Carnival Cruise

carnival Panorama

If you're an entertainment buff and want a more laid-back atmosphere, the Carnival Cruise Line is ideal for you. On this Carnival Cruise ship, you will feel a home vibe because this cruise line has an intimate environment. 

Carnival has 26 ships in the fleet that offer 2 to 31-day voyages. I like Carnival due to its budget-friendly fares; when I'm a little out of my budget, I just hop on the Carnival ships. But less budget doesn't mean Carnival is lagging behind other cruise lines; their elegant night parties and dining experience are just amazing. 

Besides the lively and energetic atmosphere, the Carnival cruise offers many more things. They have thrilling water slides, mini golf, water splash zones, basketball courts, casinos, adults, and nightclubs.

Oh man, you've gotta try the drinks at Blue Iguana Tequila Bar and RedFrog Pool Bar on Carnival. They're seriously the best sips I've ever had on a cruise. No doubt, the food menus on Carnival are top-notch. Whether it's the main dining options or room service, they've got some seriously tasty eats. And if you're a foodie like me, this cruise line is your ultimate option. 

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Carnival Cruise Has Perfect Cabins 

Regarding accommodation, the Carnival cruise line has diverse stateroom options. They have beautiful ocean-view rooms, cove balconies, sites, family harbor, Havana rooms, and Terrazza. And according to your budget range, you can choose any of them. 

Each kind of stateroom on Carnival offers vast amenities and perks for the guests. The rooms are super cozy and pristine; you will get a more sophisticated vibe in Carnival cabins. I feel exceptionally cushy in the staterooms of this cruise line. 

And if you have kids, the Carnival cruise line has something more special for you. They offer connecting rooms, flexible staterooms, and rooms with extra baths so you can live comfortably with your teens or kids. 

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Why I Prefer Carnival Cruise Line 

Even though there are so many cruise lines serving the guests, why should you choose Carnival?

I'm personally so pleased with the relaxed atmosphere of carnival cruise ships. They are a hub of many exciting activities, parks, and entertainment. From kids and teens to adults and couples, there is so much fun for every age. 

There are so many awesome attractions and activities to do onboard, including zip lines, water slides like Orange Thunder, a roller coaster, one of the iconic rides on Carnival, mini golf, basketballs, splashing pool areas, and much more. 

Oh, man! The serenity area and pool are enchanting and have a captivating atmosphere, and you can savor some tasty libation and soak up the sun. I strongly recommend visiting this area if you're sailing with Carnival. But this is a kid-free zone. 

Further, the budget-friendly fares are another plus point that makes Carnival an ideal cruise line. They offer more freebies, perks, and huge discounts on special occasions. In a nutshell, Carnival aims to provide greater value to their guests at minimal fares. 

I'm also pleased with their professional crew; their staff members are friendly and polite. Bartenders, and waiters feel like your best buddy. 

Are you a cocktail lover? The Carnival cruise line has got you covered. Last time, I sailed with Carnival Splendor. They have over 20 lounges and bars where you can savor their top-notch libations. There are so many specialty and complimentary restaurants offering superior food experience. 

Finally, Carnival has the best internet package plans and the Carnival Hub app that helps guests stay connected with their family members.