Does Norwegian Cruise Have Wifi? [Stay Connected]

Internet connectivity is crucial, whether sailing towards the Caribbean Islands or soaking up the sun on the white beaches. 

No one wants to miss those important business emails, do you? Obviously, big no!

So, before sailing, you must check the internet packages of the cruises and book them before embarkation day for a smooth experience. 

Regarding Norwegian cruises, the entire fleet offers Wi-Fi connectivity, but unfortunately, the packages are not free. Even the internet packages on Norwegian Cruises are a bit more expensive than most other cruises like Royal Caribbean or Carnival. 

The NCL offers two major internet packages, including the “Unlimited Wi-Fi package” and “Unlimited Premium WI-Fi Package. The first cost you $29.99 per day, and the second cost you $39.99 per day. So both seem costly. 

But the good news is that some ways to get free or discounted Wi-Fi exist. Plus, I will share my tips on saving money on these costly internet packages. So let’s get started!

Two Internet Packages On Norwegian Cruises?

NCL package

The Norwegian Cruise Line understands the importance of staying connected onboard and introduces two major packages for guests. 

  • Unlimited Wi-Fi Package – $29.99
  • Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi Package – $39.99

Both these packages allow you to stay connected with your family and friends. You can make video calls, send voice, snap, and email to others. 

But which Internet package is most suitable for you?

Well! I opt for the Premium Plus Internet package, which lets you use all the social media apps plus video streaming. Whereas the Unlimited Wi-Fi package only allows you to browse and send emails, and use other social media apps. 

I’m a creator. That’s why streaming services are important to me. If you’re a YouTuber or Instagram Influencer posting reels or such stuff on social media, then the Unlimited Premium Plus package is the best bet. 

Internet packages can be a bit pricey, huh? There is no need to subscribe daily and burn a hole in your wallet. 

Going for the Premium Plus package every day on a 7-day cruise? That’s like $280 – pretty steep! Only snag it if you really gotta have it. Save those bucks, my friend!

How Can You Purchase The Internet Package On Norwegian Cruises?

Internet Package On Norwegian Cruises

Subscribing an internet package on NCL is not a big task. Hover over to this website, select your desired package, and click the order button. 

You can also send the internet package as a gift to someone else. If you don’t have a credit card, you can help her with an internet package as a gift. 

Money Saving Tip: Don’t buy an internet package for your second device. NCL allows guests to add devices for only $15.99 (for the premium package) and $25.99 (for the premium plus package). 

To connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi, simply turn on the Wi-Fi on your phone and connect to the ship’s Wi-Fi. Then you will be redirected to the login page, enter the credentials, and be ready. 

Can I Get Free Wi-Fi On Norwegian Cruise? 

Everyone wants to save a few bucks on these costly internet packages. Is there any way to enjoy free or discounted Wi-Fi on NCL? Yes! There are different ways!

If you book your cruise via a free at-sea promotion, you can get free internet minutes. Similarly, you can use onboard credit to get Wifi package, take advantage of the Latitudes program points, or use free Wi-Fi on ports. 

So, let’s discuss different ways to get free Wi-Fi on Norwegian Cruise. 

1- Get Advantage From Free At Sea Promotion 

 Free At Sea Promotion 

I love Norwegian Cruise Line because it’s kind to its guests, offering promotions and discounts and a freestyle cruising experience. 

The Free At Sea promotions are just incredible, offering several perks, including a free unlimited open bar package, free specialty dining, a $50 discount on per-shore execution, free airfare for one guest, and, yes, free Wi-Fi. 

Even though the Wi-Fi is not unlimited, you will get 150 minutes on a 7-night cruise. But if you have Free AT Sea Plus, you will get unlimited free Wi-Fi throughout your voyage.

So, Instead of paying $280 for a premium plus internet package, just book your cruise through Free At Sea and get 150 minutes of free Wi-Fi. For me, it’s enough to stay connected with my colleagues. 

Tip# Don’t forget to log out if you’re not using the Internet because the minutes start counting if you remain logged in. 

With 150 minutes, you can use social media apps, send emails, make video calls, and enjoy streaming. 

Here’s another sweet perk of the Free At Sea promotion – a free ‘Unlimited Beverage Package’ worth around $910, including service charges. This is why NCL has a special place in my heart; I love those premium freebies!

2- Use Your Onboard Credit To Avail Internet Packages 

Onboard Credit

I’m writing this post in November, the happy month with a lot of discounts. Norwegian Cruise Line gives $200 onboard credit + 50% off cruise + Free Open bar and more. 

So, if you’ve got extra onboard credit, why not use it wisely? And I think using these free credits for Wi-Fi is the best deal. In fact, with $200, you can get unlimited Internet for five days (if you opt for the premium plus package). 

Besides this, you can also use this onboard credit to purchase other stuff onboard. So it’s up to you.

If you have free internet minutes, don’t redeem onboard credit for the Internet; instead, buy some premium libation or try exclusive food. 

3- Enjoy Free Internet On Ports 

You don’t need to purchase the internet package on the day of port excursions, which is an extra waste of your money. 

On ports, many coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants offer free Wi-Fi service. So you can sit in these spots and take advantage of the free Internet. 

And if you’re staying a few nights at Port of Calls, just grab a free SIM card; most offer free internet packages for a few days. Plus, most hotels hook you up with complimentary Internet, so no need to stress about that!

4- Royal Member Will Get Discounts On Internet Packages

Like other cruise lines, the Norwegian Cruise Line also blesses their guests with premium offers and discounts. 

The NCL Latitude program offers discounts on internet packages depending on your tier. So, if you have earned a Platinum membership, you will get 15% discounts on internet packages. In comparison, Sapphire and Diamond members get 20% and 25% discount. 

But getting to this point is so easy; you have to earn 75 points to get Platinum level. You must spend at least 75 nights with NCL to earn 75 points. 

However, these premium members can enjoy many other benefits and offers along with the discounted Wi-Fi packages. 

Can I Use the NCL App Without the Internet?

You need internet connectivity to use the NCL app and get the latest data. But the good news is you don’t need any internet package to use the app. 

Just turn on the Wi-Fi on your phone, connect with the ship’s Wi-Fi, and boom. Now, you can see the NCL menus, activities, schedules, shore excursions, and more. 

wifi on norwegian cruise

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