends on the VOOM internet facility.

If you avidly need the internet while cruising, getting a key will be completely worth it. It’s because we all know the internet packages on the royal Caribbean are usually expensive, and having a key will ultimately reduce the cost.

With that, there is only a few dollars difference between the price of a key and an internet package. 

In simple words, when we purchased the key, the internet cost $22, and with just a little price difference, the key was ultimately a great deal as we were going to get some additional benefits with it by paying a bit more. 

So, to calculate the cost of the key, calculate your need for the internet and then consider the price difference to gain the maximum perks of a key. 

How to Purchase the Key?

You must book your cruise first to get a key to Royal Caribbean. 

After that, it’s worth stating that you can’t get the Royal Caribbean key once onboard. That’s why you must have to buy the package in advance.

For this, all you need is to go to the Royal Caribbean website and log in to your account. Next, click on cruise planner and select your key package to buy.

That’s it, that’s all you need. 

Why is the Royal Caribbean Key Worth It?

  • The royal caribbean key is completely worth it if you want to stay connected with your family, friends, work, or social media. It’s because of the internet package, which ultimately costs less if you have a key.
  • If you prefer structured cruise vacations with few people, the Royal Caribbean key will be completely worth your cost. 
  • Further Royal Caribbean also offered access to visiting spots at a certain time so that the key guest could enjoy it solely and wouldn’t rush into people. 
  • If you have already visited the port many times, getting a royal Caribbean key will help you take the ultimate advantage of many onboard activities, just as climbing or FlowRiding, while others are busy visiting.

Why is the Royal Caribbean Key Not Worth It?

  • The Royal Caribbean key is not worth purchasing if you already have a suite. It’s because the ultimate benefits of a key will already be covered in a suite, and you don’t need to spend on an additional key. 
  • Ultimately, if you don’t need WiFi on your cruise, you don’t need to buy a key because VOOM Surf is the ultimate reason to buy the key for many. However, if you want to enjoy your vacation without the internet and don’t want to use your phone anymore, don’t purchase the key. 
  • Generally, royal Caribbean shows have enough settings. With that, if you are visiting on off-peak, you don’t need to buy a key as it will offer you a designated seat if you are late. 
  • Among all, the Royal Caribbean key is not worth it if you can’t follow certain timelines or plan to miss soe of the benefits of the Royal Caribbean – just like the embarkation dinner.
  • The key might not be worth it if you already have a suite or a diamond plus package of Royal Caribbean.

Our Verdict

Finally, cover your concern about whether the key is worth it. 

The key is completely worth it if you prefer the internet as the cost will ultimately reduce. On the contrary, it’s not about the WiFi facility; you will also get other benefits.

While we had our first cruise ship experience, we had yet to purchase the key as we were more concerned about enjoying our vacation. 

But when we cruised for the second time, we got a key, and ultimately, it was worth the cost as we were not in a suite and didn’t have any diamond plus or pinnacle package of Royal Caribbean. 

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