Can You Bring Soda To Royal Caribbean?

Although royal caribbean offers Soda in their drink package. However, you should bring your own. 

Royal Caribbean allows you to bring Soda, but under certain conditions. For example, you can only bring 12 cans, where each weight should be at most 17 ounces or less.

Moreover, not only Soda but certain other drinks or foods are also allowed on Royal Caribbean.

Want to know which one?

Let’s find out about them together.  

Is It Allowed to Bring Soda to the Royal Caribbean?

Yes, bringing Soda to the Royal Caribbean is allowed, but you have certain limitations to fulfil it. 

For example; 

  • You are limited to bringing only 12 cans of Soda.
  • The weight of each bottle must be 17 ounces or even less.
  • This policy applies to the per stateroom, not per person.

So, it’s permitted to bring Soda to Royal Caribbean, but the 12 cans per stateroom limit seems very low. 

It will help if you prefer any other royal Caribbean drink package to enjoy Soda, as they all have soda options. 

Furthermore, Soda is something that usually can be found in sales. However, if you still consider the drink package costly, you can read our ultimate ways to cheat on the royal caribbean drink package to reduce the cost. 

What Other Foods or Drinks Can You Bring to Royal Caribbean?

soda on royal caribbean

Whether you want to bring your favorite drink or food because Royal Caribbean does not offer it, you could also wish this because you want to save cost or enjoy it from the comfort of your stateroom. 

Whatever is the reason? 

Royal Caribbean allows you to bring certain foods or drinks with you on board. 

For example;

  • You are permitted to bring two bottles of wine or champagne. However, they must be at most 750 ml. One of your cabin guests must be of drinking age to get them.
  • You can also bring 12 bottles of non-alcoholic beverages on the embarkation day. 
  • Crackers, chips, cookies, and energy bars can bring on Royal Caribbean.
  • Anything pre-packed, especially pre-pack baby food, is permitted.

Remember, certain policies and guidelines must be followed, as Royal Caribbean International has strict policies.

Which Drinks Are Free On The Royal Caribbean Cruise?

soda on royal caribbean

Certain drinks on Royal Caribbean International are still free of cost. These beverage options will not cost you; you will get them free, apart from your cruising cost. 

  • Milk or distilled Water. 
  • In contrast to regular water, you can also get flavoured water with a much better taste. However, you may have to pay one time cost for them, and later you can enjoy as much as you want.
  • Your favourite and most refreshing summer drink, Lemonade, is also free on Royal Caribbean. You can easily get them from any Windjammer Marketplace.
  • You can easily avail of regular or even chocolate milk for free of cost on your Royal Caribbean cruise ship. The good part is that most cabins have refrigerators, so you can easily store the milk.
  • Most of the time, the cost of regular coffee will already be adjusted in your cruise cost. That’s why you can get them free of cost. However, if you wish to have any speciality tea or coffee, you may have to pay an additional cost. 
  • Juices like orange or apple are free of cost, but these would not be freshly squeezed. You can easily get them from any buffet or main dining room. 
  • Tea is also free whether you get it hot or iced. Both are free.

However, If you have a Royal Caribbean refreshment package, you do not need to have these free drinks, as they will already be included in your drink package. 


Can you bring alcohol on a Royal Caribbean cruise?

Yes, you can bring upto one bottle ( 750 ml ) of alcohol per adult and stateroom on a Royal Caribbean Cruise, but it must not be beer or hard liquor. However, you can’t drink them out of your room. If you do so, you may have to pay a small corkage fee. 

What types of water bottles are allowed on a Royal Caribbean Cruise?

You can bring Insulated water bottles on the royal caribbean cruise as long as they are not made of glass. Reusable bottles are also allowed until they are leakproof and BPA-free. 

Can you bring bottled water on the royal caribbean cruise?

Yes, bottled water is allowed, but not to a limit of 12 cans – 17 ounces each. Furthermore, these water bottles must be in your carry-on luggage, not in the checked.

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