Cruise Outfits Over 50: Elegant And Comfortable Attire

Packing for a cruise is fun, especially grabbing a new maxi dress and a casual dress for those special evenings is unforgettable experience. 

Last time, I’d sailed with my aunt– a fashion-conscious lady, she picked some fabulous outfits for her 7-day cruise. I’m so impressed by the collection of her outfits. 

Today, I will share the same impressive outfit ideas my aunt dresses up in. If you turn 40 or 50, this outfit list is for you. All the outfits in this list are elegant, versatile, comfortable, and best for over 50 ladies. 

So let’s get into it. 

Outfit To Pack For 7 Days Cruise

We just came from a Caribbean cruise last month, and it was such a nice experience. The streets of the Aruban Islands and Puerto Rico were insane. One thing that further elevates your cursing experience is your outfit. 

I suggest packing light and packing smart to prevent yourself from dragging bulky luggage. 

Here is the perfect cruise outfit over 50 for a seven-day cruise. 

  • Two formal dresses (for the formal evening)
  • 2 sundress / maxi dress
  • 1 Jeans and two shirts 
  • 2 shorts and two blouses 
  • 2 swimsuits
  • 2 cover-ups
  • 1 – 2 night dresses 
  • 1 pair of running shoes
  • 1 pair of walking sandals 
  • 1 pair of flip flop

Embarkation Day Dress 

The first impression is the last impression. So, for embarkation day, wisely choose the outfit. But comfort is the key because everyone wants to feel comfortable in their outfits while dragging luggage. 

Option 1:

summer dress

I prefer to wear short and sleeveless summer dresses if you’re sailing to a tropical region. This flattering button-down summer dress is breathable and perfect for the first day. Strolling in this dress is a breeze. 

Because of the flow and breezy skirt part, you will feel more relaxed and comfortable while walking on cruise ports. You can wear this dress for port excision and daytime. 

A hat and comfortable walking sandals pair perfectly well with this dress. You can also wear cozy walking sneakers under this dress. 

Option 2: Mini Dress Pleated Ruffles 

A woman over 50 looks so fantastic in a pleated ruffle dress. This mini dress has an attractive print, giving you a tropical vibe, and it’s perfect for Caribbean cruises. 

The dress’s material is superb; it’s made of Rayon, which is a lightweight fabric. There are dozens of colors and designs, but I love Paisley Floral Black, which gives a classical feel. 

Day Time Dress 

During the day, the sun radiates intense heat on the cruise, so wearing a breezy, breathable sundress is the best option. You can also go for shorts, capris, and tops. 

Option 1: Floral Midi Dress 

Floral Midi Dress 

This cute floral dress has a beautiful print and features a scoop neck, empire waist, and smooth fabric. Also, it is suitable for pool parties and other outdoor fun. 

The stretchy material hides your tummy. This dress is also light to pack in your luggage. 

Option 2: Beach Vintage Dress 

Beach Vintage Dress

If you sweat a lot, this boho vintage-style attire is going to be your best companion onboard. The skin-friendly fabric, blowy design, and breathable texture will help you stay cool. 

This one is also versatile, and you can dress it up for port activities, evening time, and on the beach. 

Option 3: Capris With Tops


Capris are becoming so popular on the cruise because of comfort. It is perfect for dressing up for port excursions and exploring. The walking shoes or comfortable sandals look gorgeous with capris. 

I love this stretchy lagging capris; slim ladies look stunning in this wear. This one is also lightweight, and the fabric moves with you no matter your direction. 

Option 4: Shorts & Tops

Shorts & Tops

Nowadays, cruises have so much laid-back environment regarding outfits. Especially if you’re cruising with Norwegian, you have the freedom to wear whatever you want onboard. 

For a more comfortable experience, shorts and tank tops are also perfect for women over 50. This hiking cargo short is the best bet if you want more pockets to hold your items or if port excursions include hiking. 

Otherwise, you can wear these ripped jeans shorts with more casual vibes. I prefer to wear soft and light colors when it comes to tops and shirts, and you will look more sophisticated with this match. 

Beach & Port Outfits 

Port excursions are the fun and best way to explore the culture of various countries, but it’s also a tedious task. However, with a comfortable dress, you can make your experience more amazing. 

Option 1: Shorts Or Pants  

Shorts, pants, or capris are the first options to pack for your cruise port excursions. Make sure to choose lightweight and breathable shorts and pants to scroll smoothly. 

Check out this pull-on golf pants that comes with moisture-wicking technology and absorbs sweat. Best for tropical regions like the Caribbean islands or Santorini. 

With shorts and pants, you can opt for v-neck t-shirts that my aunt wore for two days on her last cruise. 

Option 2: Maxi Dresses 

maxi dresses

This loose Bohemian floral dress is a great pick for plus-size ladies. My aunt is a little curvy, and when I suggested this dress to her, she instantly grabbed it. 

The smart floral pattern gives the best tropical vibes; you can wear it on ports and on beaches, and it’s also perfect for cruise evenings. This dress comes in many vibrant colors, but I like the purple and floral421.

Option 3: Consider Shoulder Tops 

Shoulder Tops 

Off-shoulder tops pair well with pants or shorts. This Boho floral print-off shoulder top will make you look attractive and sexy. It has a tie knot on the front, so you can adjust it according to your belly. 

Other Items To Pack For Ports Excursions In Your Carry-On

1- Swimwears


Regarding swimwear, I prefer coverage, and this women’s halter one-piece skirt is one of my top swimsuits for cruise voyages. It features a low-back design that looks more elegant and hides your tummy. This swimsuit is available in many bold colors; the blue and black are my favorite. 

Recommended: One Piece Swimsuits

2- Cover Ups

Onboard, you’re not allowed to enter any restaurant or bar wearing that swimwear. So, once you’ve had your fill of sun by the pool, it’s time to throw on some cover-ups. This v-neck chiffon cover-up is the best bet for women over 50, as it’s made of polyester and feels so much more comfortable on the body. 

Recommended: Blooming Jelly Womens Swimsuit

3- Hats


 Strolling on a Caribbean beach under the blazing sun can cause you headaches. That’s why you always wear hats while enjoying these beaches. This beautiful Panama Summer Beach hat is an amazing option for ladies. 

Recommended: Panama Roll up Hat 

4- Water shoes and Flip flops

water shoes

Water shoes and flip-flops are essential beach essentials. So I must pack them. Especially if your port excursions include rough tracks, you can’t ignore the significance of water shoes. They protect your feet from being hurt by sharp stones. 

Recommended Water Shoes: Athletic Hiking Water Shoes

Recommended Flip Flops: Arch Support Recovery Flip Flops 

Formal Night Or Elegant Night Outfits

Typically, there are two formal evenings on a 7-day cruise. But it can vary depending on your cruise, so make sure to check the number of special nights before packing formal dresses. 

On most of the cruises, there is a dress code for an elegant night. Most females wear cocktail dresses, capris, and tops, or maxi dresses. So, you can choose any of them. 

Option 1: Cocktail Dress 

Cocktail Dress 

I’m a big fan of cocktail dresses because they make you look more sophisticated. This beautiful cocktail dress is perfect for ladies over 50. The pattern is crazy and gives a more professional look. Plus, the slit sleeves design makes it a super comfortable party dress. 

Option 2: Long Maxi Dress 

Long Maxi Dress 

Another great idea for formal nights is the long maxi dress. Long dresses are more comfortable for women over 50; along with comfort, you will look more sophisticated and elegant in these attires. 

I’ve got this amazing summer wrap maxi dress featuring a neck so you can show your necklace. These low-heeled sandals look great with this maxi dress. 

Option 3: Mid-length pencil dress

The mid-length pencil dress is a go-to option if you’ve got a beautiful, slim body. This slim clothing highlights the cuts of your body, making you look more sexy and affluent.  

No matter if you’re at 50 or 60, these pencil dresses are okay until you have a slim body. But you can look for the first two options if you’re a curvy lady. 

Nonetheless, this amazing pencil dress from Amazon is one of my top picks. It features a ruffle on the right and covers the line of the body to look slimmer.

Final Thought

I hope you’ve captured some amazing cruise ideas. For over 50 women, the key thing is comfort, so always go for a dress that makes you feel comfortable onboard. Plus, you don’t need to compromise on the look and style of the outfit; there are numerous outfits out there to choose from. 

Ultimately, I would like to say that always pack light and smart for your cruise. Don’t put the entire wardrobe in your luggage because it might be challenging. 

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